Thursday, August 11, 2011

how is it mid august already?

today it hit me...
it's august. mid august.
whoa, what the heck happened?
back in february i was ready for this weather,
late sunsets, sand between my toes, the smell of sunblock,
bbq's and drinks with friends, long lakefront bike rides,
farmer's market trips, the dog beach, s'mores and popsicles.
but it has all passed by too quickly.
before i know it snowmageddon will be hitting chicago for an encore performance.

it'll be back to emu boots and north face parkas,
sniffly noses, hot chocolate with marshmallows, warm mittens,
tightly wrapped snuggies, the aroma of vicks vapor rub wafting through my home.

i love the summers here,
even if it feels like i'm a loaf of unleavened bread in a proof box.
so yet again this summer i made an irreversible excuse,
one to skimp on my resistance date at the gym.
instead i took my squishy hairballs to the dog park.
we laid on the concrete baking our flesh in the summer sun,
letting the breeze blow through our hair and the sweat drip down our brow,
enjoying the warmth of the sun while it is still in existence around this part of the globe.

my mind isn't even close to ready to entertain the thought of winter yet.
fall i can handle,
the vibrant orange and rich gold leaves, spiced cider,
starbucks pumpkin spiced lattes, honeycrisp apples,
hay rides, squash, caramel corn, cozy nights.

please summer i beg of you please just linger around this neck of the woods for a bit longer.


  1. I could not agree more! This summer has gone by alarmingly fast
    And yes, fall can happen, I love everything about it...but then that whole winter thing comes after!

  2. Beautiful post! I get to caught up in being annoyed at the heat for running--I forget that for months I was begging for the sunshine! Way to enjoy it!

  3. isn't it funny how we wish for opposite seasons constantly?! i'm trying to embrace the last month of summer while sweating everywhere i go.

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  4. I love the way you wrote this! Love the pics of your pups! Cancelling a workout is ok if you're hanging with your dog friends!

  5. I envy your summers. I don't envy your winters. I have been to Chi-town in the winter and....eeek! Too cold for this florida gal! I will take my flip-flops year round.

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  7. I love reading your blog because I can remember all of these thoughts and emotions. I remember that realization that it's August and that means winter will strike before you know it. It's a hard pill to swallow. Everything you described (the North face parkas, the Vicks vaporub and hot chocolate) bring back so many memories. It's funny to think that now I am only sad about winter because the sun will set earlier. I have to admit, life is so much EASIER here in southern California. I no longer have to trek through the snow to the el, or unshovel my car, or stand at a bus stop while my face freezes into a stiff, red version of itself.

    You're a tough girl, and afterall, it's those winters that make the summers so magical. :)

  8. I can't stand the thought of winter right now! And, I feel like everyone is wishing summer away and talking about fall will be here soon enough! :)

  9. cutest dogs everrrrrr! and UGH so not wanting winter at all!!!!!!!!

  10. Amen to this. The only thing I'm looking forward to about winter is less bugs. Other than that I'd really like to keep summer around a bit longer.

  11. Yeah - I am SO ready for the fall! Ha. It's not technically fall here until the END of October. I think you need to move down south for the winters :)

  12. This was a great post and I am so with you. I am not ready for winter but I love fall. I love so many things about fall. I think it is my favorite season.

  13. I am so with you! I am already dreading running in sub zero temps again:( least you HAVE a summer! we've only gotten over 75 a few times..WORST SUMMER IN HISTORY over here! blah.
    anyway......lets hope winter holds off this year and we don't have to get into parka's anytime soon;) xx