Saturday, August 6, 2011

I think It's True Love...

Looks like some dreams really do come true 

Can't wait to begin my love affair with these bad boys

This morning I had a 22 miler on the schedule. Alarm was set for 5, but I didn't wake up until 6 and was out of the house by 6:40. Felt like it took about 6 miles for my body to even wake up. Goal for the morning was to take the first half easy, then the second at MP. But my legs told me otherwise today and my head wasn't in the game. I just wasn't feeling it today, and by mile 11 I decided to just run without paying attention to pace.

Ended up clocking 21 miles with 7:38 average pace. Sometimes I have all the energy in the world to crank out a balls-to-the-walls run, and then there are other times like today where I feel tired and just want to deviate from my plan and just run to run. Today I took a leisurely pace where I jumped in the lake a few times when I got hot, took as many water breaks as possible and lingered a few times for a rest, and just let my legs go without concern of pace. 

Either way, I still clocked 21 miles. And got me some new kicks. Great start to my 4 day weekend from work.


  1. Those shoes are hot!!
    Totally know what you mean about sometimes being able to to crank it out and sometimes not!
    Way to listen to your body. Although your run doesn't sound too shabby at all :)

  2. Cute shoes!!!! I'm excited to hear all about them.

    I'm totally impressed with your "easy" run. WOW!

  3. Umm holy crap woman you are fast!! And I love those shoes :)
    Your morning started out just a bit more productive than mine.. I slept until 10 and have been sitting on my bum since :)

  4. Great run and cute shoes! I envy your mid-run lake jumps, that sounds absolutely amazing!

  5. Gah! I want those shoes! I can't even remember the last time I ran 21 miles. You are not normal but I LOVE it! Have an amazing long weekend off from work!

  6. Love those shoes!!

    And I agree- somedays you just have to do what you feel like when you go for a run. And jumping in a lake sounds perfect!

  7. Yet another reminder, that you are going to blow your Chicago Marathon goal away. I think I ran 21 miles only once or twice before my 3:08 Eugene marathon, and probably at an 8:15 pace or so.

    were the 21 miles flat? hilly? I can't believe that is your pace when you aren't feeling good. mad fast!

  8. Your newtons are beautiful!!

    Oh and you are completely going to crush your marathon PR in October, I am confident in you. You're super fast!

  9. I WANT THESE SHOES! they are beautifulll!!!!
    awesome runn!!!!!

  10. Hi Britt-I haven't commented on your blog before, but I wanted to thank you for being so honest about your running. The range of feelings you have about running is something I can relate to - the wonder of whether you're pushing too hard - or is it not hard enough? And wondering at times whether it is all worth it? I'm sure many of your readers can relate on so many levels.

    I do have something that I want to say though that you might not like. Please take this as well-meaning and take some time to consider it before you decide whether to do anything about it. Let me give you my background first: I'm a few years older than you and a little faster in races - I've run 18:24, 38:30 and 1:04 (10 miles) this year. Our mileage is pretty similar - I've probably averaged 70 miles/week in 2011. And I'm hoping that in December I'll be able to run sub-3h for a marathon. So here's my advice to you: I think you need to slow down on your easy runs. We're all different, I know, but my easy pace is closer to 8:00 than 7:30 on most days, and especially lately with the humidity it's been slower. Yesterday I ran 16 and averaged 7:47 pace, for example. Unless your fitness is waaaaaay better than your race times suggest, it is hard for me to believe that you are running slow enough to really recover on your easy days. I know how hard it is to see slower times on the Garmin, but I just get this sense from you that the fatigue you talk about has to do with pushing just a little too hard on a daily basis.

    So think about it - I could be wrong - but it might be worth making a conscious effort for a couple of weeks to really slow down on the easy days, and I think you'll find that you will just feel better overall and really be able to CRUSH the workouts.


  11. Those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Amy H. not sure if you're going to check back here, but thank you for your thoughts and comment. I appreciate your input, and I wish that I had a way to respond appropriately to your comment with an email address.

    I do understand that maybe it looks as if I take some of my easy runs hard, but if you are referring to my long runs, which I assume you are, then yes I do take those rather aggressive. I usually take my easy miles around 7:50 pace, and this week had a few 8 plus paced runs as well. Generally I do one speed session and one aggressive long run a week where the remaining miles are easy paced. My race pr's don't always do my abilities justice because up until this year I wasn't really brave enough to race and would flake out 99% of the time I raced, but I have been running since my preteen days and 7:50 pace is strangely easy for my body.

    But I do appreciate your feedback. Easy pace tends to be a continuing debate for me based on a number of factors that change on an almost daily basis. I am well aware that I am running rather high mileage at what may seem to be a pressing pace and that does wear the body down, but unfortunately for me that is not the only exhausting part of my life right now as there are also quite a few other more serious and pressing issues occurring behind the scenes. So thank
    you again for your input, I really honestly do appreciate it.

  13. Hi Brit! new to your have some impressive run times. I'm glad that you were able to get your newtons. Did you run in those on your 21 miler? If so, are you a mid sole runner or are you trying to transition from heel striker to mid sole? I'd love to know.



  14. How long have you worn Newtons? I have been considering them, only they have a hefty price tag. Impressive time on your long run! It's good you are listening to your body. Sometimes I have a workout in mind and don't do it because my body is telling me otherwise.

  15. Hey Britt - thanks for the comment back - appreciate it. As long as you're feeling good about things, that's what is most important. I'll be cheering you on!

  16. I would like to hear more about jumping in the lake. Perhaps you are an aspiring triathlete?

  17. Really dig those bright shoes! Must be exciting taking them out for a spin!

  18. Love the positive convo between you and Amy - great to see two people talking like adults.

    My long run was like this this week too - not in to it, couldn't wake up, etc. Hopefully this week will be better for us both! :)