Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love Me Some Post-Em's

So it has been 3 days since I bumped my head and self-diagnosed myself with a concussion. Good news is I am pretty much feeling back to my usual crazy self and think that life can now resume as usual.

I have had to make a few adjustments to my workouts this week so my brain could have some healing time, but have still managed to get in some miles. Running while your state of mind is foggy, your head is pounding so badly that it is causing body aches, you have no appetite and therefore no energy, and you feel like you are floating outside of your body isn't ever a good idea. So I had to drop one of my workouts this week but I have a tentative tempo tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well and my body will comply.

The past few days I have been trying to mentally prepare for my half marathon coming up on September 5th. Lately my racing state of mind has changed a bit due to the crazy busy summer I have been having and I have kind of lost my mental edge that I worked so hard building earlier this year. With a to-do list a mile long greeting me every morning, my runs have become a tasks that I am completing in order to move on to the next leaving my mind sometimes astray for my workouts.

So earlier in the week I started jotting down positive thoughts on post-its to surround myself with positive energy.

They started in my running log. But then I remembered that I usually open that only once or twice a week to make quick notes, so they then grew to the computer screen. Now my husbands computer is covered in a crazy woman's rantings on purple post-its.

I've mentioned before how I prepare for races; visualization, confidence, mantras, reminders of why I run. Now apparently I stick post-its all over my home.


I think that there is an amazing power in positivity, and once you feel it inside you it can pump through your veins and provide you the fuel to conquer anything. But sometimes I eat myself ALIVE mentally, and race mornings have always been a struggle for me. This year I have worked on appreciating that I have the ability to run and acknowledging that I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL EVER HOLD ME BACK. With about 10 days to go until my half marathon I need to get my head out of my a$$, which is where it has been all summer, and remind myself that a sub 1:30 is in the bag...hopefully.

How do you prepare mentally for your races?


  1. I try to just have FUN at my races. I don't really have too much anxiety because I know I'm not a speedy superhuman like you. When I'm easy on myself, I tend to perform better and exceed my expectations! You totally rock and I think if you just relax your mind you will do phenomenal!

    PS I was going to ask you what kind of a strength training program you follow. I know you go a couple of times a week to lift but I was wondering whether you have a set routine or if you frolic around the way I do most of the time ha. Maybe you can do a POST about it for us :) Just an idea because I am super curious.

  2. Ok glad that your head is feeling better.

    You have a 1:30 in the bag Britt!!
    You are 100% capable of it, and I'm honestly not just saying that...

    Post-its are a great idea. I write lists for myself all the time, but I think I would really love having little positive reminders like that hanging around. Haven't tried that yet, but I'd like to.

  3. You are so right Britt! Positivity speaks volumes. I have just come off a 10 day stretch of NO running at a most inopportune time here. I am absolutely FLOODING my thoughts with reasons why I can and WILL still run well. I think mental prep for races for me is SO important. I need to toe that line totally confident in whatever I've set as my goal for the day. EVERY race that I've been able to do this, I've met my goal. Those I've allowed even a little doubt, not as fortunate....You are without a doubt capable of a sub 1:30. From an outsider's perspective following your training, this is almost a given....I am truly wishing you the very best and praying you get yourself to that perfect place before the gun goes off! BIG things you have in there girl! Let's see 'em:)

  4. My computer and work is covered in these as well. I have the same question as Christina in regards to your strength training program you follow as well. A post would be fab:)

  5. I may have to start doing that because I get anxiety at times if I'm trying to meet a certain pace time. I'm sure you will far exceed your expectations for the half on the've been training hard, now it's time to put those skills to work. :)

  6. you are amazing! so good to catch up on your blog! I was in no internet land this week! first off...oh man....that 1:30 is TOTALLY in the bag....I mean are you kidding? i seriously think you will run at least a few minutes faster than that Britt! I can't wait to hear about it! I love you and think you are so inspiring!! Holy crap on the concussion though! that sounded really scary....all those symptoms? yikes!! kinda made me laugh are funny and tend to hurt yourself often like you said! ha ha...I love your quirkiness!!! xxx

  7. I believe very much in the power of positive thinking and visualization. So much of racing is mental. The minute I tell myself I can't go on, I can't. All limitations are self-imposed.

    :) Have a good weekend and good luck with that tempo.

  8. My training and race distances / paces are not too far apart, thus going into a race the result is very much already known and I have confidence. That said I am horrible at adjusting to race day conditions like heat or hills. It is easy for me to go out too fast and fade so I have to convince myself to go slower than feels right the first half. I tend to focus on form / breathing when things get tough. Other runners are great motivation since I have a stubborn competitive nature and pride - does not always work out though.