Saturday, August 13, 2011

Squishiness and Breaking Routine

Today I feel squishy.

The summer started strong with a steady routine for me. I would hit the gym 3x a week for resistance training, then one day I decided to skip one measly session. That led to another. And another. And another. Then before I knew it my routine became derailed and now I'm lucky if I make it twice a week to the gym to pump some iron. Sure twice a week is still a better commitment then zero, but I used to make it a priority to get in 3x a week, and now I am starting to feel like all the missed strength training is beginning to catch up with me.

I can notice a difference in my body in the way that I feel overall when I stick to three full body resistance sessions a week as compared to what I am feeling like now, which could best be described by saying blahgh. While I have been able to maintain my muscle tone due to my high volume of cardio, my muscles feel weaker then normal. If there is one sensation I hate in life it is feeling physically weak. I'm sure that the 3 pound container I bought from Target last week of frosted animal crackers that now is practically gone isn't helping my case either.

Yikes that is a scary amount of sugar that has now made its way to my midsection for hibernation. This could also be the reason that my skin is breaking out like I am going through puberty.
Just can't say no.

So next week I am PROMISING MYSELF that I will not be skipping my resistance sessions. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning I will be at the gym gettin my svelt on with all of my meat head friends. You know when you are being shown up by the 70 year old man that is a regular at the gym and he notices that you've been missing a few sessions here and there that you've got a problem.

I need to get my muscles back!
But the truth is I have somehow lost motivation here, and I don't know how to get it back. 

How do you get lost motivation back? What gets you back in your routine once you've broken it?
I need help getting back in the swing of things!


  1. Hehe you made me laugh about the animal crackers.
    Actually when I lose motivation, sometimes I just let myself lose I tell myself I need a couple days off, and then it's back on. That way, I'm physically and mentally prepared to not slack anymore!

  2. You look at pictures of Dara Torres and think twice about not going to the gym anymore ;) Ha..the woman is my motivation so that I can look like that.

  3. I think Sometimes a little break from routine is needed to make it feel fresh again. I felt lazy all week and didn't do any yoga :( but now I miss it an can't wait to go tomorrow.

    Animal crackers are so good, you should send some my way hahaha

  4. I just started getting back into my cross-training workouts, which has been strength and abs, my cardio is good but the strentgh is where I am suffering, I have to start doing it more so that I can be stronger!

  5. But those frosted animal crackers are just so good!
    I know what you mean about motivation, once you get out of the habit it's hard to restart. You sound like you have a good plan though to get back on track!

  6. I am not being very motivated right now either, I think it is the heat, but I hear you I need to get back at it before I lose my muscles