Friday, August 26, 2011

Tempoing My Way To The Weekend

Finally got my tempo in today.
 3 mile warm up, 6 miles tempo @ goal HMP, 2 miles cool down.

40:18, 6:43 average pace

Legs felt really great. Breathing was in control, felt relaxed, and feeling confident for my half marathon as this pace felt extremely comfortable. The good thing about feeling crappy for quite a few days is that when you finally get out of your crap slump, you feel awesome.

We are heading out this weekend to my parents lake house for a quick get-away. Off to pack.

Get a little beach time in

Catch some nice lake sunsets

Jet ski with some dogs

Roast some s'mores

Hope that the last weekend of August brings everyone relaxation and great end-of-summer memories.


  1. You are wicked fast! I think I might be more excited to see how you do at Chicago than myself! :)

  2. "crap slumps" are good because they give your body a little time to rest up and build up.

    Fast tempo, nice work!!

  3. Yeahhhh girl!! Way to run that! Eat a s'more for me!

  4. Britt!! That is a fabulous tempo run. I need to learn to do tempo runs better, i don't think it helps that I have such big hills all around me. Do you pick a flat course for your tempo or do you have hills. You are going to do so awesome!

  5. Amazing temp run--glad your head injury didn't slow you down. Have fun this weekend!

  6. That is going to be an awesome weekend! Have fun! :)

  7. Very consistent pacing and a strong finishing mile (9). Perfect tempo weather too. Were you tempted to turn it into a 10k?

    Glad to know your Garmin works again, nice having that Michigan Ave store nearby. Reminds me that I need to update my Forerunner and GPS for the car sometime.

  8. "The good thing about feeling crappy for quite a few days is that when you finally get out of your crap slump, you feel awesome.

    SO TRUE! I had a really great week too after a really sucky week.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. awwwwww!! your dogs are so frickin cute in the water. my dogs won't get in lakes! great run!!!!!!

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  11. Great run! What is your goal HM time? I was just thinking about this today. I want to break 1:30...

  12. yeaaah girl you are AMAZINGGG!!!!!!!!!! but really tho AWESOME RUN!!!

  13. Great workout!! The runs, and life in general seem like gold after being in a crap slump. Can't agree more with you.

    Dogs on jetskis are so cute!!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  14. Great run! I just started doing tempo runs. I feel awesome afterward.