Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week 10 Recap

am run 2 miles easy in my Newtons 
pm run 9.96 miles easy in Brooks

am run 10.07 miles easy in Brooks
pm run 4.04 miles easy in Newtons

2 miles warm up, 6x1600's. Splits 6:22, 6:21, 6:28, 6:32, 6:29, 6:30. I had peanut butter on toast for breakfast, which I never have before a workout, found out for me this is not a quick digesting meal or ideal pre speed work fuel. It is slightly embarrassing when you have to loose your breakfast in front of a crowd of people and then continue on as if nothing happened.

11.18 miles easy

12.25 miles super easy. Ran without a watch this day and did my first 4 in the Newtons, then changed into my Brooks to finish up


15.95 miles progressive
I waited until Sunday for this run because I wanted to have a solid run on a practically empty path, today being the Rock n Roll Chicago half I knew this would be perfect timing for this. Took the first 5 really easy before I slowly picked up the pace to get in quite a few MP miles. I felt relaxed and comfortable at my marathon goal pace with a quick turnover and strong legs. I feel like I'm right on track to my sub 3:10 goal, just need to continue to keep in mind that resistance training IS IMPORTANT and to make this a priority.

I only ran 10 miles this week in my Newton's. This will be a slow adjustment process for me because these shoes have my foot striking differently, and I DO NOT want an injury. So for right now I am breaking some of my runs up into segments where I make a shoe exchange mid way through the run. By the end of this next week hopefully I will be able to run 6 easy and comfortable miles in these shoes.

8 weeks from today is the Chicago marathon 2011 and overall I feel like I am making decent progress.


  1. What an amazing week! Good call easing into the shoes slowly--no injuries before Chicago Marathon!

  2. Dang girl! Nicely done! 2-a-days get it girl! Good job!

  3. Great week!! How long of a rest did you have between the mile repeats?? I think you are smart to be slowly breaking in those new shoes. I got a stress fracture this spring and I think it was caused by my change of shoes.

  4. Good for you. You are such a SMART runner. I stupidly decided to just up and change my foot strike (heel to mid-foot) and now I *am* injured. Could be a tibial sfx. Who knows? I see the doctor on Tuesday and go from there.

    You're wise to go gradual.

  5. dude, this is HUGE mileage..yet it seems so "easy" for you...I dream that one day I will be here:) I am so stinkin' excited for your marathon and I KNOW if you can keep believeing in yourself your body will be more than capable of achieving your goal! you rock Britt and we all love you! xx

  6. Those are some amazing miles!!! Way to go! Your training seems to be going very well!

  7. Smart move easing into the new kicks. don't need any injuries for Chicago!!!

    I also love progressive runs. Almost all of my runs get faster as the miles go on. And in my half yesterday, my body just craved pushing the pace for the second half. It really is amazing- the results of our training efforts. You can train your body to do anything.

  8. Damn woman! Another impressive mileage week!! You are going to rock Chicago. I was wondering... when you change your shoes - do you split your daily runs up throughout the day, or do you continue with the run right after the shoes are changed?

  9. sounds like you're doing really well!! you're going to rock the marathon :)

  10. 8 weeks! AHH! I am so excited. How do you do a 10 miler in the AM?! Gosh, you are awesome. I love your weekly recaps because they inspire me every single Monday, never fails.

    I just started in my new T7 Racers, and while they feel great, I am being very cautious. I do NOT want an injury either. I did my 20 in my regular Brooks Ghosts but I did my tempo run in the T7s and a 6 miler in them as well. Trying to find some balance between the 2.

    Can you believe we are 2 months out?

  11. What comes next after the Newtons? Inovs? Minimalism? I kid. I am Getting too far ahead. Impressive mile repeats.