Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 11 Recap

Goal Miles 77
Actual Miles 78

This week my schedule got a little out of whack and things haven't gone quite as planned. It has just been one of those weeks around here. I've been an emotional basket case this week where I had some extreme highs and just as many extreme lows. Sometimes when my emotions take me over I feel like being a woman is a curse.

12.36 miles. Ran first 4 in my Newtons. Adjusting my shoes and making attempts to be consistent is my gait is going well. The Newtons feel light-weight and great on my feet, so great that I feel ready to just take to all of my runs in them. BUT this would not be wise and I have to continually remind myself that this is a slow process where I need to give my muscles appropriate time to adjust and gain strength. More to come on that in a yet-to-be-determined posting.

10.2 miles. Ran my first 4 in my Newtons. Got my svelte on at the gym.

11.13 miles. Easy miles.

19.79 miles. This became somewhat of a rather busy day for me. I woke up extra early to head out for my long run, which was dumb. My body doesn't run well right out of bed, my muscles need a few hours to wake and I need fuel before working out. But I tried to pump out a strong 22 on 5 hours of sleep with no breakfast on a rather humid morning 30 minutes after getting out of bed. Lets just say I felt crappy and decided that 20 was enough for that day. I never get side aches but for some reason had a terrible one for the first 10 miles which was kind of strange and uncomfortable.

After the 20 I ate my way through my entire house and  headed to the gym for resistance session #2 this week. While I was working out I became the target of a "mean girl" attack where some gal who I have never seen before felt the need to make some seriously rude comments in regards to my weight that made me cringe. At first I felt the need to confront her like a crazy woman to go on the defense that though my body may be lean, it is healthy and looks the way it does because I run nearly 80 miles a week and make healthy food choices, but instead I decided to just let it go because it was my wedding anniversary and I didn't want to become all heated and crabby for the rest of the day. Usually I don't really give two crapolas what people think about me, but for some reason this was really eating me up and I shed some tears in my car on the way home. I hate when a random person doesn't like something about another and feels like it is their place to pass judgement, and wish I wouldn't have gotten so sensitive about this. Instead I should have replied with something like:

"Your nose is too small for you big air head and it is distracting my workout" 
"Only 12 year old girls wear sweatpants that say 'cutie' on the butt"
"You have cankles" 
"You don't look like a doctor, and I didn't ask your pull your fat lip over your head and swallow"

but I didn't say any of these things, sometimes when my emotions get involved I'm not my usual sassy self. People should know when to just keep their opinions to themselves and their mouths shut. Gossiping about someone you don't know is a waste, especially when it is in a hurtful manor. Sometimes I just want to scream FOCUS ON YOUR OWN FLAWS at people, but I don't. Maybe I should start.

Later that night the hubster and I celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss by dining on a delish 5 course meal at Graham Elliot. It was a lovely meal, but not nearly enough food for a gal who ran 20 miles and pumped iron like the worlds strongest woman at the gym hours before.

Yes we are high class folk that take public transportation to fine dining meals

So good...but a 3 bite dessert??? Really???

Love a good night out on the town with my man,
erases all the pits of the day.

Unprompted day off. My brother came into the city for lunch where I accidentally took a 2 hour nap after he left. By the time I woke up it was 6 pm and I decided to not try to squeeze in my run and instead enjoy a free Friday evening with my hubby.

13.5ish miles. Woke up early and headed to the gym for my 3rd lifting session this week, then followed that up with about a 7.5 mile run solo without a watch in my Brooks. When I came home I recharged my batteries with a freeze-pop and headed out for another 6 miles in my Newtons with my hubby. This weekend is the air and water show on the Chicago lakefront and the path was crowded as heck and we got free energy drink samples while running.

We spent our late evening hours at Scooter's Custard celebrating my last weekend EVER at my current job. This place is amazing, they even give free cones to the furry visitors. I know that I may get some hate mail for saying this, but this stuff is better then any frozen yogurt on the planet.

Don't mess with a pup and his custard

11 miles. Planned on getting in a 6 mile tempo @ half marathon pace but I forgot to charge my garmin. I instead decided to just do an easy 11 without a watch and get the tempo in tomorrow.

Forging on to the future, next week I have a mileage cut back, a now unplanned tempo on Monday, some 400's later in the week, a weekend getaway, and lots of preparations ahead for a new career venture.

2 weeks until The Oak Brook Half Marathon
7 weeks until The Chicago Marathon


  1. Custard *IS* better than fro-yo, AND you should have gone with the cankles comeback. Totally. It would have chapped that's b*itch's name-covered ass big time. I'm sure of it. No one wants to have cankles!!!

    GREAT job this week!

  2. I would have punched that girl in the face, no one has any business passing judgements like she was doing.......
    But in reality, I would have been too timid to actually say anything.

    Nice mileage this week!

  3. You are superwoman. Seriously.

    Don't let anyone's comments bother you. If they only knew how hard you work and how dedicated you are, those thoughts about your body wouldn't even cross their mind!

    Happy anniversary! They were quite stingy on the dessert. I would be a bit sad.

  4. I think I say this every week - but I don't know how you do it!! Great week :)

    UGH on that girl. Whatevs - that's just her own insecurity shining through. You know you are stronger than her!!

  5. Amazing week (once again!)
    Horrible comments from that girl. I would say it's likely jealousy. Don't let someone else'e negativity drag you down. Glad the day improved with a nice anniversary dinner. But yeah--where's the rest of that dessert, haha!

  6. Like Vanessa said... amazing week once again! People are so inconsiderate and don't think twice before they open their mouths. Just let that fuel you fire for amazing runs and lift sessions. :)

  7. Don't let that girl bother you, she was probably just jealous. You are healthy and gorgeous and that is all that matters

  8. You're a hoss! Really great week! Do you ice and foam roll after every run? Any thing special to avoid injury? I'm looking for tips! :)

  9. 7 weeks!! Ahh, that mileage is ridiculously awesome. You continue to be my hero. Glad you had a nice anniversary celebration with some delish food!

  10. Glad you didn't let the hater ruin your anniversary.

    Seriously. Why do people feel the need to open their fat mouths when nobody asked their opinion? I totally think she was just jealous.

    Graham Elliot is on totally on my must eat list but not on my budget. I really want to try his Grahamwich place in River North.

    I am in awe of your tremendous mileage! You rock!

  11. I don't know why it's OK to make negative remarks about slimmer women, when no one with a lick of consideration would put down a larger person. How rude.

    Awesome mileage this week. And I'm glad you didn't let that gossip ruin your anniversary dinner!

  12. I can't believe someone said something like that to you at the gym! WOAH. She must have some real problems. I don't understand what goes on in people's heads...
    I'm happy to hear you had an awesome anniversary dinner though! You for sure needed more dessert!!!

  13. that lady needs a serious slap around the face. what a buttface!

    i'm glad the anniversary celebrations were fun :)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  14. Good job Britt! Work it out!

  15. I can't say I would go to the gym the same day I did a 20 mile run, that is exceptional. Don't worry much about haters, I always thank them for their compliment and move on. There are haters for everything and running and being fit has its fair share. Have you ever read a fitness or running article in a mainstream news publication and read the comments??? Full of haters.

  16. Ha. I hope you didn't get any hate mail over the custard vs fro-yo thing.

    How mean of that woman. She doesn't know you. And I doubt she said it in a caring way. Do you think you were just having an emotional week/upset about the watch, or is something else up? Did it bother you because you worry people might think that? Just keep being healthy and doing what you want to do :) Ugh. I wish I could eat healthy right now! I am stuck in the, well, not eating so healthy cycle ;)

    And seriously, what was up with that teeny tiny dessert?

    Congrats on the high miles!

  17. you did resistance training AFTER 20 miles? what the heck? Do you have a job?

    As for the meano: my guess is that the danger of too-skinny girls is an issue that has arisen in her life. Either she has a friend who is "sick", or a daughter, or she herself once had an eating/exercise disorder. Myself, as someone who was once too thin, also gets angry and grossed out when I see underweight girls. it reminds me of a less-than-happy time.