Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 12 Recap

Goal Miles 60
Actual Miles 57

Most of my workouts didn't go quite as planned this week, mainly because of my usual self-destructive-careless behavior got in the way.

Garmin was acting up, so I did 8.25 miles slow without a watch in my Newtons. Hit the weights.

After a bump to the head and some strange symptoms that followed, decided against the tempo I had been aching to get in. Instead I did another 8.25 miles EXTREMELY slow, seriously I think snails were passing me. Felt awful here, and followed my excruciatingly painful run up by getting soaking wet while trekking to Garmin to fix my watch.

11.88 easy miles. My entire body felt like it was recovering from a torture chamber.

10.28 easy miles.

11.32 total miles. 3 warm up, 6 @ HM pace, 2 cool down. My body finally felt like it's normal self. Goal for this day was to see if my body felt comfortable at my goal pace for my upcoming half marathon on Labor Day. I surprised myself after several days of feeling like garbage and this workout has made me feel confident that my HMGP is more then doable. Pumped some iron.

Took the day off. Spent my afternoon drinking too many alcoholic drinks (which I honestly never do), floating in the middle of a lake for hours soaking up the warmth of the sun while it is still here, and beating the hubby in scrabble. It was lovely.

My Miley Moo

Don't you love a good farmers sports bra tan?

My Chasey Poo

7 miles easy. Planned on getting in 10, but instead ran on shady country roads with the hubby at the pace of his discretion. He is currently trying to get his running mojo back so we started out with a few 9 minute miles and slowly picked up the pace finishing the last mile at 7:15. This is a big deal for him and I am super proud with the progress he has been making in the past few weeks. After years of being plagued with injuries his body is finally willing to cooperate, and it is amazing to watch.

7 days until my half marathon.
80 miles on the books next week.
3 days left of my job, then I am a free woman.
5 days until I have ANOTHER 1 week vacation.
2 weeks until I begin a NEW career venture.
41 days until the Chicago Marathon.


  1. You are cute! LOVE that tan! ha can tell you've been running alot in nice weather:) love it.
    Oh man...I think I"m about as excited for your half as you are! I just know you are going to surprise yourself and blow your goals out of the water and I can't WAIT!!!!
    so glad you could run with you hubs too. I love it when Steve and I can run together! have a great week!!!

  2. I love that you run with your hubs. It's my favorite thing in the world when mine joins me for a run outside.
    Your tan line is too funny!

  3. So many exciting things are coming for you! Awesome week of runs, despite your little setback(s). Good luck with this week's training! You will do great :)

  4. Looks like you still had a killer week!!! Looks like you had fun on the boat!!

  5. I am so excited for your half this weekend!

    Boo to these craptastic weeks. We've got
    A marathon in a month and a half!

    Cheers to a happy training racing week!

  6. 41 days until Chicago! AHHH! I am ready but I'm not. How is that possible?

    Britt, don't be so hard on yourself. You are an incredible athlete. Heck, you're a rockstar!

    Looks like you had fun out on the water. I rarely drink too and when I do, I feel it. Hope your day after wasn't too rough. :)

  7. So much great stuff coming up! Do we know of your new career adventure? You'll do great in the half this weekend!

  8. You have a lot to look forward too! Yay! Chasey Poo is cute and I love the sports bra farmer tan! Mine is sort of like that only it involves a lot of freckles.

  9. love that bikini!! way to get in all those miles even while feeling off. can't wait to hear about the upcoming half!

  10. Wow the countdown is on! Good luck in your upcoming half marathon and also the new job venture!

  11. 80 miles next week?!?! Holy crap.
    I can't believe the marathon is so soon!

  12. Yay for the new career! Good luck in Oakbrook this weekend!

  13. You are KILLING the miles! Simply awesome. And I love your puppy pictures.