Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Because Nothing In Life Is Ever Easy...

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us

I am a strong woman.

I have ran 2,000+ miles this year preparing for this marathon.

My desire to press pass challenging times will not defeat me.

When the flesh is weak, the spirit is willing.

There is not a worthy accomplishment in this life that will be an easy feat.

Positivity will always be the power that sees me through.

The purpose of a race isn't to win, it is to test the limits of the human heart.

26.2 miles of running is the perfect time to praise the Lord for the gifts he has blessed me with.

Human growth only occurs when we are brave enough to take a chance to step outside of our comfort zone.

Physically the body is capable of much more then we could ever imagine.

Belief in something greater then I is what inspires me to press on when the road turns rocky.

Via Pinterest

There will not be one moment in time where I feel completely satisfied with who I am because there is always the to goal to learn something new, try something different, and be braver tomorrow then I am today.

I will not settle for a sub-par race effort.

Even if by some miracle I could cross the line faster then ever dreamed, I will NOT be content in my effort because there will always be the opportunity to challenge oneself further.

Via Pinterest

I look forward to getting lost in all of the moments that this 26.2 brings me, moments that I otherwise would not be lucky enough to experience. 

108 days of focused workouts for October 9th have been endured, time to remember them all and praise the good Lord for my health.

Some people can only dream of what it would be like to run 1 mile, I'm running right after another at a kick butt pace to prove that anything is possible.

I was not a born athlete, it was my heart and determination that got me here.

Blisters, chafing, sweat, tears, sunburn, discomfort, progression, suspense, solitude, drudgery, realizations, growth, pride, bliss, modesty, purity.

When training for a big race what emotions do you feel that leave you with feelings of inspiration?


  1. I think you summed up everything I'm thinking. And I definitely couldn't have said it as eloquent as you. :)

    Cheers to an awesome training cycle. I just might be more excited for you than I am for me to run this race ;)

  2. What a beautifully written post. Such a turn around from your last post and that makes me SO HAPPY. I love that first poster from pinterest--so true!!

  3. What a great post! So inspiring! It will be 26.1 sweet miles for you!

  4. What an inspiring post! I think you said it all here girl!

  5. GIRL...what an incredible post. I love that you said your training has been FOCUSED...that is key to your success. We are all going to be cheering for you and I know that you are going to give your ALL and push yourself to the limit and in the end you will get a sweet pr!

  6. Love your post. I would want to run chicago again to take in more of the experience. I feel my experience is a blur caused by the nerves of running my first full. Good luck.

  7. Wow you are always so darn eloquent, don't know how you do it!

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  8. I have so much confidence in you. You are a bomb runner, but more importantly, your training has been OFF THE HOOK. the only possible truth is that you are incredibly prepared.

    TOTALLY feel you on the sketcher shoes. I wouldn't dare run in them -- I could tell from the second I put them on they were funky. I only walk in them, and I actually love walking in them. they feel like clouds! I'm hoping this new pair coming in the mail is different...

  9. I LOVE everything about this post!!!! I shared it with some of my runner friends & they all agreed. Very well written and inspirational....

    You rock!! I just know you're going to kill it!!

  10. Wow, Britt! Great post!! I love it. Very motivational. I'm gonna bookmark this for when I need some motivation. Thanks!