Friday, September 30, 2011

Blogger Meet Up

Sorry to keep those folks who are interested in a blogger meet up next weekend waiting on the edge of their seats, I just realized that not everyone in the world is like me and waits last minute to plan things for the weekend of a big race. Most of you folks probably have your life together and actually plan accordingly...I'm not one of those peeps, I usually wait for other people to work out the details.

So heres what I have mentally planned out thus far:

Friday 7pm evening meet up 


Saturday 3pm afternoon meet up

I have two places in mind, but would be open to any other suggestions.

Mmmm, PSL

Starbucks in Old Town (210 W. North Ave.) which is on the marathon course, right about mile 10.5.


Check out their site

Forever Yogurt, I know that bloggies love their fro-yo, @ 931 W. Belmont. Largest fro-yo place that I know of in Chitown.

I would like to make a concrete plan by Monday evening so that people can plan accordingly for their weekend, so...

Please vote for your preference below and include any other suggestions you may have.

Looking forward to meeting you all and finally seeing your beautiful faces!


  1. Friday at 7pm works for me- I'd pick Starbucks, but I'm a Forever Yogurt fan too! :)

  2. ugh so wish I could get in on this... but, less than 9 months and I'll be in the states! [lol I can't believe we've been here for over 15 months]

  3. awwwww i want to go! lol.. maybe next year i'll get to run chicago!

  4. I'd vote Saturday at 3pm because as much as I love my dad, I will need a break from him. :) 3 races together have taught me that I need time alone the day before a race ;)

  5. I'm not running the marathon (completely) but will be cheering you all on! If the meetup is on Friday evening, I could potentially attend.

    Good luck at the marathon!