Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fighting Demotivation

I'm in a demotivated rut. And it sucks.

A few weeks ago I started a new job as a personal trainer at a local gym. When I was offered the position in early August I instantly accepted even though I knew that it probably wouldn't be a good fit for me. Being so desperate to leave my last career I convinced myself that any job would do because it simply could not get any worse for me. There were a lot of second guessing thoughts that rolled through my mind, but I would quickly hush them and persuade myself that I was making the right decision and I needed to give this a try.

Once the new posting started I begun to have weird feelings about the company. Their policies and expectations for personal trainers were not something that I was comfortable with. The solicitation of personal training sessions via cold calls, stalking members at the gym during their workouts, pushing people to purchase expensive supplements that I do not believe in or feel qualified to be selling, and telling people they need my services because they are incapable of taking care of themselves and have no clue what is best for them seemed a bit too pushy for me. I spent several nights in tears upon returning home blabbering on and on to my husband about my reservations to pursue a future with this company and how it just didn't seem like the proper fit. By the time last Friday rolled around I decided that it would be best to resign before I became deeply vested with this job. For me it became apparent rather quickly that subjecting myself to working with a company that promotes practices that go against my ethics would not provide any benefits, so now I am unemployed.

Now I'm feeling a bit defeated. I tried something, it didn't workout and that's fine. But what now?
Where do I go from here?

Do I go back to the ever-so-tricky hospitality industry that made me a rigid and hostile woman?

Do I finally pursue my entrepreneurial dreams to be a running coach and offer personal training sessions away from a gym setting?

 Or do I jump on those writing goals that I have secretly always held in the back of my mind?

Overwhelmed and demotivated. Those are my current feelings.

The frustrating part of this for me is the marathon is now 12 days away, and my head is a hot mess. I feel confident that I have a 3:05 effort in my legs but I'm nervous that in the coming days I will begin to lose focus on the race. 


Please share your most uplifting and motivating story with me!
I need help staying positive!


  1. work for me is one of the biggest things that can send the rest of my day into a downward spiral.. so oddly enough even though running is my thing..yoga is what has finally helped me to stay a little more centered and focused on what actually matters. Like a 3:05 marathon, which I personally could only do in my dreams :)

  2. I think there is lots of potential in the fitness industry right now - lots of people wanting to get healthier. With your knowledge and experience you would be perfect coaching others.

  3. Wow, I don't know if I have a story to share off the top of my mommy brain here but I so wish we could sit down and have coffee. Britt, you are in a place that we all need to be at some point in order to go to where we are heading. Sometimes we have to fall a little and feel a little defeated or be in a rut so that we start asking ourselves these big questions that will ultimately lead us to unfolding just as we are meant to unfold. These questions dig deep and force us to reflect and refocus on where our gifts are and what makes us happy...I'm confident that there is something to come from this that might not have otherwise come if you would have settled into a "just okay" job that kept you doing something and feeling "fine" about it but not doing something that makes you feel "SO Stinking happy, passionate and alive". Keep seeking, reflecting and ASKING...open those arms, put your visions out there and it will come...I feel so strongly about this. You surely have so many gifts...one of them that I know is your gift to run and write. You are such a good writer and you touch so many with your words. Follow your dreams girl. Tell yourself that it is okay to not know right now. give yourself this time to focus on your marathon and be still with your thoughts and feelings. Right now is your time to run the best race of your life and then after that, I bet something will just fall into your lap. Life tends to work that way sometimes when we put ourselves out there.

  4. There is often angst and a storm before things settle down and you end up where u are meant to be! Remember that you are much braver than many people, taking that initial leap of faith... That's the hardest part. You are level headed, skilled, and faithful... God will guide you! My faaaave bible version is Hebrews 12:1... It always gives me confidence to move forward with things that scare me. Things will work out, whether it takes a week or year... Those worries can wait until chicago is over!

  5. The position you find yourself in is hardly cause for feeling down. Exercising your better judgement and beliefs in leaving shows a lot of character. Combine that with the passion you have for running and those are traits that make you very successful and promise future success.

    Whenever things are bad other people, especially loved ones really help us through. There are a lot of bloggers and runners out there that are pulling for you.

    I see a lot of opportunity here. In the very short term getting all the sleep you need and proper nutrition before your race is not an issue. In the long term leveraging your hard work, knowledge, writing, passion for running, and social presence doing something that benefits you and the running community is achievable.

    I eventually want to work in the endurance business and have browsed here and there. Short of being your own boss there are opportunities in event planning / staging, original equipment manufacturers, clothing, retail, etc... Don't feel limited by past experience.

    To speak to your entrepreneurial spirit - in the endurance community the combination of retail, knowledge, and passion play quite well. These places can educate, organize runs / clinics, etc... The most important detail is using the banks money instead of your own in the form of an LLC.

    Life is not about where we have been. It is about what we are doing right now and where we are going.

  6. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about your job, but if you are not happy and agree with the way things are done then you should definitely get out. I stayed at my previous job 3 years too long and now I am at a job that I really like and enjoy and like everyone I work with. Sometimes you just need time to figure things out. Don't rush into it, really think about it! Good luck!

  7. Okay...first off. you did NOT fail. It just means this job and this company wasn't the right fit. I personally am all for the entrepreneur route:) I love working for myself. There should be establishments in your area that will allow you to use their space and equipment to train your own personal clients for a small fee. I would look into that. With the Marathon 12 days away, I would try to not stress too much. you will have lots of time during recovery after the race to find a job. I know Britt this Race is going to be your best ever. Just continue to focus on positive thoughts and visualize the race. Visualize that 3:05. hang in there and remember there are NO limits. This is a WONDERFUL time in your life. Choose your destiny. xx

  8. Britt, if you lived in Virginia, I would completely want you to be my running coach. You are totally inspiring (even if you don't feel 100% inspired yourself right now) and would be a wonderful coach-- that other job is a total loss on their part. Glad you left them, it sounds like they really were recruiting clients by deceiving them, you're smart to not want to be a part of that. This 3:05 is totally in the bag for you, you have worked so hard all year and it will all pay off. You will pull it all together on the big day! What an opportunity to show off how strong (mentally and physically) you really are!

  9. I have been in your shoes (work wise - I will never ever be as fast as you running wise - hee) and I stuck it out FAR TOO LONG. You WILL find your niche (I like the running coach idea!) and you will love (or at least like) what you do and who you work for. Just keep testing the waters.

    As for 3:05. You can DO IT. You know you can. Just don't let the negative talk get the best of you - it's not worth the emotions.

  10. I think you made a great decision to quit the job because it shows that you are firm in what you believe in and you stand behind it. I wish you lived in California because you would be my running coach for sure!! I think you are awesome and a very talented runner! I think you could even do some type of on-line fitness training and still pursue your running goals. You have a true talent for the sport and if you are willing to share your success with others that's awesome!!

  11. Aw-man, I'm so sorry to read this! Come on down to Peoria & you can be my running coach!! :)

  12. I think you definitely made the right call... It is never worth it to be stuck somewhere that just goes against all your opinions and beliefs.

    Though... if you want to fly your speedy self over here to Korea to train me, I would definitely not turn it down! lol :)

  13. I think in your position I would have done the same thing. Something better will come along. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise so that now you have the time and energy to really focus on your marathon training. Don't let the negative energy weigh you down.

    When I moved out of town and into the country I was so bummed about having to drop my gym membership, how on earth was I going to stay in shape? i returned to my roots, both in living location and returning to my love for running. I am more in love with running than ever now and have rediscovered how much I LOVE running and racing. Look for the silver lining, it is there somewhere!

  14. I left such a nice long comment and it's GONE.

    I am so proud of you! You did the right thing.
    I have a semi-personal anecdote--
    My partner, Angela, has her Masters in Exercise Physiology. She had high hopes of having a job that involved Vo2 max and lactate threshold testing all day long. While she had her run at that for awhile, she was forced to take a job at the local gym when we moved to San Diego without jobs. She was also told to sell supplements and to become an annoying salesperson. She doesn't believe in the crap they try to push there, so instead she sells Body Buggs to meet her quota. They aren't happy with that but she refuses to sell that stuff. She also refuses to be a sales-person and she still manages to be the busiest trainer there.

    Now she has gone down to part-time at the gym and works at Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine doing what she loves. Working with cardiac rehab patients and individuals with parkinson's disease.

    If she had the option to quit the gym, I know she would. You definitely did the right thing.

    Good luck on whatever endeavor you decide to pursue next. I am all for the run coaching! I would love someone like you as my coach. Or writing... or BOTH. :) You can do it all.

  15. I think you should be commended for turning away from the uncomfortable (somewhat violating) expectations for personal trainers at that gym. we spend soooooo much time at work, that being unhappy constantly isn't worth. There are lots of options for personal training out and I for one would seek your advice on running! 3:05!!!! Holy speed!

  16. Good for you for quitting something that you didn't love. Here is a motivating story - my husband got laid off over two years ago but now works for himself from home and is much happier. You will find your happy place! Don't let this ruin your prep for Chicago! :) We know you have 3:05 in you!