Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Been One Of Those Weeks

This week I've been fairly absent from the blogging world. The majority of my time has been occupied by many crazy things and new experiences:

Waking up at 4 am to get in my workouts.
At first I didn't think it was a bad idea, that was until I actually had to live the experience. So there is a reason why I have never woke at 4 am to hit the gym for a weight lifting session and then go out for a 13 mile run...DANG, IT IS HARD!!!! I feel like I'm 85 when I go to bed at 8 pm and when my legs feel stiff as all heck at 5 am.

Oh and I was also reminded why it is best to run while the sun is up...that reason being simple,
You cannot see your footing clearly, and you will most likely fall flat on your face.
I have scrapes on my elbows, stomach, hips and belly button, and they are super hot.

No relevant photos for this post,
just was thinking about purchasing one of these pics. 

Packing my lunch.
So this may sound weird, but I am 27 years old and have been holding down a full time job since I was 20 where I have never had to pack a lunch. The jobs I've had have always provided employee meals and I never really had to plan for more then snacks. I don't like committing to what I will have for lunch 16+ hours before the meal actually happens, it requires too much planning and has been leaving me disappointed when it comes time to enjoy my preselected meal.

Wearing workout clothes to work.
I always knew my dream job would be one that required me to dress as comfortable as possible in cozy fabrics.

Rarely do I actually look focused while racing.

Getting my a$$ kicked.
I consider myself a fairly fit woman. Weekly I devote about 15 hours to my fitness and training and can handle a wide variety of activities. However, I have been proved wrong this week. No matter how fit we may think that we are, there will always be areas for us to improve in. Right now I am sore from my nose to my toes for reasons such as:
  • A kickboxing class
  • A booty spankin treadmill class
  • Kettle bells, most specifically dead lifting kettle bells that are half my body weight
  • Thursday brought somewhere around 5 nonstop hours of grueling physical activity
  • More Turkish get-ups in 1 day then I have done cumulatively in my life
All of these activities have been part of training for my new job, kind of a survival of the fittest challenge that I have two more days of.

Finding out my VO2 Max.
Always knew that this was the best measure of fitness, yet I'd never found it important enough to test. Basically I was made a fool when I told a very well established and knowledgeable fitness professional that I don't my VO2 Max and I base all my workouts on how I feel. While I still do think it is important to recognize the signals the body is sending us, I've begun to realize that in order to maximize ones fitness there needs to be measurable evidence to track progress. Heart rate training is not something I am very knowledgeable about at this point in time, but it is something that I should take the time to learn about.

My VO2 Max is 53, and at my age that puts me in the elite category.
Now I have to figure out what to do with this information.

Wonder if this was right about where I thought I may lose my breakfast.

I haven't read any blogs this week. Honestly there hasn't been time. So my google reader is telling me that as of now I have 300+ new items, and I just DELETED them all. I'm sorry if you have posted something amazing and I have missed it, but there is no way for me to catch up at this point so I just need to let the past go and trudge on ahead.


  1. You have to tell us about your new job! It sounds super interesting!

    I hope next week doesn't kick your butt as much. But maybe all the butt kickin' is good! I had to do some deadlifts yesterday and am walking around today like I am 90!

    Sometimes I get up before my normal wake-up time (4:30) to run. It's so tough. I hope you get yor schedule figured out!

    You didn't miss anything amazing on my end this week. I did get pooped on bird and found that amusing :)

  2. I'm jealous that you get to do all that physical activity for your new job! I would definitely be up for that challenge!

  3. Hi Friend! Wow, and I thought my life was crazy busy - I couldn't imagine if my days started at 4am!!! I've been catchin up on reading and it seems like your training is going well! I can't believe Chicago is SO soon - i'm freaking out a little because but am VERY excited to be in such an awesome city full of so much energy for the race!

  4. I'm pretty sure a day in your shoes would kill me! You are freaking super woman. Seriously.

  5. Whew, what a post! Even I'm tired! First of all, I missed it... what's your new job? Secondly, wow! on the workouts! A treadmill class, never heard of that?! Elite status... la tee da!! LOL. Thirdly, I'm with you - I have a like/hate relationship with running in the dark. On the plus side, i love getting my run done early in the day, awake before the birds and there is a peacefulness about the dark. But I feel like I have to slow it down a bit to focus on my footing. I'm always so worried about twisting an ankle... And you haven't missed a thing... my 1st marathon is NEXT weekend!!!

  6. OH man, getting up at 4am for workouts must have been torture! I like getting my workouts done in the morning but by Friday that 5am wake up call really catches up to me! lol

  7. You are SERIOUSLY busy but you look amazing! Packing your lunch won't be so bad....I do it and actually like it. Lame I know.

    Get Up & Go

  8. Those photos are great! If I looked like that during my races, I'd totally buy them ;)

    Tread mill class sounds cool. You must elaborate on your new job, I am intrigued. I can't run in the am. If I do, it's always on the tread. I'm too chicken to run outside alone.

    3 weeks! 3 weeks!!! Whoo hoo!!

  9. I want to hear about the new job too--it sounds so amazing! I really hate packing lunches so far in advance in case by the time I eat it, I want something else!

  10. Way to keep us in suspense with the new job but I understand if you are slow with details. I vote for the second photo. You look the strongest and even though it is dark it could be brightened up.

    I have done a respectable amount of heart rate training and consider resting heart rate to be the poor mans fitness improvement metric. Most pace centric training plans have heart rate behind the scenes to calculate pacing based on best 5k time or some other maximum performance. It goes back to pace being sexier so everything is put in pace terms rather than %max heart rate.

    To say you base workouts on feel is understandable as any human can feel their heart quite well as well as muscle fatigue, that blister, etc... VO2 max is also one piece of many as muscular strength is just as important come hills, etc... The intellectual pursuit of the science behind training and our bodies is very worthwhile but may come back full circle to training by feel.

  11. 53...GIRL, you are INCREDIBLE!!! 4 a.m. you really are officially my hero! I hate packing lunches every day but I have to because I have no time to go anywhere and the food at school isn't that great:( LOVE THE PICS and you have to buy them. You inspire me to do more weights!

  12. I'm really curious how you put your new-found VO2 max knowledge to practical use. I've been thinking of getting tested, but I don't really know what to do with the number (other than plug the profile into my Garmin so I get accurate calorie burn counts).

  13. 4 am!?! Oh my GOODNESS!!
    Tell us more about your job. We're all dying to hear about it!