Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 13 Recap

Goal Miles 80
Actual Miles 78

I skipped a few miles this week on Thursday. It was TOO DANG HOT and I just wasn't feeling it. Took everything fairly easy this week because I just felt like it. With a half marathon coming up on Monday I didn't want to go crazy with the miles AND intensity.

Monday 12.95 easy
Tuesday 13.03 easy
Wednesday 16.09 with 12 miles of 1 mile hard/1 mile easy
Thursday 10.21 easy, yikes was it humid. Acquired a new friend this day that has left a giant open sore on my heel that has shed quite a bit of blood in the past few days.
Friday 13.01 easy, celebrated my last day of work for corporate America
Saturday 12.33 easy

You would think that after training for somewhere around 6 weeks in crazy humid temps that I would feel normal when the waves of humidity come and go, but I don't. There was a break in the damp heavy air for a couple of weeks here and then all of the sudden it came back, with a vengeance. Thursday through Saturday I thought that the weather was out to kill me. Saturday I begun to get so dehydrated towards the end of my run that I was feeling rather shaky and lost nearly 6 lbs of water weight, which I think is a little excessive for someone of my size on a run just shy of 13 miles.

Overall I feel prepped and ready to kick some boo-tay on Monday at my half. I would like a PR and to place in the top 3 women at this small trail race, but it is a trail race and I am a city runner, so we shall see how it goes...

Help me out here, do you lose a lot of water weight on hot long runs? Or am I a freak of nature?


  1. Good luck! Have a great half, your an amazing runner and you will do great no matter what!

  2. Hey you go girl! Just stay hydrated1

  3. good luck on your race monday!!! i'm worried we are suppose to get a lot of rain sunday and monday, so not sure if i can PR on my race in those conditions, but what can ya do?

    i know what you mean about the humidity.. same thing happening here.

  4. Oh my word..well first off I don't even OWN a scale so I have no idea if I lose water weight on long runs??? interesting... but 6lbs does seem EXCESSIVE when you're so small like you.
    Congrats on leaving corporate world! woohoo! I'm so excited to hear how your PT job goes!! cheers to ANOTHER great week! I expect a TEXT as soon as that race is over on Monday missy! I know you're gonna kill it!!! and top 3? aaahh...yes I think so!!! good luck! know we are cheering for you on the west coast!
    Loves xx

  5. I certainly do sweat a LOT! so yes I do and I mean to level it's normal..some people just sweat more than others but that's fine. If it keeps our bodies temperature normal I am okay with that. Good luck on your race monday!! kick some butt.

  6. Great week! I'm sending you good vibes for the half manana. You will kick butt!

    6lbs seems like a lot to be lost... It's so hard to bring water on these long runs... My dad told me that back in the day marathoners wouldn't drink water during races because it was a "sign of weakness". Crazy stuff!

  7. Wow, awesome mileage girl! Seriously amazing! Good luck on your half! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  8. I have a "problem" losing a lot of water weight as well, but I am also not as tiny as you. That seems like a LOT for someone your size. Are you drinking something with salt like Gatorade as opposed to just water? For my last half I actually not only drank Gatorade, I dumped 2 salt packs in and I did not have nearly as big of a problem AND I felt better. Probably not a great thing to try ON race day like I did, but maybe something to think about if it is a regular problem...

  9. I lose a lot of water weight too. That is why I drink so much water... people think I drank too much but it makes me feel good. I really hope we are done with all the silly humidity!