Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 14 Recap

Goal Miles 81
Goal Miles 82

Monday 13.1 hard miles
Oak Brook Half Marathon. Finished in 1:27:53 by the official results listing and was the 4th female finisher. Hit a nearly 5 minute PR here, which is great for me considering that this by no means was a flat course. This race has left me with excited feelings that I have been making great progress this year and that I am going to hit and possibly exceed my goal at the Chicago marathon. 

Tuesday 12.02 easy recovery miles
After a hard effort the day before I took this run extra easy. Decided to hit the weights heavy this day thinking it would aid in DOMS recovery. I was wrong.

Wednesday 13.11 easy
Legs were still feeling a bit stiff and heavy here. 

AM 8.28 mile fartlek. Some people have asked what a 1/2/3/4/5/4/3/2/1 is. It's just a fartlek and the numbers represent the intervals, 1 min hard/1 min easy, 2 min hard/2 min easy, etc.
PM 3.01 easy miles with the hubby

I thought it would be cute to be twiners

Friday 11.16 easy recovery miles
Felt like crap and legs felt stiff.

Saturday OFF
Planned on getting in my long run in the early am hours but instead I wasted the day eating junk food, drinking pear cider, and avoiding any type of structure for the day. I start my new job on Monday and I just wanted one day to not have any commitments, for there to be no need for a shower, and to enjoy a Saturday. I'm not used to the luxury of having work-free weekends, but I think it is something that I can get used to.

Sunday 21.44 miles
First 7 miles were rough. Legs took quite sometime to warm up and I just didn't have motivation for this run. Originally I headed out for the day thinking that I would most likely cut the run short. At 7 I decided that I needed this distance more then I needed to go home as laze the day away. I think that the first few miles were tough because I had a bad attitude this morning. After I changed my perspective of the workout, it suddenly felt easier and my legs begun to loosen up. For the majority of the run my feet felt really hot, which was weird and not something that I experience often, it was annoying.


Around 9-10 I passed Soldier Field. It was about 8 am and there were already hard core Bears fans out tailgating and the smell of charcoal and brats was wafting in the air. I don't follow football and didn't really realize that tailgating was an all day event.

Peaks this week
  • 82 miles
  • Untapered half marathon PR
  • Feeling confident with my progress
  • The "unemployment vacation" I have been on all week has been a major blessing for my sanity 
Valleys this week
  • Legs took FOREVER to recover from the half
  • 82 miles is a lot of miles, I'm tired and eating us out house and home
  • Pushing back my long run a day is going to make the next 6 training days interesting
The Chicago marathon is now 27 days away. Yikes, that seems crazy. Next week is my last high mileage week before I begin a well deserved taper. I'm praying my brains out that I make it through this next week alive with 85 miles on the books and training for my new job starting Monday which requires a long commute that I am not used to.

Cheers to a new adventure ahead! Always remember, IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE!


  1. What a week! Good luck this week with a new job AND an 85 mile week--I can't even imagine!

  2. you crazy lady!!!! 82 miles??? wow, you completely rock! :)

  3. ps. my hubs won't wear matching clothes lol, he even hates it if we are both wearing the same color shirts. he doesn't want people to think we plan our outfits together HAHA

  4. 82 miles?? Holy crap, that is insane! Of course, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have aspirations of one day logging high mileage weeks like that... but I'm still a long loooong way away from that. Congrats on an awesome race! :D

  5. Wow great week! Yall look super cute in your matching tees!

  6. looks like an amazing week! love the sign!

  7. 27 days??!!!! aaaahhhh it's soooooo close!! Britt you are doing so well! you have worked so hard and I know you're going to do GREAT! If your half is ANY indication of how your full will go you are WELL on target for that sub 3:10:)
    my sports chiro told me that you can double your half and add that would give you a 3:01 - 3:06 marathon! andhe's run over 35 marathons at a 2:37 or better so he sorta knows what he's talking about !
    keep pracicing positive thoughts and visualization...asyou experienced on your 21 miler...attitude is a big part to a succesful long run! Believe in yourself Girl, we all do! you GOT THIS! xx

  8. HOLY word...I had been slacking on my blog reading for a few days and look what I missed...a 4th place female finish, 1:27. Congrats, what a freakin' accomplishment!

  9. 27 days!! Woot Woot! Gee, it seems like you've been training a long time...Man, I bet it especially feels like this to you! :) Still impressed with your half! Can't wait to see what you do for your marathon!

  10. You ran how many miles this week?! I am pretty sure I wrote quite a similar comment last week too, but dang girl, you are impressing the heck out of me! Congrats again on that race :)

  11. I can't wait to hear about your new job! And good for you for being able to change your attitude about the 21 :)

    I love being twiners too :)

  12. I LOVE that poster, would be a huge upper during the later miles of a race.

    p.s. oof, the eating the house down...yes, yes yes. Whether I'm at 50 miles/week or 80, I'm always blowing through the groceries and then some. I don't know if I love or hate the runners appetite....somedays I LOVE that I don't have to eat like a bird, as many girls feel pressured to. Somedays I'm just freakin sick of eating the 20938483 snack of the day

  13. 82 miles! You rock! And a 5 minute pr on a hilly course, with tired legs is just incredible! Imagine when you do a half on a flat course, and fresh legs in cool weather!

    You inspire me.

  14. that sign is awesome!! good luck on your mileage this week :)

  15. You are my running hero. That is all.

    actually, I have more. TWINNING!!!! :) And, that sign should be at all races!! Britt, when is Brooks sponsoring you?!

  16. You are seriously a machine. You are going to clean some clock at the race!

  17. If these magazines that claim their abdominal exercise workout is the best, was indeed the best core workout than I would not be receiving as many emails as I am asking to explain the age old quest of eliminating belly fat.

  18. You won my Larabar giveaway! Send me an email at gourmetrunner at gmail dot com with your shipping info so I can send it onto Larabar. Yay!

  19. 27 days! Holy cow! You're going to do great! I'm nervous about mine, and it's only 46(ish) days!

    Great mileage this week. You inspire! I saw that quote on pinterest.. and i felt the same way.

  20. HOLY MILES!!!! I can't believe you're craziness. I also can't believe the marathon is SO CLOSE!! I love that sign and you are totally going to kick ass during that race. As long as you fuel with cookies I think you will be okay.

  21. I just found your blog and coincidentally, I ran the Chicago Half Marathon on Sunday and ran a 1:27:53 as well. What a coincidence. My goal is a 3 hour NYC marathon. Good luck.