Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 16 Recap

Goal miles 44
Actual miles 49

This has been a really difficult week for me in both my training as well as my personal life. Stress and anxiety have been flooding my every thought causing me to feel worn down and an emotional mess. Throw in the awkwardness that a taper always brings me and the past 6 days have totaled up to be tricky and icky.

Monday 6.02 miles
First single digit run in MONTHS. It should have felt easy and great, but it wasn't. My legs felt slow and heavy and my mind was astray.    

Tuesday 6.03 miles
Again legs felt blah and it was difficult to hold an 8 pace.  Maintaining focus while running has become extremely difficult.

Planned workout: 10 miles with 6x1 mile repeats @ 6:20-25 pace.
Actual workout: 10.17 miles with 2x 1 miles repeats @ 6:29, 6:33.
Legs weren't loosening up and after 2 repeats rather off pace I decided to just end the speed session. Thought back to the quality vs. quantity miles that I have been working hard at putting in and knew that 4 more repeats would be a bad idea on this morning and it would be in my best interest to just let those miles go. So I did, and I don't feel worried about missing this workout. Sometimes these things happen and yes it sucks that this workout was a FAIL so close to the marathon, but there are no benefits in forcing a crappy workout.

Thursday 5 miles
After several frustrating runs I decided that it would be best to leave the Garmin at home. When the legs are already struggling the last thing I need is to add stress about pace.

AM: 5 miles again without Garmin
PM: 4.5 miles with the hubby without Garmin. Probably should have skipped this but I needed to end the day on a high note and run off some stress. Love the feeling of a bad week closing with my hubby by my side sweatin it out and listening to me ramble on and on and on about what is on my mind.

Saturday 12.01 miles
Last double digit run until the marathon. WHAT???? How can this be? Gosh time has flew by fast! Legs finally felt back to normal, mind is still a bit clouded with fuzzy thoughts.

14 days until the Chicago marathon, time to gather myself and begin an attempt to mentally focus. After a tricky week that has had more tears, frustrations, and anxiety then I would care to admit I need to pull myself together. Lots of weird stuff going on right now, but I'm not going to let it overtake me and lose it like last fall before the marathon. That was ugly, and a recreation of that would be heartbreaking.

Every time you fall down and get back in the race, one more small piece of you starts to fall into place.

Thank you for the reminder Rascal Flatts


  1. I hope everything is ok! Enjoy your taper before the big race!!

  2. Enjoy the taper! Hope everything gets better for you soon.

    2 weeks to go!!!! :)

  3. Your rough week is still fantastic Britt. I hope things are calming down for you before your marathon!

  4. That was how I was feeling the week of my killer half marathon. It had me a little worried, but the taper did it's job, I did the training it all fell into place as I am sure it will for you. Enjoy the taper!!