Monday, October 10, 2011

Just need a little time to let it all sink in

Thank you to everyone for the supportive comments and emails that you all have been sending me for the last 24 hours. Your encouragement and wisdom has been filling my heart with a lot of extra love and perspective. I realize now that maybe I was being too sensitive to a situation that I could have maybe a wee little bit took out of context. Who knows how those words were truly meant to hit me, but as I read them it was like throwing salt on an open wound. So please excuse my curtness. 

Unfortunately I'm not quite ready yet to sit down and shell out my race feelings from yesterday. If you can't already guess, it was a rough morning for me as my body begun to rebel. Right now I just need some time of reflection to wrap my head around the morning and figure out what the heck is going on with my body.

That "race residue" can play tricks on the mind, so I just need some time with it before I publish my feelings across the internet. 

So until then I will be playing with my little monkies...


Chase and Miles circa 2007


...and enjoying the sunshine while trying to be resourceful with my time.

Until then you can all enjoy this little video to sum up how most of the Chicago marathon finishers are feeling today.


  1. That video is funny! and your dogs are cute, hope you are enjoying your day!

  2. Beautiful dogs, they can have a calming effect. Don't let the haters get you down, I took it as malicious and it at best deserved a STFU. Your story is very compelling most everyone appreciates that you put it out here for everyone on your own time. I look forward to the race recap. Wish you and/or your husband were doing the Urbanathlon.

  3. Loved the video! Keep your head up girl! You are one of the most awesome runners that I have come across. I hope that one day I run just half as fast you can!

  4. ha haha, this video was so funny. So true! Aww, girl, you are beautiful! This is the best way to be spending your day. So much processing. Even when we have the race go exactly as we wanted, there is still so much processing involved. It all takes time. And definitely so personal. Enjoy your reflection time and just "being" with your feelings/experience.

  5. Hahathat video is perfection. I've only run one full and the night of, we went for dinner with a group and the hostess at the restaurant said "right this way" and pointrd to a set of stairs that went on forever. Our table was on the second floor. It was the most painful dinner of my life! Glad you're feeling a bit better. Enoy your day!

  6. Love the video! So sorry the race didn't go your way... but there's always another one up ahead! Keep smiling Britt!

  7. Awesome video!! I am so going to use that at some point... Somewhere.

    What is that song by Andy Grammer? Keep Your Head Up?

    It's a worthy listen today, Britt. Hugs to you!

  8. *It's worth a listen... GAH to typos!!!

  9. So true. We went to woodfield mall on the way home... mistake! Can't wait for the recap.

  10. Love that video.

    Without any context, I'd be upset about that comment too! Just don't have to answer to anyone. We don't read your blog because we're interested in your misfortunes, we read because we want to learn from you and are amazed by your speed and determination and dedication. You seem to have done everything right, and as is sometimes the case, race day misfortunes get the best of us. You'll blow that PR out of the water someday. Just because you didn't run it on Sunday doesn't mean you're not capable, and you should set your next goal as though you HAD run your goal on Sunday, because YOU. WERE. TRAINED. FOR. IT.

    Have you thought about finding a smaller local race to sign up for last minute in the next few weeks? I did that last year...embarrassingly I don't know if I'd have gotten over my race-day blues without it.

    Thinking of you...I didn't do it this cycle, but I've had my hopes crushed by unforseen circumstances (weather) and I was HARD on myself...and it was AWFUL. Give yourself a break, and enjoy a little reprive from all the marathon madness!

  11. Your pups are adorable! And the video was spot on :)

    Marathons are so packed full of emotion. The night before the race I yelled at my neighbors in the hallway for being too loud and jiggling my doorknob while my dog was barking and I was trying to go to bed. I feel slightly bad now for it... Ok, maybe not... We train so long and pour our souls into these events and when things don't go as planned it hurts badly. Luckily we can continue to put ourselves through this (torture sometimes) and have different outcomes. It's what keeps me coming back to these beasts.