Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting Antsy

When a race comes to an end it is always bittersweet for me. In the past 9 days I have enjoyed taking in some much needed rest, but at the same time I'm starting to get a bit antsy. I like to be scheduled and these days my life is really lacking any type of structure, so I'm trying to keep my sanity.

I have been hitting it hard in the mileage category this year. As much as I would love to keep pumping out the distance, my body has filed that dream into the "simply will not comply" category. Still having some issues with my hip as it is tender to the touch and tighter then it has ever been, which is just plain annoying. But common sense is telling me that this is what happens when you run 2,100+ miles in 10 months and neglect muscular balance in every muscle group of the body.

Being honest, I have been avoiding purposeful stretching as well as strengthening the glutes, hammies, and hips all year. Whoops...I guess it was bound to catch up with me sooner or later. I suppose that I should be thanking my lucky stars that I didn't do any serious damage.

The other day when I mentioned that I was going to be spending sometime getting back to the basics of running, I really meant it and need to keep myself accountable. Runners are bad creatures of habit that don't like to be broken of routine and waste time pumping iron in the gym, and I am a shameful lady that has fallen victim to almost every runners #1 mistake...lack of NECESSARY strength training. 

Bringing back some routine into my life and looking ahead to new goals for the fall, I have decided to dedicate the next few months to functional strength training. Time to work out those weak areas and get the body moving functionally again.

Goals for the next 3 months:
  • 3 resistance sessions a week that focus on total body movements
  • Yoga at least once per week
  • 1 interval session a week that focuses on foot strike and form
  • 1 long SLOW run per week
  • No more 6 day running weeks, knocking it down to 5 for now
  • Weekly assessments of what my body needs, not what I want it to be doing
  • Maybe hit up the treadmill at the gym for some incline sessions
Goodbye terrible posture and weak posterior back muscles

Raptor arm you have outworn your welcome

Heel strike I will not be missing you

I'm not an elite runner, I will never be neck and neck with Deena Kastor in a race and out kick her in the finish, I will not make a living off of my sport. But that doesn't mean I can't train my body like an elite. For now that means to just ease up the reins a bit and focus on the biomechanics of running.


  1. these are great goals and an inspiration to me as I am often very one-sided in my strength-training. I always work on arms but avoid my legs which is completely senseless. your goals inspire me to pay attention to all the details of fitness! thank you and good luck with your goals!

  2. me, me!! I'm waving my hand! that's me you're referring to! :) I'm that bad creature of habit. I like breaking out of my routine in the sense that I love new routes, new workouts....but. I never do yoga. I never strength train. I never stretch. And most importantly, I never argue with my brain to tell it that I HAVE TO do these things. Even now, typing this, I feel no motivation to start doing them. creature. of. habit.

    I admire your method. You are a very driven person, and very wise. I hope you never suffer this type of hip issue again!

  3. This post touches my heart because I am a total biomechanics nerd. I have done physics in my free time to determine how much different shoes slow me down. Enough about me, Best of luck in your journey to run injury free - it can be done and it appears you are on the right path.

  4. Just what I needed! I was reading a marathon training book that says do hill repeats instead of lifting and I NEED to lift! I am not taking it out of my training that's just me I guess. I have been really working on my form modeling the chi running and it seems to be working so far....great goals!

  5. I am the same way, I like structure and always having a workout plan. You are so right about runners lacking in strength training, I'm not a fan of weights but you need to do it and so I try to incorporate them at least once a week but I know it should be more. Good job girl!

  6. Ok, I am so laughing at "raptor arm". Truth be told, I am scared to see the way I run and how many things are wrong with my posture/stride. Good for you staring down your weaknesses... get after it!

  7. awesome goals...you gotta be true to yourself always and no one has nothing on you if you believe in yourself!

  8. I'm glad you are getting back to basic. You always say you'll never be elite...but you have both the natural gifts and the drive to do something amazing Britt!
    I definitely am guilty of skipping the less-exciting but just as important aspects of well-rounded training.

  9. I LOVE what you said about training your body like an elite...you are SO right. Girl, you are my inspiration to get into strength training more because it really is so important to improving your running. I don't think my body can handle six days of running either!

  10. loving your mission to get back to more strength and stretching...both are so important! excited to read updates on this new attitude.

  11. Britt, I'm happy to hear that you are going in the right direction with your training. you are only going to get faster and stronger and never underestimate what the body can do. healing is a process that everyone goes through; some take longer others less but, that is the time in life you sit back, think and create a better way of tackling it next time. glad to see the positive energy in you!