Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pre-Marathon Feelings and Other Randomness

It is kind of surreal when I can say I will be running a marathon in less then 24 hours from this very moment. Not sure if I can even accurately capture my feelings at this point in time, but I'm sure going to try.

Feeling the love.
Right now I am feeling incredibly supported by some truly amazing people. Family, friends, bloggers, strangers, and most especially my husband have all been superbly encouraging throughout my training this year. With an entire crew that has dedicated their morning to rising early to head to the Chicago marathon course to support me and bloggers and friends who cannot be there excited to spend their morning checking in with their computer for my progress...I am left speechless.

Setting goals for myself and sharing the moments of progress and regression that have left me feeling exposed and vulnerable this year has been an out of this world experience. I never would have predicted that I would have received such an amazing response to my journey. For me to think that if I never started this blog or became so adamant about following through with my dreams that I would not be here right in this moment feeling so loved and inspired is overpowering.

So thank you to anyone and everyone for your encouraging words. You have all helped the fire in my heart to continue to burn and helped me find the inspiration to keep moving ahead.

Not stressed about the numbers.
I have been very vocal about my numerical goals for the year, most of which you can read about here. But there are other far more important goals for my spirit that go well beyond clock time for a race; living in the moment, praising the Lord for all of my blessings, letting fear be diluted by greatness.

Right now I do want a marathon PR and feel 100% confident that there is one in my legs that is in the 3:05 area, but I also know that the clock time is just a number. As I recently mentioned, for me there is little benefit focusing all of my efforts on the numbers of a race. They do not define my character, instead they are simply just a measurable way to track one type of progress. At this state in my life, I do not feel like I need a number to tell me that I have had growth this year because I can feel it.

So whether the clock time says 5 hours or 3 hours, I am still the same strong and confident woman that upon the completion of the marathon will have ran 2,100 miles in 2011...and that in itself is pretty cool.'s FALL!
I'm sure that most of you have already caught on to this, but it is autumn. Seasons other then HOT and COLD are difficult to notice while living in such an urban city. Chicago has become a very difficult place to notice any transitional weather because there is a major lack of trees and the lake effect can play tricks on those who aren't paying attention. Yesterday I actually noticed that it is officially fall here, even though temps are in the 80's, and it is gorgeous.

I'm even more pumped to hit the marathon streets where there are a few trees that drape over the course and be in awe of their beautiful colors.

The new CRG face lift.
With the whole unemployment thing still lingering around, I decided to give CRG a new look with some of my free time. I am not a bland and boring personality, I am a saucy-spit-fire-of-a-gal and my blog was really lacking any true representation of who I really am. That lovely cuteness of a header was designed by my girl Ashley in what she described as some of her free time, so she is pretty much awesome in my book. If I were to design a little header pic, it would take me about a year and would look awful.

So thanks Ash, you are incredibly talented and I owe you some baked you should send me your address and I will prepare a special batch of my super special sugar cookies for you.

Marathon Tracking.
Some peeps have asked questions regarding runner tracking for the marathon. If you are indeed interested in following my progress, click this link. My bib # is 2486. Tracking is available via cellphones or online.

The race expo.

Last night we hit up the expo, and it was just okay. Maybe I've been to way too many of these things, but I wasn't extremely impressed. I walked away with only spending $2 on clif gel, which is kind of hard to believe.

I'll be fueling with Clif Gel Strawberry and Mocha

My entire wardrobe is race attire or athletic wear, not even kidding about this, so I didn't see the logic in dropping $150 on another race related article of clothing.

Blogger meet up.
Super excited for this. Yesterday I was talking with my friend Nicole and I kind of realized something, it may be difficult to recognize bloggers. There are a lot of distinctive features of a person that are difficult to pick up on through internet photos, 1st being height.

So hopefully I recognize you all, if not I will be the short lady with a black running tank on that has brown hair with plenty of grey streaks and a few premature wrinkles on my face.

To sum it all up...
this has been an amazing year for me and I cannot wait to bring my racing 2011 season to a close tomorrow in the city I love with the support of friends and family. See you all after 26.2.


  1. aaaah can't wait to hear how it went!!!!

  2. Your blog looks amazing!! Girl, I seriously can't wait to read all about how you do! Good for you to not be stressed about the numbers...I need to be more like you:) YAY for fall, hope it stays nice and cool. I will be tracking you:)

  3. Good luck tomorrow, you will do amazing. I have some friends from Spokane running tomorrow too. I am hoping that I can go next year. :-)

  4. Your blog looks great!!!

    I've tried several attempts to post a comment to your blog from work - and it didn't work, so I haven't properly been able to say GOOD LUCK!!

    I wish you the best of luck and I can't wait to hear about the race. Most importantly - have fun :)

  5. ohhh, I love love your blog. Great job Ashley!! I need a new look to runninghood! Good luck...soooo excited for you.

  6. First off, I love the new look!

    I don't comment often here (even though I'm reading and cheering), and part of that is because you are a WAY faster runner than I will likely ever be. Which seems kind of stupid, now that I've written it down. :) But thank you for this post. It's so easy to get caught up in the numbers game. There is so much more to our sport than that...I needed the reminder.

  7. you are gonna kill this marathon!!!! and it doesn't even matter if what number is on the clock at the end... cause your attitude is perfect! glad you chose this year to share your training experience on the blog! rso excited for you! and thanks for the shout out haha... i am a total loser cause i do things like that in my free time! :) gotta do something to balance out the number-crunching day job! :)

    gooooood luck!!!!!

  8. Britt you are going to be fabulous! I am currently in line waiting for a shuttle from the expo. I am so not making the meet up. Sad face. I guess ill just need to run this again next year and get an earlier start! Tomorrow will be epic and you will run like the strong, proud woman you are. Wahooo

  9. Really really great meeting you today :) I wish the best to you tomorrow and hope everything goes smoothly. You've put in an amazing training cycle- have fun and enjoy it.
    I'll be sending you good vibes from the middle of the pack. :)


  10. New follower! I saw a link from "Run with Jess" and just wanted to say 'best of luck' tomorrow with Chicago! Most of all, enjoy the run.

    P.S. I'm not sure about the Mocha Clif, but I'll be using the Strawberry next weekend at Hartford along with my personal favorie, the citrus!

  11. Good luck tomorrow! You will do great!
    Your blog looks really nice! I like the design.

  12. Best of luck on the marathon Britt! I'm already sure will do great because I think mentally you've already won. have fun!

  13. First off, I LOVE the look of your blog. It looks more professional and awesome and amazing just like you.

    Now for the important stuff. I wish you all the luck in the world tomorrow. You are truly an inspirational woman. You're got this marathon and you are going to rock Chi town. I can feel it. You have been working so hard through this. It has been such an amazing journey following you through all of your ups and downs. You are in my thoughts and I cannot wait to read your race recap. I am going to try and track you tomorrow to see where you are!! You are the best. I can only dream about being as fast as you! Have an awesome run and just think about he deep dish at the finish'll make you run faster! Love ya.

  14. Good luck! Not that you need it... you are gonna kick butt! :D

  15. The blog looks amazing! So excited to track you as you are kickin butt!! Good Luck!!

  16. I'm thinking about you right now...I'm sure the marathon is GOING great!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Run girl, run!!! So proud of you! :)

  17. Right now you're probably running your little heart out and rocking it. Just wanted to say a late good luck.

  18. What happened today??? yikes.