Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturdays Strength Session

This past Wednesday became an unintentional action packed day. After some kick-booty 400's and a 10.5 mile bike ride, I decided to go to a local running store for a women's fun run event and tacked on an additional easy 3 miles for the day. 

5.75 miles of speed work + 10.5 miles of biking + 3 miles easy running = nearly 19 miles for the day


On Friday I woke up and my legs felt so heavy I decided it would be best to take an unplanned day off. Guess those 19 miles caught up with me. Coming off of a marathon I feel like I have the endurance of a herd of elephants, but right now physically I would say that my body is quite spent and tires easily. While I still have a 5k on the books in 5 weeks, my first priority at this time is to keep healthy and to not overtrain. 5k's are a completely different beast then marathons, so I'm not worried about it. Right now I think that switching my focus from packing on mileage to instead focusing on quality speed workouts for the week is the best way to show up to that race prepared and not completely burnt out.

If that means I have to forfeit a few extra recovery/slow runs for the week to either cross train or rest I am A-O-K with that. And that is just what I did this morning. I headed off to a much needed yoga session and put myself through a sweatastic circuit session.

1st Circuit

Plank rows
 Row then raised into a should lift
into a shoulder press
Walkout pushups
with leg crossovers

2nd Circuit

Walking lunges 
with shoulder raises front to lateral
Tricep press 
on stability ball
Sumo squats 
Squat into a bicep curl

3rd Circuit

Medicine ball V-crunches
MB going opposite direction of feet
Crunching knee to side
Toe touches 
On back with MB

yea...that made me sweat

Tomorrow I'm heading out for an early long run in some new kicks that I am lucky enough to try out before they have been officially released to the public.

Mizuno Wave Rider 15's

Cute huh?

Only put 10 miles in these beauties so far, so tomorrow will be the real test. 
But for Mizuno fans, I believe that these shoes will officially be on the market early November.


  1. I have always wanted to try on a pair of Mizunos, but I never have. I've heard such good things about them - and those are really cute!

  2. Love the shoes. I have been thinking about trying mizunos. I know a lot of people that really like them. i have been an Asics girl for a decade! Kind of ready to try something new as the last two years I have not been super in love with my shoes like I want to be,

  3. Cute shoes! Your circuit session sound tough!!

  4. I like those shoes! Girl you are a machine! I have slacked big time on my strength training. I gotta get my stuff together this week!

  5. LOVE THOSE SHOES!! Girl, you are going to KILL that 5k. I know that exact feeling that you are experiencing of feeling like MENTALLY and cardiovascular wise you could go forever but your body still in recovery mode. You are playing things smart and I am going to try and be just like you!

  6. Do you ever just sit on your butt and eat pizza??! ha ha. :) Like your new shoes.

  7. I wish I knew what all those strength workouts looked like so I could try them? could you have your hubby take pictures of the moves so we can see what we should be doing?:)

  8. THis is exactly how I feel post marathon. Cardiovascularly I want to push it and get that HR up, but my legs have other plans. The other day I did 15 lunges and I almost pulled a muscle. Smart to strength train:)

  9. you should post your strength workouts more often!! i'm always looking for inspiration on blogs :) since i'm HORRIBLE at sticking to it. since my foot is hurting, i'm forcing myself to do strength this week though.. and i'm actually excited about it for once!! do you have any recommendations for good at home glute exercises? (no lunges... i can't do lunges, knees feel like they are "breaking") :)

  10. Looks like a great workout! I am a faithful to Mizuno. They work for me.

  11. Wherever do you find these great circuit exercises?

  12. Just reading that workout made me sweat!! I will definitely write that one down! I love the shoes. I hear Mizunos are really light...thinking about trying a pair as my next runners!

  13. Happy to hear you are taking some well deserved rest :)

    Also - the 5K vs marathon thing - it's crazy that you can easily run a 5K while marathon training but that training for a 5K is so different. I have a goal 5K at the end of February, and I want to keep up my long distance mileage, but the training will be a lot different than what I am doing now!

  14. Awesome shoes!! You're a machine!!

  15. Those waveriders look cute...I just finished wearing a pair of waverider 14s and I loved them. But I did end up going back to my ugly as sin asics because they are just too comfortable.

    FAB strength workout, I really really want to do more strength training, I'm going to try to get on that...maybe not before the marathon though, oops.