Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week 17 Recap

Goal Miles 44
Actual Miles 46

Oh my the always messes with me a bit. Mentally I feel more then prepared for the marathon next week, I am ready to hit the roads and give it all I've got. Physically my legs have some fickle feelings. Why is it that I can run 70+ miles for weeks on end without feeling discomfort in my legs and then I hit the taper and the legs begin to have new aches?


First it started with a tight left calf, which I am still trying to shake off. Then it crept up to a rather large knot in the left quad which disappeared after doing a billion heavy loaded lunges which wasn't my ideal solution the week before a race. And the I am feeling like a 90 year old woman that needs to up her glucosamine intake.

Since this is my last premarathon recap, I thought that I'd make it a bit more interesting then all of the other drab-same-old-same-old recaps that I have been posting for the past 4+ months.

Chicago marathon training by the numbers:

2,059 miles logged so far this year.
The past 18 weeks have held 1,130 of those miles.
9 tempo runs and countless repeats encountered.
5 20 mile runs or longer.
67 double digit runs, 8 weeks with double digit only runs.
Longest taper ever with race week and the 2 weeks before holding mileage in the 40's.
2 PR races ran in the mist of heavy training: Bastille's Day 5k and the Oak Brook 1/2 marathon.
5 total races done premarathon, with 4 of those hosting a PR.
1 race that nearly killed me.
Lots of top place finishes, the highest being 2nd place.
1 Feisty Garmin.
4 pairs of Brooks Adrenaline & 1 pair of Newtons.


1,000,000 moments where I felt like I am going to kick booty next Sunday.

If you are coming into town for the Chicago Marathon and want to have a blogger hang out, check out this posting and help us make a plan. I haven't received very much feedback regarding this and I'm feeling unsure if people are actually interested. So check head on over to this post and let me know if you are interested. I promise it will be a good time.


  1. You will be FANTASTIC! Looking forward to tracking you online! Go Brit GOOOOOO!!!

  2. what an amazing year you've had... and still have 3 months to go!!!! i have to laugh to myself a little when i see that you ran almost the exact same # of miles in the past 18 weeks that i have in the past year. :)

  3. You have had an amazing year so far...WOW! You will be fantastic this weekend, good luck!!

  4. You have logged a lot of miles! I know what you mean about that fickle feeling although I don't need to run quite as many miles as you :) I am so excited for you and to see how you do! You are going to do amazing I just know it!

  5. You are going to kick SO MUCH ASS!! I can't wait to hear about next weekend. Good luck girl -- don't let this taper kill you!!

  6. I love that your taper week is my highest mileage week since I've been back running! ha!! oh man, I can't WAIT to get where you are! you are going to ROCK this Britt!!! I am SOoooooooooooooo friggin excited for you!!!!

  7. You are doing incredible! I'm with you, the taper always stresses me out and I feel worse than during high-mileage weeks. Don't worry - you're totally prepared and going to do awesome!

  8. Hm, I commented last night but it didn't show up. I guess that's what I get for trying to use the computer at work.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you how excited I am for you. You are going to PR on this marathon so badly, it's not even funny! With all your miles, long runs, PRs, and mental preparedness, it's in the bag.

    Can't believe your marathon is less than one week away, I am so excited to follow you on race day and hear about it!

  9. Hi! I am catching up on all things blogging as I am traveling home...looking forward to hearing about final word on the meetup! I wouldn't be able to make it Friday night, as we fly into town later that evening. I'll stay tuned :) Reading all of your accomplishments during this training really is amazing - you are SO dedicated and I know it will pay off!

  10. You are such an inspiration. This is going to be YOUR race. So excited for you.

  11. I love love love your positivity of this post! I can just feel your excitement!