Monday, November 14, 2011

Hitting The Reset Button

It's been 5 weeks since the Chicago Marathon.
5 weeks that have been filled with gluttonous, sloth-like behavior on my part.
In those weeks, my mind has lost all sense of ENERGY IN=ENERGY OUT.

I have indulged in more then my share of sweet delights.
Lost quite a bit of muscle, and sadly some of my endurance.
I've also managed to pack on some poundage.

Whoops, think it may be time to hit the reset button.

Since today is Monday, I thought that there wouldn't be a better time to head to my gym to sweat it out doing this circuit workout.

Yup, that made me sweat off the chocolate croissants...
apple pie...
gourmet turkey burger...
almond joys and kit kats...
frozen pizza...
and the zero amount of produce I consumed this weekend.

Last week in a failed attempt to prove to myself that I haven't lost an ounce of fitness since the marathon, I decided to run 50 miles in 5 days.
2 of those days hosted 12 mile runs,
both of which sucked out all of my energy,
and left me a wee bit sore.

As much as I have been telling myself that I'm still in marathon shape,
it's time to let out the truth...
if I tried to run a marathon today,
I would probably come close to dropping dead,
and my husband would be pushing me around in a wheelchair afterwards.
That would not be cute.

So yes, it happened...
and it happens to all of us post peak race.
But I'm not too worried,
and I know that it'll eventually come back.
For now my fitness will just be hibernating,
hanging out underneath all of those layers of sugary blob that I've been packing on.

Since today is Monday,
I'm going to start fresh.
Maybe have a few less pieces of candy this week,
eat a bit more produce,
and try to not let the seams on my pants bust while bending over.


  1. Hahahaha wow we are twins. I forced Dean to eliminate all sugar and processed goods until Christmas with me. I feel nauseous when I go to sleep these days because I've been eating way too much candy! I went to go put on a pair of jeans today and let's just say they weren't as loose as they used to be!! It's going to be all about REAL food for the next little while...and I'll probably have to stick to leggings so my pants don't rip!

  2. Good goals! It is tough post marathon to find that intense drive & motivation again. Sounds like you have allowed yourself a period of "detoxing" & are re-establishing your goals. Way to go!

  3. Hey, yup, I ran a marathon less than one month ago but could not run one now. In fact I never race for at least a couple of months after a marathon. Gaining a bit of weight, resting, will help you build up fitness quickly when you start up fresh. Noone can maintain marathon fitness year round. You are going to build your fitness back up quickly (I doubt you lost much) and the poundage will be gone as well:)

  4. Amazingly this is the first year in a long time that I haven't packed on some weight by now, but I think I am being a little more obsessive about it this year. I think the rest you did was probably good for your body and i am impressed with your 50 miles in a week. I think I am doing good when i get above 30

  5. Uggh, not cool body, not cool. How can it lose fitness in a matter of 5 weeks? that's nothin! I'm glad you're not too worried. By the way...It's November...and then it will be December...good luck with eating less sweets! heh. Yeah, this is definitely the sugariest time of year for all of us

  6. ha ha this is so me. however, something tells me your fat pants are smaller than my skinny pants. hee oh well. glad to see you back on the circuit. 50 miles in 5 days? brutal challenge!

  7. mondays are great for resets!! :) (i say as i stuff my face with yummy hershey kisses..)

  8. I'm sure you will have no problem getting back into competing shape. I'm trying to refocus myself after the marathon and do more resistance training, and I may have to borrow this workout!

  9. Sometimes relaxing and gaining weight is NOT a bad thing. It gives you a new goal. A new focus. And I'm pretty sure that you're still tinier than me even with 25 extra pounds!!

    I feel like I just hit the reset button too - it's kinda fun and refreshing.

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  11. oh girl. live up this season of rest and indulgence :)

    that workout looks killer!

  12. I love this post. Just because I imagine you doing all these things, but still looking so great and cute, it makes me laugh! I would love to have your non-peak body! And I am not trying to say you aren't indulging and your pants are tight - just that I bet you still look great.

    Hope your Monday and Tuesday are off to a great start!

    Also, are you starting coaching? I am somewhat interested in coaching... I keep bonking between 16-18 in the marathon. That isn't right!

  13. seriously, right!? I gained 10 lbs since my Sept marathon. I ran a Half 2 wks ago and nearly died... I kept thinking "How on earth did I run 26.2 a month ago?"
    Resetting here too... Wish you were here to kick my ass, but I guess I'll have to do it myself! :)

  14. Good for you!! Sometimes your body NEEDS that break to recoup and come back stronger than ever, but of course you know that.

    Glad to see you're back in action. I know you're excited too....I always am after a break.

  15. Monday is the start of the week for me. It is always my "time to do things right day". You will get back in shape fast. You definitely deserved time to be a sloth after your marathon training. :) only 2 weeks until the Santa hustle!! Whoo hoo I'm excited :)

  16. Nibbling on chocolate as I read this :). And trying to figure out why I eat like I am training for a marathon even when I am not.

  17. don't even worry about record holders take breaks and dibaba was quoted once, "i took a break, got married, got fat and was happy, before i started back training" u need the down time to refresh urself mentally and physically, so raise a toast to those chocolate croissants and know that when it's GO time, u'll be serious and get back into shape faster than u think. :)