Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spectating Advice

Since I am usually the one in my household that hits up the racing scene, I don't really know how to be a spectator. D is venturing back into racing this weekend and running the Hot Chocolate 15k. The best of both worlds, running followed by chocolate...what a happy marriage of two of the greatest things on this earth.

I thought that I would make a check list of spectator must-have's for this weekend so that I don't disappoint and bring my A game:

  1. Great signage, can a sign for the hubby have glitter on it?
  2. Make sure to have noise makers
  3. Bring a camera
  4. Possibly a megaphone? I don't actually own one of these...but maybe I could get my hands on one
  5. Bring my maniac screaming voice so that the hubs can hear me
  6. Wear something distinctly loud so that I can be seen amongst the crowd
  7. Know the course and let my runner know where I'll be standing
  8. Every man for himself, if you can't keep up with me on the sidelines cheering then I will have to leave you behind
  9. Lots and lots of coffee and snacks
  10. Carb load and work just as hard as the runners from the sideline
The last race I actually spectated was YEARS and YEARS ago, like maybe 2004, so I'm nervous that I'm a little rusty in the sideline support category. And I'm not exactly certain what my sign should say...

Any great ideas for signage? 
Sideline support tips?


  1. Great ideas!! Good luck to you both! :)

  2. my hubs sign for me in my last marathon said "just keep swimming" - we're both dorks and laugh at dumb things, so it totally made me giggle and gave me a boost to finish strong. love number 10 - i definitely agree :)

  3. Carry balloons or something else easy for him to spot. Although if it's windy, balloons can be cumbersome. Also if you're going to try to hit multiple spectating spots on the course, plan in advance how to get there via train since those won't be affected by road closures. That might apply more to spectating the marathon than this race. You might be able to walk between spots. Have fun!

  4. look at your miles for the year! 2,225! that is insanity. how is life? watching the hot chocolate 15k should be tons of fun. good luck to the husband!

  5. So fun! I didn't think I would like to be a spectator but I got to watch the Toronto Marathon and LOVED it! Definitely embarrass him - balloons, streamers, signs...anything big and bright to get his attention. Megaphone for sure. No doubt about it.

  6. It can totally have glitter on it! Have fun!

  7. GLITTER! GLITTER! I think that would be groovy! Have fun and good luck to the hubs!

  8. okay, I'm so behind on here. I thought you were running the 5k with him? Okay, off to catch up.

  9. okay, maybe I'm not so behind but weren't you doing a 5k with him?? :) sorry.

  10. You're a very well organised spectator! I watched my man do a half marathon last year and was a failure as a spectator! I saw him at the first corner I was waiting at, but at the second point I totally missed him because there were too many people and he was a bit faster than I expected! When I finally located him at the finish, I was a bit of a wreck because I thought he might have been injured or something... :S

  11. You must wear a sexy outfit to make D's competition jealous and unfocused:)