Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Still Healing

Sometimes it takes a wee bit longer to get oneself back together then expected post marathon.

I thought that I was on the right track, then this weekend happened and left me feeling like my body took 10 steps backwards. 

Saturday I took a yoga class where the focus of the practice was on loosening the hips, which I am in dire need of these days. It left me feeling crippled and worse then I was feeling before. Why won't this dang hip shake off it's issues?

Sunday I went for a 13 mile run, which was my longest post marathon run. The first few miles were against 20 mile winds where I was running 9 minute pace that felt like 6 minute effort. Once I had the wind at my back it felt great to get a little extra push and workout the tightness in the legs and hip. Last 6 miles were 6:40-7:20 pace and felt so dang good.

Monday I tried to head out for an easy 8. Made it .75 of a mile and my knee begun to turn on me. For some reason it was having a difficult time supporting my body weight, maybe all of the junk I splurged on over the weekend? I ended up doing a walk/run for 3 miles that was making me crabby.

Enter Todays Workout
5x800's @ 5k pace

3:04, 3:03, 3:01, 2:59, 3:01

The knee felt normal today, so who knows what the heck was going on yesterday. I think that the wear and tear which my bod has experienced in 2011 is just lingering around a bit to remind me that I don't have to go full throttle 365 days a year. Today these 800's felt great, and my body was complying. But tomorrow will probably be a different story.

There is some kind of magical beauty in not being tied down to a training plan. Workouts are a day to day thing around this neck of the woods lately, and I'm liking the freedom. There is no guilt for missing a workout and sitting on the couch eating a bag of Trader Joe's Salt and Vinegar potato chips these days. Maybe when the buttons pop off my jeans I'll be feeling otherwise...


  1. Haha as I'm reading thins I have my hand buried in a bag of Snackimals! I know exactly how you feel. I don't have anymore races for the year (except for a 5k for FUN - not racing) so I feel really liberated! Now that the Urbanathlon i over, I feel like I can be a little more lenient with my workouts and increase strength while taking the focus off running. Hope the hip heals up fast! Santa Hustle is just a month away and you've gotta SMOKE your husband!

  2. it still amuses me how many parts of our body have to perform perfectly and in sync in order to produce a good run!! and post marathon, that's the beauty... no stress when they don't... just enjoy the runs and wait for your body to fall back into place.

  3. ugh. I'm sorry! my foot is now giving me problems too. I wish our bodies would just be in perfect condition all the time! I hope you get better soon!! keep up on that yoga! I NEED to do some!! xxx

  4. Love to hear that you're enjoying the freedom of a flexible-listen-to-your-body workout schedule! You totally deserve some cozy nights on the cough with some great snacks and some good rest. Very smart of you because if you don't heal now and let your body recover you'll be dealing with stuff for way longer than you want to!

  5. Take care of that knee and hip of yours!! Girl, you are so fast....great workout! I love salt and vinegar chips with all of my heart!! Yay for no pressure and guilt!

  6. great run! very impressive times...i like what you said about being able to run and plan day to day rather than following a strict schedule. sometimes our body and our minds just need that!

  7. i'm with you. no plan is so refreshing!! of course, i've been on that track a bit too long and have got waaaay comfortable with it.

  8. My body seems to do the same thing - remind me that its okay to take a break every once in a while.

    (FYI: you are crazy, crazy fast!)

  9. It's totally ok to take a break! I ran the MCM this past Sunday (my first)... and this week I'm doing Hal Higdon's Zero week.. you should check it out!


  10. Sounds like your body is telling you it needs to rest up! :)

  11. How you tried Bikram Yoga? It worked the magic on my knees...
    Also drink a lot of pineapple juice, it contains bromelain which is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory you can find in nature!

    Mike @TheIronYou

  12. I heart salt and vinegar chips! YUM! I have been loving not being on any kind of a training plan and oddly am logging more miles than I did on one, though it is snowing today so I might start slowing down soon. Got some fun mail earlier this week! The kids loved it and so did I . Thanks :)