Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time to dust off those racing shoes and reconsider plan A

Picked up my race packet today for Saturday's race

Santa is that you?

Thinking that the beard may be a NO for the day.

Had the darn thing on for 2 minutes while sitting still and ended up with a mouth full of fuzz, can't imagine what it would be like for 20 minutes while my lungs are gasping for air. And that hat...maybe it was meant for an elf? I have an incredibly small head and it still doesn't fit, not to mention that my ears are ginormous so wearing an itty bitty hat is never a style I like sport. However I'm still feeling the festiveness of this race. Itl'll be my first costumed race and I'll be sporting some fabulous socks and possibly a jingle bell or two.

Originally when this whole 5k mess started back in late October I was hoping to race the hubby, leaving him in a trail of dust, and break 19 minutes. Since then the hubby has decided to not race and my body has felt otherwise causing major training adjustments to be made. Apparently my body is not the machine that I like to think it is, and sometimes requires rest and recovery...especially post marathon. Really I was crazy to think that coming off of a marathon that knocked me off of my arse and shook up my body quite a bit that I would be able to put in the necessary work needed for a sub 19 5k.

So I've made adjustments, lots of them, causing me to plan workouts on a day-to-day basis. At first I thought that training this way would be overwhelmingly frustrating, but it's actually been quite the opposite. I push when my body wants to be pushed, and I rest when my body is screaming for rest. Shouldn't this be how we all train ourselves all the time??? Maybe you already do, but I don't always follow these rules. Sometimes I force those crazy workouts even though I know my legs only have crap in them, and of course I end up with crap that lingers on for days after because my ego was too stubborn to listen to what my body needed.

Trying to get a feel for what my body is capable of at this present time, I headed out for some planned race paced 400's just to test the waters today. Good news, I was able to hold my goal race pace for 4x400's. Bad news, it was challenging in a way it shouldn't have been at this poin and it took forever to recover. By the 4th 400 my legs weren't too happy with me.

3:02, 3:01, 3:01, 3:05

Who takes 400 ridiculously slow meters to recover from 800's???
Clearly someone who's race plan may be a bit too aggressive for their current state.
Great, now what?

I think my race plan needs a little adjustment. Who knows, maybe Saturday will roll around and my thunder thighs will magically be able to pound out my planned 6:05 pace and I'll be able to sneak in the finishing shoot just under 19. But I'm thinking that chances are unlikely for this and it may be best to shoot for a bit more conservative and realistic pace for the day so that I don't die after mile 1. Throw into the mix the fact that I rarely run 5k's, and in my opinion they are much harder then marathons, I'm not expecting a miracle here.

Maybe a goal to finish in one piece would be more appropriate at this timing. Who knows. I'm going to give it my best shot and just hope to not go into cardiac arrest.

On an unrelated note...I recently joined twitter. Feel free to hit me up @chirunnergrl.


  1. OK, you ran 800s not 400s, that makes me feel better about the 400m recovery. I say go for it, what do you have to lose? Your PR is very close to 19 (we have the same PR, but the way) and if you have your day, you might just be able to do it. Then, you can really rest up and recover and start fresh january 1st. Good luck! And yes, no costume:)

  2. haha. The beard LOOKS fun, but I think you should probably skip it, too. : )

  3. I can't imagine running any length with that beard - crazy! I bet you surprise yourself this weekend!

  4. Yeah I don't think I could run with that beard on...I think socks plus a jingle bell or two will be plenty sufficient.

    I think that you are totally capable of the sub 19 5k! I don't know what the terrain of the course is (hills vs. flat, etc.) but I think you have it in you. But you're smart to decide that you're going to listen to your body. And I'll be very proud of you no matter what your time is!! For reals.

  5. I certainly don't push myself the way you do, but I still have tendencies to overexercise. I am learning to chill out some and listen to my body. I believe in that....

    Rest, recovery,and knowing when to push it and when to back off are key. As I'm learning...

  6. You never know what race day can bring. Just go out there and do your best. If it makes you feel better, I have yet to break 26 min. for a 5k! I am slow...what can I say.

  7. cant wait to see pics from this race!! off to follow you on the twittersphere :)

  8. I've been on the fence about this race and still haven't signed up - though I see they still have spots open. I mean, how many times can you seriously say you ran a race in a Santa beard? It's almost too good to pass up!

  9. I just tried the beard on and yes. My nose and mouth were full of fuzz as itchy after 5 minutes. I put it on cb and he didn't move, probably because he was too scared. Lol

    I'm in a similar boat as you with this race. One part of me wants to try to PR, and the other part says just treat it as fun and run it with my boyfriend. I guess it will be a game time decision Saturday morning. :)

  10. haha...luv the outfit! :)

    i think u're smart in reassessing the race goals and sometimes the best way to take things are just how u feel day to day. i'm the queen of digging myself into a hole becuz my body is tired and i refuse to don't ignore those signs for too long! as for the race, i'd suggest just run for effort, then mentally don't beat urself up with being unhappy with watever the time is. the times will come...u've just gotta listen to the bod. ;)

    oh, and ya, my recovery jog is funny because thru the course of the workout it gets sloooower and slower, but that's good the point is to recover, right? hehe. :) good luck saturday!

  11. i tend to get super ambitious over do it and then i'm screwed :) kinda like what ive done with my current run Philly plan while only having about a month of healthy training