Friday, November 11, 2011

Winter Running Wish List

With winter just around the corner, it's time to prepare and stock up on gear in order to hit the streets running prepared. If you are anything like me, you avoid the treadmill at all costs and instead prefer to brave the brisk winter elements (you can read my ode to the treadmill here) and pile on the layers. Here in the 'windy city' things can get a bit nasty, especially along the lakefront, from December until about March. While most runners hybernate durning these months, I tend to be that one crazy runner that hits up the lakefront path regardless of the conditions.

This season I'm sticking to my hardcore running commitment and plan to continue to be the lone runner on the lakefront during those cold days. But this year I'm hoping that Santa will add some new gear to my running closet that leaves me feeling snuggled up and cozy on those harsh winter days.

So's my letter to you:

Dear Santa,

I've tried to be on my best behavior this year in hopes that you will keep me off the 'naughty' list. While I know that I've had my moments of ugliness, I hope that you still find me to be worthy of the 'nice' list. Because I know that you are a busy man and may be at a loss as to what to leave under the tree for me this year, I have compiled a short listing complete with links as to what I have my eye on this season.

Send the Mrs. Claus, the elves, and reindeer my love. We will have plenty of milk, cookies, and carrots for you all upon your arrival.


This top is made of magical fibers that create heat when wet and will be perfect for those snowy days.

My big ears get awfully cold, and considering that my dog just chewed a large hole in my favorite running hat...I could use a new one. This one is rather fancy and has a cute little hole for the ponytail.

This hat would do as well.

A girl can get crabby on a perfectly decent run when her fingers get cold, these gloves would be just the cure for that.

My meaty legs get cold and these thermal tights will keep that in check.

I think I want these just with the hopes that I would look as great as the model.

Aren't the sleeves cute?

Looking forward to your arrival Santa.


  1. I have those Saucony mittens in black. They are so warm... almost TOO warm, but when the Chicago wind starts a-howling on those freezing days you will love them.

  2. A hat with a ponytail hole in?! I think that's a bit too odd for me. Lovin' the jumper though. And the warm-when-wet thermal top - genius!

  3. I like these ideas, I definitely need some new winter running stuff...I only have one pair of long running tights and I should proooobably have more than one pair in my cue!
    That hat's neat how it has a ponytail hole in it.

  4. Oh my word is it ever cold today! I hope you weren't out running along the lake shore path, but I'm sure you were! :) I love the ponytail perfect!

  5. I was just making my wish list after a freaking freezing cold run today! Like you though... I'll brave just about any weather not to be on the TM

  6. Great list of stuff i now need that I didn't realize I needed before reading your post :)

    And, you won't be the lone runner out on the lakefront- I plan to go out there too since there won't be cyclists and tourists and other people to make it crowded :)

  7. OOh fun! I have the Brooks tights and the Lululemon Pullover. LOVE them both! I REALLY like those Athleta capris and I think I will just crop a waist up picture of myself to go with them!!

    You go girl! Bring on the snot rockets and frozen eyelashes!!

  8. Oh I like that Lululemon pullover! Cute and I love the sleeves. I also like the running tights, I have to invest in some so I can run outside!

  9. I'm pretty sure you have the exact same body as the model so STOP calling yourself meaty, k? You are gorgeous.

    On another note, everything you picked out here is beyond amazing. I am obsessed with everything lululemon for the winter. They have such great things that are functional but look great at the same time!

  10. I love Lululemon in winter! I ended up getting two pairs of pants last winter... the Outward Bound pants ended up keeping me super warm with their wind-resistant front & fleecy back. And I love any top with cuffins!

  11. I love lulu stuff, good thing there is no store around here I think I would spend too much there if I had the chance! Love all the great gear hope Santa brings you some!

  12. Hi! Thought I'd come check out your blog after seeing so many great comments you have left on other people's blogs. I love it!

    These are some cute choices! The athleta capris are really nice looking. So are both the ponytail hats.

    I would rather run outside too- we don't get much snow or wind, just a lot of rain. Do you ever have to run in special shoes for snow?

  13. i luv this!! ya, i was just posting about how much i hate being cold and the winter weather, but then i had to add the disclaimer: i'm a total weather WEENIE and have it easy compared to u guys!! u have my full-fledged support and stamp of being hard-core. :)

    i hope santa is good to u because i'd hate to see a fine running friend blown away or suffer from extreme freezing!

  14. Oh my word. I need those gloves! I have super warm gear for below zero temPs but my hands are always numb. Sometimes I can't even unlock my car door after! I have been wondering why I couldn't find warm gloves but these seem perfect!!! And I love love love that lulu lemon top too!!!! Hope Santa brings them for you!! I am going to the Nike employer store this thurs so if there is anything you want me to look for let me know and I can buy it and mail it to you!!!!!xxxx

  15. Yesterday's race gave me a chance to check out everyone's running gear for winter...a few women had a great cap with a ponytail hole AND a little place to put your ipod....very cool!

  16. oooh These are all nice! I am in serious need of some winter running gear. I went out Saturday and at 30* it was quite cold not to have gloves or a hat... which I had neither!

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  18. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting these. I have been looking for some winter gear and your list looks perfect to me:)

  19. Thankfully I won't be needing any of those, because we have two days a year where it gets below 30. Very cute, none the less!

  20. That first top is SO CUTE!

    I run in the winter too. All winter! I only hit the treadmill when it's icy or not visible. But I bet it gets brutal on the Lakefront! I felt like it was too windy today, and that was with a temp of 60! :)