Friday, December 23, 2011

Base building during the holidays

I don't know about you all, but the holiday gorging is already in full swing in my household. Family is in town and there have been many delightfully sinful treats surrounding me for the past few days with no near end in sight. I'm a sucker for anything sprinkled with peppermint and decked out in festive colors this time of year.

I'm not opposed to indulging in the holiday treat that surround us all and I have more then my fair share, after all tis but once a year right? As a matter of fact, as I'm typing this round 2 of the Christmas cookie train is rolling full speed ahead through my kitchen. But, I do believe in self control and maintaining nutritional balance 365 days a year.

To keep myself at bay from eating my weight in sugar this week, I decided that this would be the best time for me to get started with building my base mileage for that spring marathon I'm all jazzed up about. Since the Chicago marathon I've been keeping running to a maximum of 5 days with no more then 45 miles covered per week. Most of those runs have been garminless and extremely easy where I head out the door just to enjoy running in it's most simple form without any concern as to numbers. It has been a nice change of pace for me and has allowed my body to play catch up and have a little time to rest and repair.

Initially when I decided to begin base building this week I had the goal of a mid 50 week with my first 6 day running week in 12 weeks. Then family came into town, I felt rather ill for a few days, mother nature decided to make a little visit into my life, and I somehow committed myself to making more holiday treats then time seems to allow. So goals have now changed in order to accommodate everything while still keeping my sanity.

How I'm getting through the next few days:

Just get out of the house and engage in some type of activity.

Start the day with a nutritional breakfast.

If necessary, shave off a few miles in order to keep in the high intensity strength training sessions.

Resist the urge of late night snacks containing high amounts of carbs, sugars, and fats. Instead fill up at meal times with proteins and veggies.

Family will always come before the incessant need to hit a certain number of miles for the week.

Take runs as a quiet time to recharge and destress from all of the togetherness. Love the family, but my mind has difficultly handling the constant noise if there isn't a moment of silence and reflection in the my day.

And of course,
find time to give thanks and celebrate the birth of Christ with family.

Years from now I most likely won't recall the workouts I did on the holiday or how many miles I covered or didn't cover this week or the fact that my home looks like a tornado ran through it. Instead, hopefully I will look back and remember the smiles and laughter shared with the ones I love.


  1. It is very possible that I consumed my body weight in sugar yesterday and I have had a stomachache all day today from it. Lesson learned. Running for stress relief is one of the best reasons for me to get myself out the door each day

  2. You are right that family is more important than running, but that you also need the stress relief the running brings!! Good luck with balancing! I have eaten my body weight in sweet goodies that I made and I feel gross, must eat some veggies!

  3. I agree, I have relaxed my original stance on how many miles I was going to run last week and this week and I am okay with that. I have time to make it up, right now family time is best.

  4. Years from now I will remember my house always looking like a tornado when through it. I'm certain that these memories are part of me. :) ha. But sounds like you have your priorities straight. Base building is so fun and low pressure. I'm loving it!

  5. It's challenging to stay on track with both training and eating right during the holidays. I like your balanced approach. Much more likely to succeed withou the all-or-nothing mentality. Here's to a happy, healthy holiday.

    I'm a new reader of your blog, and really enjoy it!

  6. Oh Base building is fabulous! I'm thoroughly enjoying it...almost sad to leave it behind in a week and head into training!.......I miss you! did you get my phone message? xxx Merry Christmas lovely girl!

  7. Way to keep such a healthy balance during the holiday season! I love the last line, times with family and friends will be what we remember. It can be easy to stress about fitting workouts in this time of year. Thanks for the reminder of what is important. Have a Merry Christmas!

  8. My problem is the shear number of large dinners that seem to happen at this time of year. I do love eating, but usually to keep an eye on portion size and salty ingredients when I'm cooking at home. Am just trying to be sensible about not having seconds, not eating too many sweets, etc. I love your tips for surviving the holiday season healthily :)

  9. Have a merry Christmas! You have a great plan for balance during this season of over eating. I'd probably be struggling right now, but my family is not here to encourage me to eat my weight in food. That might occur next week when my dad comes to visit (because we need to show him chicagos finest food and brew establishments).

    Enjoy the holiday :)

  10. I really needed to read that last paragraph. Thank you! I have found myself thinking so much about what I eat and how much I workout lately... I want to lose weight, but come on... it's Christmas (I am telling myself). I hope your celebration is great! :)

  11. So true - enjoy the holidays.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. perfect post about keeping balance thru the holidays and i think ur last paragraph really sums it up best.

    i hope u've been having an AWESOME time and that u've been able to keep to the goals u laid out. :)

  13. Your plan sounds like a great balance! That first pic is hilarious. Merry Christmas Britt!