Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Rewind

After months of planning, the holiday season of 2011 has come and gone leaving my home a disaster and me with zero energy to attend to it. I should have asked Santa for a maid. Seriously, it ain't cute.

The fat old man did manage to squeeze in a stop to our home and left us with some rather wonderful gifts. Even my fur babies got a few treats.

How did he ever know that I wanted these Saucony Ulti Mittens?
Santa must be reading my blog.

Complete holiday meal in stuffed toy form. Someone needs to learn how to share.

Somehow I still managed to get in 51 miles last week with the 5 holiday celebrations that were going on around us. All easy miles, but this was my first 6 day running week since the first week of October. There were 12 weeks in there where I kept my activity level down to a 5 day max, so getting back into the swing of things last week was a bit tiring in combo with all of the other festivities going on. Last night I crashed before 10 pm and didn't wake up until 8:30 am this morning, and it felt amazing.

With all of the out-of-towners here for the holidays and the gatherings in the last 5 days, I decided that it would be the best time to unplug from social media for a few days. 

No tweets. No blog posts. No status updates. Nada.

Instead there was plenty of laughter, hugs, memories created, and more then my fair share of cookies.

Family picture. The furry ones were in holiday overload mode.

This weeks goal is to hit the high 50's with mileage, try to keep up with my girl Charlyn on Saturday for a long run, and keep away from the 3 lbs. of chocolate my Mother-in-law gifted us.

Yikes, that's a lot of chocolate for 2 people.

What was your favorite holiday gift that you received?


  1. Your christmas looked wonderful. And Santa must have definitely been reading your blog ;) CB is jealous of your fur babies stuffed dinner toys. ;) I loved the photos of your family- everyone looks so happy!

    My favorite gift I received was a knit hat that looks like an owl.

    I am excited to run with you this week. I hope to not slow you down too much ;)

  2. love frango mints! happy holidays! keep kickin'!

  3. Whew... that IS a lot of chocolate. I took a little break from social media, too- it was so nice to just be with my family. Things get too busy to be on the phone or computer all the time!

  4. That is a ton of chocolate!! Yum! My favorite gift is a toss up between my Pivot shorts, new Brooks and my Skirt Sports top (hubs did good)! Great job on the mileage while busy last week!

  5. Isn't it so nice to unplug? I love it! Sometimes it's hard to do, but totally worth it. My favorite gift was the scrapbook that Angela made for me. It is full of all of our memories together. From races to Pride events to bike riding and adventure runs. I love it! I am also madly in love with my Kindle fire. I was anti-Kindle for so long and then I sold out. Now I am an e-book girl.

    Glad you had such a nice holiday! We were in San Francisco and I am going to post about it soon. We did some fantastic running! You would have LOVED it. :)

  6. I have tried to rid the house of all sugar since yesterday! 51 miles!! Rockstar. :)

    I got a Garmin. So excited.

  7. Yay for getting the mileage in AND having all the craziness at the same time! I bet that helped you stay calm, as well as the no media thing! I put up a few posts, but that was it. It's nice to unplug for awhile :)

    I have a few fave gifts - top of the list being schweet new running shoes, following by a Dell monitor, necklace, bike gloves... I am spoiled!

  8. My furbaby got spoiled too! My fiance's parents are getting us a videographer for our wedding! So excited about that one!

  9. Wow 51 miles, get it girl!
    Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas!

  10. Love seeing your pictures and hearing about your life Britt. Your place looks so cute...I love the blue walls!! Sounds like you had the right idea about unplugging. So important to do sometimes. I'm having to do it a lot more lately as my mileage increases. Merry after Christmas!!

  11. 3 lbs of CHOCOLATE...lucky! I loved all the pictures, you are so gorgeous! I think Santa must read your blog ha. Isn't it nice to completely unplug every now and then!?!?! Have a great day and way to rock your mileage!

  12. Anyone who unplugs from social media for a few days deserves a gold medal. Nice work Britt. I took off a little while when I was at home with my parents. I think a little occasional break does wonders for my brain.

    Merry Christmas!!!

  13. Well done on the 51! Amid all the holiday craziness that is very impressive.

    Even more impressive would be the will-power to stay away from that chocolate. There's no way I could do it.

  14. Great job on your mileage over the holiday week! That's very impressive! That is tons of chocolate!

  15. awww, u guys look adorable!! so glad that u had a wonderful holiday and enjoy ur time unplugged!! :)

    my top gift this year had to be a garmin, total surprise being that i don't have the arm and leg, i mean money to buy one myself! :P

  16. Beautiful pictures, Britt! You guys are so cute together :)

    I love the mitts that you got and they are going to keep you SO warm during your crazy runs in the cold! I'm assuming Chicago is similar to Toronto in terms of weather and winter running here is NOT fun! The mitts will definitely come in handy. Santa did good this year ;)

    My favourite gift has got to be the huge candy apple I got! I'm weird like that. It made me so happy and I really didn't need anything else :)