Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"I thank God for all I've missed, cause it led me here to this"

I've been allowing myself some slack the on proclamation of my 2012 goals, after all it is still the first week of the new year so I'm technically not that delayed.

Quite honestly, I've known most of my 2012 goals for months and have been writing them down on random pieces of paper that are now scattered throughout my home. Some were scribbled on receipts or bills in random moments of clarity that came at the oddest timing, others were jotted down in the notes of my iPhone while waiting at a stop light or in my beloved note book that I've been toting around with me everywhere as of late. Collecting the mess of papers I've made in the past few months and trying to make sense of my unorganized, and sometimes illegible, thoughts is taking some work. Because I hate to hold on to nonsensical papers and have recycled most of my well thought out life plans while on spur-of-the-moment cleaning rampages, logically putting together the mismatched pieces of the puzzle has become quite a challenge.

I'm sure Sir Isaac Newton jotted down his first thoughts for the laws of motion on the back of his cable bill just like I would have.
Thats how I roll.

Even with the rocky road that I've been traveling down in last few months of 2011 that I'm still trying to ride out today, I'm still somehow embracing the power of one truly successful year. It has actually been difficult for me to even comprehend the progress that I've made with my life in 2011 and what that means for me in 2012. Since I've been lacking major organizational direction so far for 2012 and my life has seemed to have came to a stale halt because of it, there is no better time then the present to whip myself in order for the year.

How I became an unorganized-organized planner that hangs onto promise of the unseen is still a beautiful mystery to me.

This is what I'm focusing my efforts on for 2012 so far. Because successful goals constantly need to be adjusted and reanalyzed, this is a work in progress and serves just as a starting point for me with 2012. 

This year will not be for the faint of hearts. I will push harder and be bolder then ever before holding on to the promise that tomorrow will never come and we only have today.

2012 Running Goals in Numbers

  • 5k: Sub 19 minutes
  • 8k: 31:00
  • 10 Miler: 1:04
  • Half Marathon: 1:24
  • Marathon: Sub 3:10

This woman rocks my socks off.
2012 Fitness Goals
  • Stay healthy and be conscious of what is going on with my body. No injuries!
  • Keep the focus on functional fitness with strength training sessions.
  • Stretch and foam roll on a frequent basis without making lame excuses.
  • Try the activities that I've always been too shy to try in the past. Spin, dance, boxing, crossfit, anything and everything.
  • Pay attention to what is going on with my body. Listen to the signals that exercise stimulus is sending and respond in a logical manor.
  • Be more involved within the fitness community. Continue sharing my love of health and well being with others leaving positive footprints behind.
  • Focus equal efforts on recovery as on progression.
  • Successfully build my own home gym.
  • Let my heart be the leader in my training for marathon # 7. May the adventure out weigh the outcome.  

2012 Professional Goals
  • Continue expanding my training knowledge as it applies to running and other forms of movement.
  • Grow my virtual coaching business and continue helping others actualize their running dreams.
  • Pursue the certifications that I have been speaking of for some time now. Yoga, Group Exercise Instructor. 
  • Improve my writing skills and have publish works.

2012 Life Goals
  • Do not settle! For anything!
  • Embrace blessings and give thanks on a daily basis.
  • Buy a house and expand our family to include a little one.
  • Work everyday to continue to become a better Christian, wife, sister, daughter, and friend.
  • When complications and obstacles come my way, do not give up hope or become fearful. Instead press forward remembering that no worthy accomplishment in life will ever come easy and trust that the Lord's plan for me won't always be clear.
  • Learn to admit when I'm wrong, and be more clear in my apologies to others.
  • Strive to keep my life balanced and not let any idol ever overpower Him.
  • Support my husband in all of his endeavors and appreciate his progresses as much as my own.

writers note: the pictures on this post were updated 1/12/12 


  1. These are some great goals! I especially like "growing your virtual coaching business and expanding your family to include a little one"!!!

  2. I love your goals, you are so ambitious. I find that a lot of my goals for the year are quite similar to yours, fun fun! I will try use that as motivation for me PS: For the record if you can run a 1:24 Half, I bet you can run a sub-3:00 full!

  3. Great goals - all of them!! It's gonna be a great year!

  4. What great goals!! I am really excited for you, I think this will be your year!! Also I didnt know you did virtual coaching! That's sounds really awesome, I bet you are great at that!!

  5. Love the goals and love that part about expanding the family. Kids are so awesome! I didn't know you did virtual coaching either, I may have you help me develop some sort of training plan for my halfs later this year. I can only for sure run 4 days a week and I don't have a set schedule so I feel a little lost about it right now.

  6. Your thoughts are so well organized. I can tell these are all things you've been thinking about for some time. 2012 is going to be an amazing year for you. I hope that this year you feel proud of yourself and that your inner critic becomes a little quieter. :)

  7. You are so organized! Love the running goals by the numbers. I am working on my Goals for 2012 and need to put it to numbers like that.

    Very exciting about possibly adding a little one to your family in the upcoming year. My babies have made my life so much richer and fuller. I love and appreciate running more now that I've had kids.

    I wish you the best in 2012!!

  8. Great goals.

    Also, love that song by Darius! :)

  9. way to go on all of these goals!! i love how u say it isn't for the faint of heart and u make well on that! :) that said, i know u are capable of doing and fulfilling each one and i'm excited to watch/read about it all happen.

    it makes me want to gather together my own random lists (i have things scribbled literally everywhere) but usually get stuck feeling like i don't know how to fully go about completing all of my 'ideas.' but u've really inspired me because i need to get serious and DO lots of what i think about.

    sorry for my looong winded comment!

  10. I love the part about focusing equally on recovery, that is such an important part of training. Training breaks the body done and recovery builds it back stronger. I am so excited to watch your 2012 year of running and life and all that you accomplish. You are an inspiration!

  11. I love you, plain and simple. I get so excited when I see a new post in my google reader. You are seriously one of the most motivating people I "know". WHen I am thinking about my life and there is something that makes me unhappy, something I am holding back on, or something that I really want, I think - what would Britt do? You are so inspiring and I love how you have "let go" and are following your heart, your dreams, and your aspirations. All of your goals are fantastic and I can't wait to see how they unfold for you. It's going to be such an exciting year!

  12. Cheers to your 2012! A 1:24 half marathon is a badass goal...and if you capture it, you better as heck lower your full marathon goal.

  13. No doubt that you will reach these goals Britt! Fabulous things to focus on. No doubts that you are an amazing writer who should be published somewhere. And the idea of expanding your family...this makes me smile. Best thing life has to offer IMO. ;) Love your running goals too. And listening to your body...this is big for me. So glad that I'm not injured yet...resting this week and hoping to be back at it. Beav and all!

  14. I've been reading your blog for a while and just had to comment on one of the quotes. The one that proclaims there is nothing better than doing something people said you cannot do. Love that! Love to borrow it :) You are crazy fast and I hope you smash all your 2012 goals!

  15. Fabulous goals. I have no doubt that you will be able to accomplish them all and then some. 2012 will be a GREAT year!

  16. Love the: "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot" quote. I haven't heard the quote before, but I pretty much live my life that way.

    And holy cannoli girl, you have a lot of goals for 2012! I love your race goals. Go get em! ;)

  17. Awesome goals! I love how you set A LOT of goals. Why not? It is a fresh year! Happy 2012!

  18. lots of great goals for 2012...I'm sure you will do great!

  19. Love this! No doubt, you will do great!

  20. I just found you and your running goals are amazing!!!! my dream is to finish a sub 20 min 5k....but I haven't even been running a year!

    you are fast girl!

  21. The title of this post resonated with me a lot. Ive frequently thought about all the things I've missed but quickly reminded myself of all that has happened in my life because of other choices I've made. And I'm incredibly thankful for what my life has become and especially thankful for the people I've met- instead of dwelling on the "stuff I missed."

    I really enjoy reading your blog because you can articulate your thoughts so eloquently and thoughtfully.

  22. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! I love the speedy racing ambitions and am looking forward to reading more on your training tips page and other posts. Good luck in running and all things life this year:)

  23. Loved reading your goals. You are brutally honest with yourself and it's inspiring. And you dream (realistically of course) and I especially love that.

    Alright I NEED to have a quote painted on my wall like that, thanks for sharing it. Beautiful!