Sunday, February 19, 2012

CHM Training Week 3 & a Special Day

My legs covered 65 miles this week with 3 strength sessions and 1 yoga class. 

No exceptional experiences this week, only this moment:

Wish he would have stopped by my blog several days ago to give his input regarding racing footwear. Can't say that I'm not curious what the benefits of sporting moon boots while running are.

am: 8.25 miles easy
pm: 4 miles easy with the husband

Tuesday: 11.79 miles total with 6x5 minutes hard with 2 minutes recovery. Strength session.

The footing was nasty, but the legs felt pretty darn strong. Trying to wake the speed that has been sleeping within my legs for months is hard work, but I'm enjoying every second of it. Pushing myself beyond expectation is a choice that I make. Worthy accomplishments and commendable achievements blossom from hard work and a positive outlook and do not happen solely by chance.

Ventured to the gym looking like this. I'm a classy lady.

6x5 minutes splits
6:25, 6:22, 6:15, 6:23, 6:16, 6:18

Want to really challenge yourself? Go out and run an endurance speed workout and follow it up with a strength session filled with lots of jumping...that will really #makeitcount.

Wednesday: 8.5 miles, slow recovery run. The legs really needed this.

Thursday: 9 miles easy. Strength session.

Friday: 14.75 miles in 1:56, 7:51 pace.

Last year I was taking the majority of my long runs as a progressive run but have decided to take these runs differently this year. Instead of letting myself hammer it out on the pavement for the last 6 or so miles where I often times would allow myself to get a bit carried away, now I'm just cruising along comfortably. While I love progressive runs, I was often times taking them way too aggressive and they would suck the life out of me so I've decided instead to just bag them for now and to instead just enjoy my time being unplugged from the world.

Saturday: 8.25 easy recovery miles. Strength session. Yoga.

Today is a big day in my household.
Today is the day that these cute little faces turn 5.

My babies are growing up into little pupmen and like to celebrate in style.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Way to go on a successful week!

    Moon boots? Oh my! LOL Happy birthday to your little babies. So cute!

  2. Wow - what a great week. I've NEVER hit 65 miles in a week of running. Happy B-day to your pups!

  3. Love the birthday hats! Happy birthday guys!

  4. Moon boots? LOL. I just saw a lady running in a harness pulling her husband + bike. Fantastic! Great job on the mileage.

  5. Happy birthday to your precious fur-children!

    Congrats on another strong training week. You really see some crazy things out on the trail :)

  6. Great training. How easy do you take your recovery runs? i.e. do you keep a pace or just run so it feels 'easy' ?

    1. I don't keep a pace on my easy runs, I actually don't even take a watch with me. Instead I take a pace slow enough where my body doesn't feel challenged and the effort feels like I could sustain it for a long period of time. For a recovery run I would guess that my pace is 8:45ish and for easy runs I would put myself some where around 8:10-8:30 pace depending on the day.

      But for me I've found that it is more important to pay attention to the way my body is feeling during these runs instead of trying to hit a certain pace.

  7. Another great week! Those pups are seriously celebrating in style - too cute!

  8. Happy FIFTH bday:) Girl your 6X5 workout is are doing so good and 65 miles wahoo! If you see moon boots again, take a picture for me:)

  9. OK, you will laugh but when I first opened the post i thought to myself, those are some cute tights! Ha! Did not realize the design was...mud:)
    Solid week! I do a series of burpees, jumping jacks, squats and mountain climbers separated by jogs after a key run every week and those HURT so bad!
    Greta job this week! You are doing awesome!

  10. Looks like a great workout week to me! I would not try 6x5 hard with moon boots on though :)

    I like the ST list :) Always interesting to see how other people approach strength.

  11. I love it! You are so inspiring! Sounds like a rockin' week of training!

  12. Happy belated birthday to your pups :)

    My strength class last week was all plyometrics! I was planning on running afterward, but that was the day my foot was so swollen... anyway, strength training with jumping is HARD - I concur!!!

    I am happy your runs have felt so strong :)

  13. Moon boots-eh!! Ha! Great week for you!! Super speed! I'm feeling VERY lazy on the jumping filled strength this week....well actually, I'm not just feeling lazy, I AM lazy. This is good stuff here!

    I love how you're adjusting your long runs to benefit YOU. Things are going so well for you and you sound so HAPPY and motivated! Great to see!

  14. Moon boots?! hahah I wish you got a picture of that! I recently saw running shoes that have a cowboy boot top on them. SO weird! I couldn't even imagine running in them!

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  16. Great week! Happy Birthday to your pups! (Sorry about the above comment-my sister had logged on my computer and google didn't log her off)