Monday, February 6, 2012

A Winner and How Good Company Trumps Misery

This past weekend I kind of fell off the healthy eating wagon. While I think that it is 100% healthy to indulge in treats every now and then, I do also think that it is healthy to restrain some type of self control. Unfortunately I do not know what came over me this weekend, but there was not a glimmer of self control shining through me. Eating junk for prolonged periods of time always catches up with me, so it only seemed natural when I woke up this morning with legs that felt like led and that unfriendly bloating feeling. Guess I have a case of the Monday's.

It would be safe to say that as I headed out this morning for my planned speed session that I was feeling pretty miserable. Last night I made plans with my new running pal to get in some quick miles and I didn't want to disappoint her, so I decided to get in several extra warm up miles before our meet up with hopes to sweat out some of the processed junk that was living inside of me still. I felt sloth-like and my stomach was really punishing me during that warm up, so much so that I thought I was going to have to take a rain check for the day.

Funny thing was as soon as we met up and begun our workout, I felt 100% different. The legs that felt like bricks 20 minutes prior now felt strong and light, and the stomach that had a knot in it alleviated it's issues the moment that I was no longer thinking about it.

Our workout for the day 
10 minute tempo at 6:30 pace 
followed by 
2x5 minutes hard/2 minutes recovery/4 minutes hard/ 2 minutes recovery
 all of which were 6:25 pace or quicker

A great lesson to take away from today's workout is this...
Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We tell ourselves how we feel before we even try something and already begin to limit ourselves and make excuses. A running partner was overrated by me for many years, but there is power in outside perspective and external motivation and support. The positive attitude of another has the ability to impact the outcome of our endeavors if we are willing to step outside of our area of comfort and live a little.

Without further ado the winner, picked randomly by my hubby who was told to pick a number between 1-140, of the accessory giveaway is...

The adorable, speedy, and oh so sweet Janae from Hungry Runner Girl!
Congrats girl, email your address to so I can drop your package in the mail!


  1. Wooo! Congrats on your amazing run!! You are so right about us being our own enemies. I surprise myself all the time! Congrats to Janae! Lucky girl :)

  2. That's a great takeaway. I've been stopping much of my own negative self-talk lately.
    Congrats to HRG!

  3. THIS MADE MY DAY!! Wahoo...just emailed you! Girl, your killed that workout and it is amazing how much our minds can stop us or speed us up....our mind is SO powerful!

  4. Oh! I can feel the discomfort, that's about how my monday started. But I didn't have an AMAZING run like you! That is a great workout and makes me look forward to my speedwork this week. I would love a training partner. I have yet to find one. What a great perspective on training partners and someone bringing out the best in you. good job:-)

  5. Well, I feel the exact same way as you do about the weekend. It is hard to get back on it. I wish there was a happy medium but sometimes...anyway, nice post, good perspective!

  6. Great workout! How weird is it when just a change of attitude (via weather, friends, music, whatever) can completely change our perception of how tired we are. It really hits home how much of running is mental.

  7. So glad you were able to kick it into gear in time for the run with a friend! And wow...speedy run!!

  8. So true on the lesson shared! I need to embrace that this week and not let everything get in the way of my running just because I don't feel great or am tired or whatever else might happen.

  9. Congrats to Janae!
    I like to run a bit before meeting someone else too- I guess it's a bit of insurance, or just mental prep.
    Great workout there! You are going to take your half by storm!!

  10. OOh Janae is lucky, that was such a great giveaway.

    Loved this post. You are right-- firstly, running partners make such a difference. I could have never survived my long runs this past summer/fall without my trusty running friends. They helped me push myself in ways that I would have really struggled to have believed that I was capable of on my own.

  11. Congrats Janae!

    I should have read this before my run last night. I ate like crap all day then was worried about my run but it went pretty good... which makes me think I could do even better if I eat healthier!

    I am happy your run turned out strong!

  12. It is so true that sometimes we are our own worst enemy, glad your run turned out to be a good one!

  13. Great workout! Congrats to the winner!

  14. Yeah! Love me some Janae. Congrats Janae!

    Sounds like you had a great tempo workout!!