Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adieu 27...

Today I turn 28. Adios 27, a year that brought out a quirky wisdom in my soul enabling me to grow soft wings of valor and tenacity that I never knew stirred inside.

27 was the year I left my job in corporate America to follow a dream, MY DREAM, which turned out to be more complicated then I thought where each day presents itself with new and unforeseen obstacles and challenges. This was the year where I found a strange new bravery that encouraged me to take countless leaps of faith, most of which never came close to panning out as expected, and has made me feel like I can conquer the world if I so choose. This was the year where I finally felt at complete peace with the old soul that has always existed deep down inside, and feel like the old lady I am is turning out to be an okay gal.

27 became the year of inspiration and possibility.

27th birthday in NYC
27 taught me to smile while running.
Quite an incredible lesson to learn that changed my outlook on practically everything in life.

Now I'm 10 years into adulthood, and still have those moments where I feel like a helpless and confused child. A decade ago I would have looked forward and said that this would be the point of my life where I would have everything worked out, where my knowledge of the world would be complete and life would be powered by simplicity. Man was I wrong.

10 years in adulthood and this is what I know.

Money doesn't grow on trees. Sadly you have to work really hard to earn it.

Tears never work out the hard parts of life.
Not everyone fills their hearts with the best of intentions.
Only you can take care of you.

Judgement by others is insignificant, that of my Lord and my Savior is the only one that matters.
Life will host as many forgettable moments as their are unforgettable.

There will always be people who throw rocks at things that shine.
Status means nothing if that is all you have in life.

You only get one body, treasure it.
People are precious. Appreciate and love them no matter how hard that may be.

Movement is a blessing.
"I'm sorry" and "I love you" hold more value then one thinks.

Life is filled with choices and you have control over your response to everything.

Small minds discuss people. Great minds spend time discussing bold ideas and follow through with them.

10 year, 5 year, 1 year plans are a waste of time...things never go as planned and feeling like you have to stick to "the plan" can leave you missing out on a lot of great moments of opportunity in life.

Life doesn't just happen, you have to make it happen by taking the things you've been given and making the most of every situation. There is no one to blame for your problems but you, and that was an ugly lesson to learn.

I bid thee adieu 27 and graciously grasp onto 28 savoring the adventures that may lay ahead.
Cheers to another 10 years of humbling life lessons and countless mistakes.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRITT!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to follow you during this NEW year! You are gorgeousssssss! xoxox

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it goes as well as last year :)

  3. Happy Birthday Britt! Hope you have a wonderful celebration today and another successful year up ahead.

  4. Happy birthday girl! I hope 28 brings you lots of fast running times and no injuries. Thanks for all the inspiration you bring me!

  5. What a lovely post! Happppppy birthday!! I've enjoyed so much following your journey this year!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!! Sounds like you are in a great place to make the rest of your 20s amazing!

  7. Happy 28! Love all of the parts of life that you have learned! great reminder.
    Happy Birthday and here's to living like everyday is YOUR BIRTHDAY!

  8. Happy 28th! Love this post-- I just turned 30 on Thursday and experienced many of those same feelings :)


    Love this post, some of your quotes really hit home with me!

    One of my favorites: "Small minds discuss people. Great minds spend time discussing bold ideas and follow through with them."

    Hope 28 is just as amazing for you!!!! :)

  10. OH Britt!! such insightfulness in this post. Happy Birthday Girl! I hope that 28 really is your best yet! Love you!xx

  11. Happy Birthday! Wise beyond your years you are:)

  12. Happy Birthday! I hope your day continues to be fab!

    I love the list of wisdom. Saying "I'm sorry" does have so much power. Sometimes that is all people want! It's all about communication for me lately ;)

    And 1 year plans ARE a joke! But! That doesn't mean we can't look back at a year and see how great it was, like you have :)

  13. Movement is a blessing! Yes. On so many levels. Great lessons learned. Man, you're so young!! Happy Birthday Britt!

  14. Happy Birthday!! March is the best for birthdays! (Mine is the 18th!)

  15. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a wonderful day!

  16. Happy Birthday lady!!! I hope you enjoyed your day!!!! Love your post...lots of great reminders!

  17. Happy birthday! As someone who is much older than you, its refreshing to see someone so young have such a good grip on life. Good for you!

  18. I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful birthday!!!! Here's to a new year of love, life, health, and happiness :)

  19. Happy Birthday! I hope 28 is your best year yet!! :-)