Sunday, March 11, 2012

CHM Training Week 6, the week that wasn't

Had high hopes and great expectations for week 6, but the world had other plans for me.

there were the pre-flu symptoms which started Saturday the 3rd that seemed to suck every ounce of energy from my body and left my muscles feeling achy and sore.

there were the three days where the flu was actively living inside my body making me feel like my insides had been taken over by aliens.

I'm in the post-flu days where life is slowly beginning to come back into my body and trying to resume life as normal. 

Still somehow managed to squeeze in 50 extremely slow and easy miles this week with 1and a half strength sessions, so I'll call it a semi-successful week for me. It's nearly impossible to gain fitness when ill, but I don't think that I've lost any and after feeling like hell for so many days this week I'll gladly accept any and all workouts that happened in the past few matter how terrible they may have been.

Sadly in my illness I did miss quite a few incredibly beautiful and mild days

Ahhh, spring is just around the bend

Hoping to pick up next week right where I left off, but those are loose plans at this time. 

Flexible goals for Week 7

Mileage in the high 60's
3 strength sessions
1-2 yoga classes
1 key workout to prep for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k, which is now just 2 weeks away
7 runs total

Ambitious, yes...but I wouldn't have it any other way


  1. 50 miles in a week you had the flu. That's some incredible determination.

  2. You are super woman! 50 miles and having the flu? I also love the photo- really cool.

    Hope you're feeling 100x better so you can enjoy this amazing Chicagoland weather!

    Yay!! Shamrock in 2 weeks- so exciting :)

  3. Ok, feeling a little demoralized now--I did 55 miles feeling good and you did almost that with the flu? You are a machine!

    Hope you are feeling great this week!

  4. Crazy that you ran that much with the flu. I would have stayed in bed- you have a lot more determination than I do!

  5. Glad you are better! I hate the sluggish post flu feeling, but it will go away and you will run strong this week!

  6. This was a lost week for me as well. Stupid illnesses! Let's kick this upcoming week's butt!

  7. Ugh. It's SO hard to run with body aches, congestion, and the like. You did very well to keep up that schedule so well. Hope your next week is feeling better! I wouldn't have it any other way either...most of the time :)

  8. Some weeks it's just about completion! Hopefully this week will be much better and you can actually enjoy some of your runs... :-)

  9. Britt, I am impressed with how you got up and squeezed in all those miles, despite battling the flu. I can't even fathom it. I haven't been sick since November, but all I want to do when I'm sick is to curl up under a giant down blanket and snuggle around. Hope you're back to your healthy baseline asap!

  10. You are awesome for running that much when you had the Flu. I pretty much just parked myself in bed and watched bad TV!

  11. Wow 50 miles even with the flu?! You rock!

  12. I had this crappy flu too. no fun. :( And it really does kill the energy for the week. Good job getting out there anyway.

  13. This is why I love you - you ran 50 miles the week you were sick :)

    This week is going to be AWESOME! And someone must be watching over you and is giving a repeat of that awesome weather! Hope you are 100% better!

  14. I honestly have no idea how you went running with flu! I had it a few weeks ago and the best exercise I managed in the actual flu week was a 2 mile walk (which was pretty dreadful). You must be in SUCH great shape! Hope you feel properly healthy soon :)

  15. oh u poor thing, i HATE the flu!! i hope that u're feeling better now, that stupid germ-fest always leaves me drained. but i'm the same way and get stir crazy if i'm not able to run for long and will push it to see if i can sneak in a run if it's possible...more for my mental sanity! haha...take care of urself and feel better!!