Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CHM Training Week 8 Recap

Half way through my Chicagoland Half Marathon training cycle now. At the beginning of last week I was feeling pretty cruddy. There was a 5 day period of time which hosted a rather heavy load of workouts that left me feeling tired with a rather tight achilles that had me fairly nervous for most of the week. I knew what I was getting into when I set up my work load like this and had a feeling it was going to kick my butt, but there were several moments early last week when I was quietly fearing that I was experiencing the beginning stages of an injury. 

It was a false alarm and instead the result of:

4 sets of 1x1600 @ 6:18-6:22 pace/2x400's @ 1:33-1:36 pace
12 miles total

1st set:
6:17, 1:34, 1:32
2nd set:
6:16, 1:32, 1:33
3rd set:
6:10, 1:32, 1:33
4th set:
6:15, 1:32, 1:33

This workout left me feeling strong and ready to go for the Shuffle, it was the perfect challenge and confidence booster.

Sunday the 18th
12 mile progressive run

Worked down from 8:05 pace to current HMP (6:40) for the last 1.5 miles

12 miles total

30 minute warm-up
10 minute tempo @ current HMP (6:40)
4x400's @ goal 8k pace (1:33-1:36)
Splits: 1:33, 1:34, 1:31, 1:32
10 minute tempo @ goal HMP (6:30)

The achilles is perfectly fine now. 

Made 70 miles for the week with two days being doubles. 

Fleet Feet Shamrock Shuffle training run on Monday night with D and Xaarlin

Fit in two strength sessions, and decided to take a pass on my newly found love for hot yoga last week. Something took a hold of me for most of the week where I was congested and had a fairly sore throat, but luckily that all cleared up before the Shuffle.

Sunday hosted the Shamrock Shuffle 8k. Legs felt heavy and tight from the moment I woke up, but I still was eager to get out and race the hell out of that 8k. As I stood at that starting line surrounded by real elite athletes, I felt prepared and ready to compete. I felt oddly comfortable standing along side the large number of amazing amateur athletes and appreciated that they are no different then me. Sure a lot of them finished ahead of me and passed me as my race unfolded, but most of them are average people just like me who prioritize their training and constantly venture out to conquer their running dreams.

Starting line of the world's largest 8k.
Only me and nearly 35,000 of my closest friends

I raced like a putz on Sunday leaving me with some really crazy splits, but at least I went out there and raced. When the going got tough I still forged on even when I was ready to call it quits. Wish I could remember the race better, but every thing seems like a blur in my mind now. I do recall a man running with one of his arms in a sling passing me right before the 4 mile marker and a woman crouched over in the last half mile puking up her breakfast, my mind picked some great moments to hold onto.

Goals for week 9

70+ miles
3 strength sessions
2 hot yoga classes
1 speed session
Active recovery 


  1. Way to go, Britt!! Thank goodness it wasn't an injury. The hot yoga probably helps keep the body in check. I have to start incorporating a session or two a week!

  2. I didn't realize you were still doing the Half! Duh, where have I been? :P

    I am happy you were just feeling sore from working out so hard and it was not the signs of an injury! :)

    You should point out where you are in that picture of the start of the Shuffle. Just looking at that pic makes me feel nervous!

  3. I seriously love your shoes too :). I love love your site. I’m putting together a huge giveaway in conjunction with a novel about a runner. We’ve received some amazing sponsors for our giveaway and hoping you will be a part of it. Our idea is to promote our book and the products as well as your blog. Hopefully a win win for everyone involved. I sent you an email with more details. If you didn’t receive it please email me at bubcoats@hotmail.com.

  4. Oh that photo you and Xaarlin made me happy, I like how you two run together sometimes :)

    And I love thinking about how you were right up there in the elite section of the world's largest 8k!!

  5. Last Monday was fun to run with you and D. :) pizza, running with cool folks and my first shamrock shake ever = a fantastic night!

    I can't imagine what it would be like to start up at the front of a pack of 35,000 people and rub elbows with Olympians and some bad a$$ athletes. What a rush!

  6. You are amazing!!!!! I live in Chicago too, but was not willing to face the crowds to run in the shuffle..someday I will!

  7. OMG you are fast! Great job on your training, my HMP is currently minute slower than yours ... lot of improvement space for me :) But you will be getting faster too, damn! Very cool shoes, very cool race results! Enjoy week 9 :)

  8. kick butt job on that week 8 of training and i am glad u were able to feel really confident after the track workout on friday and the tempo one on tues. u're getting mighty fit...keep it up! oh, and SO glad that u aren't stuck with an injury, i hold my breath any time i get a new niggle and then feel so relieved when it's just a 'general' soreness thing that goes away. here's to week 9! :)

  9. I'm still always amazed at what you do! Also - I think I know that guy who passed you in a sling (sorry to bring it up)! He's in the Dare2Tri training group: http://www.dare2tri.org/dare2tri-blog/

    I'm glad that both you and him and I were all able to PR on Sunday! Keep up your training!