Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Preparing to ride my edge

Yesterday afternoon I received a pleasant email confirmation for next weeks Shamrock Shuffle 8k.

How out of 40,000 runners I managed to score bib #67 boggles my mind. Maybe this seems like no big deal to others, but to me this is kind of an exciting thing. I've never had a bib number so low for such a large race and always thought that the lowest numbers were reserved for the special super-fast and more serious runners. Maybe it isn't such a big thing, but this just adds to my race excitement.

Random race thoughts:

Feeling fairly prepared.
Even though last week was pretty much a wash for me as I was taken out by the flu, I'm still feeling fairly confident with all the work that I have put in so far this year. Thus far I've run 605 miles for 2012, where the majority of them have been of a fairly great quality. Feeling that my fitness level has grown in the past few months where I'm feeling pretty physically and mentally strong. With each focused workout accomplished I feel like I am building up solid walls on top of the sturdy foundation I spent the winter months building.

Ready to race like a champ.
This is a newer feeling for me. I haven't always had that deep down desire of getting out on a race course with the intentions to race like a fighter, but in the past several months I have had this insistent urge to push myself physically harder then I ever have before. Most races I've ran in the past my goal has been just to race myself, but now I'm suddenly feeling the urge to chick as many men as possible as I run through the Chicago streets next Sunday and ride my edge. Running with a silly grin on my face most days where I just feel so blessed to be enjoying this time of athletic greatness in my life.

Loving the vulnerability.
My mind is strange and I love that I have put out this great expectation for this race which is making me feel quite exposed and out of my comfort zone. Not really certain where my fitness level puts me right now, and I am kind of enjoying this as it makes me want to continue to push myself to see what kind of results I can pump out come May. Feeling like a sweet new PR is just lurking around the bend for me waiting for me to hunt it down.

Dying to wear my new flats.
These kicks are pretty snazzy and I'm ready to rock their world.

Tomorrow is a planned key workout to see where I'm at pace wise for the shuffle, hoping to put in a fair amount of race paced 400's. My goal right now for race day is to hold a steady 6:20 pace, which would put me right around a 31:30 finish...just quick enough for me to ride my edge.

Who else running the Shamrock Shuffle 8k next Sunday and if you are what are your race day goals?
Anyone toeing the line dressed in festive garb?


  1. Loving the shoes! Good luck at the race!

  2. I plan on running it and I think I can meet my goal if the heat isn't too much! I'm trying to break 40:00 and I totally think I can do it! :) I will be wearing a Hunger Games shirt and sparkle skirt, if the weather allows. If it's too hot for a tee-I have an orange tank to match my green skirt. :D

    Congrats on the elite corral accomplishment! :)

  3. I really like the shoes. They look fast! Good luck next weekend :-)

  4. SOoooo love the shoes! Running a half this weekend and not feeling very prepared cause I've been doing a lot of crossfit lately but...we'll see how it goes! Best of luck in your race :)

  5. I ran the Shamrock Shuffle last year and it was my 8k pr. The post-race party near Buckingham Fountain was a blast. According to my Boston Marathon training plan, I need to do a long run (16 miles) on the day of the Shamrock this year, so I won't be able to run the race. However after my 16 miler, I may take the "L" downtown to film Abdi and my friends running the Shamrock, then meet up with them (my friends, not Abdi) at the post-race party! Good luck.

  6. I will be running for fun this year with no time goals. It will be my fourth year and coming back from injury I just want to enjoy the day. I will be wearing some stuff this year my first time. I will be making a sparkle skirt and I have some bows for my hair and other stuff.

  7. Have fun at the race! You will do well as usual! And those shoes look awesome, looks like the Adidas AdiZero, it seems like all the pros have those shoes from the races I watch on TV. I bet you will love them on the racecourse.

  8. I'm running this year to keep up my streak! My goals are to run as hard & smart as I can, and to target a 45:00 finish time. Not planning on any crazy costumes, as I'm out for 'revenge' on my almost-PR of an 8k Turkey Trot.

  9. I am so excited for next weekend! Last year, I was a little over 43 minutes and I'd like to match that or beat it - going to make it a game-time decision:) Hope you have a wonderful race!

  10. sounds like a fun race, makes me want to look for an 8k, sounds like interesting distance. and woohoo for elite corral and low number! :) you are gonna rock those pretty shoes!

  11. I have no doubt Britt you can hold onto that 6:20! you rock!! will you text me when you're done???


  12. Your posts always make me smile. I love your candid enthusiasm! Your shoes are some serious pumped up kicks that should help you fly to your goal. As they say, "the hay is in the barn... " you've had a killer few months of training- I'm so excited for you!

    My shamrock plans include the possibility of wearing some festive knee high socks. As for the execution of the race, I'd like a PR, (which might be doable) but also continue the "get rid of the hip flexor issue plan". So, I won't put myself in jeopardy of further injury either.

  13. GIRL...I am loving your new flats, they are beautiful!! WAHOO for #67, that is so exciting and 605 miles THIS year, WOW! Abdi Abdirahman will be running this race, you better pass him! Can't wait to read your review!

  14. Awesome, can't wait to read about how kick-ass you do at the race!! I'll be at the Shamrock Shuffle in a green sparkle skirt (along with 20+ other ladies from my local running club) and possibly green "leg warmers" (soccer socks with the feet cut off - I prefer my Injinji toe socks) and I have a couple shamrock headband options :) I've never run an 8K before, so I'm not sure about my goal. I'd love to finish in under 40 minutes, but we'll see!

  15. Love those shoes! And that you sound ready to rock and roll. Have a great race!

    No shamrock shuffle for me, but I'll be sporting my green shamrock shirt on the long run tomorrow!