Friday, March 16, 2012

A take-two workout

Yesterday I made a bonehead move and headed out around noon for my first speed session in two weeks. It was just a few degrees shy of 80, humid, and there was not a cloud in the sky. Goal for the day was 24x400's @8k goal pace, I got one in before pulling the plug on the workout.

I'm all for a good challenge, but suicide workouts in temperatures that I am not yet accustomed to as my first go at quick running after the flu was just plain stupid. Don't know why I made such a novice decision yesterday to attempt this workout at this timing, but it became very clear very quickly that pushing my self that hard in those conditions would provide little to no benefit and would just wipe me out. For me putting in a quality workout is better then forcing one that may kill me.

Take-two of my speed workout happened this morning, but with a few modifications.

Goal workout
4 sets of 1x1600 @ 6:18-6:22 pace/2x400's @ 1:33-1:36 pace

1st set:
6:17, 1:34, 1:32
2nd set:
6:16, 1:32, 1:33
3rd set:
6:10, 1:32, 1:33
4th set:
6:15, 1:32, 1:33

My paces were a bit quicker then I anticipated, but my legs felt light and had a bit of extra zest today. The temps were over 20 degrees cooler today with no humidity, which I think added that extra zing to my legs. This was by no means an easy workout, but I kept repeating my new go-to mantra to get me through and continued to visualize myself cruising along next weeks course.

Running fast isn't pleasant, it makes your lungs burn, every muscle in your body aches, and your breakfast wants to reappear. But staying in that cozy comfort zone will never get you any closer to that edge where the impossible seems to become a bit more possible. 

Worthy accomplishments will never come easy.


  1. Take two was still a pretty intense workout! I am looking forward to having some heat, but I know that the first day I have to run in it I will complain until I get adjusted to it as well.

  2. I'm going to keep living vicariously through your running adventures until I'm 100%... Your workouts and pace inspire me ;)

  3. You are so speedy, congrats on an awesome workout! I've been nursing a sore ankle after twisting it on a 15 miler, and can finally ease back into running. Can't wait to get back out there!

  4. While my "fast" is probably slower than your recovery pace hah...I agree, you have to push your limits to get better/stronger. Great job!

  5. Awesome speedwork! Can you come to CT and do my speedwork with me??;) when you do the 1x1600 followed by the 2x400, do you stop in between, or do you do them straight through? I'm such a beginner with the speedwork! And I agree 100%, you've got to "ride the edge" to make it happen and see improvements!

  6. AWESOME job - that pace is fantastic. Happy st. patty's day weekend:)

  7. You are amazing. I'm aiming to run my first sub-30 minute 5k tomorrow (eek) and you better believe I'll be using that mantra! "Ride your edge." Love it!

  8. hello smart move...why 'waste' a workout doing one where u kno it isn't in the legs (or the horrible conditions!) and much better to adjust so that u DO get better benefits and the workout rolls along. great workout and glad that in the end the workout was even speedier than anticipated. :)
    PS- i totally used chicked in my post today, don't worry, i made sure to credit the awesome source ;)

  9. Such a friggin awesome workout britt!!! Did u come up with this workout on your own? I love it!! You are gonna kill that race girl!!!

    1. I'm my own coach so I create my own workouts. I like this one because my training has a focus on multiple distances right now and this one seems to cover a lot of the grounds that I'm looking for at this time.

      Basically things took a stand still for me when I was sick so I needed a major confidence boosting workout to build me up for next Sunday. This did the job for me and I'm feeling ready to hit it next week at this time.