Thursday, April 12, 2012

Embracing the Fug: Part Dos

Fuglyness is best when shared 

If you missed part 1 of "Embracing the Fug", you can check it out here

If not, check out these runners as they embrace their inner fug

Zach from Zach Runs Chicago

Zach is out for just a nice joyful jog with his eyes closed and fancy jacket tied around his waste.
You know you're jealous that he can rock this style and most of us can't.

Rachel from Rachel in Real Life

This is the "I don't know why I ever thought that this was a good idea" face.
And Rachel rocks this look.

Meg from Runfitkin

Meg looks like she got caught up in a wet t-shirt contest at one of the water stations.

Kim from ilaxSTUDIO

I don't know what's better about this picture...
The fact that my girl Kim was trying to bring back hammer pants as a running style
The fact that she is being chased by a freakishly scary clown.


Poor Ms. Katie looks as if she is about ready to lunge at the camera man as she climbs Pikes Peak.
Don't mess with a girl who combines a half marathon & a 14,115 foot climb.

If you've got a fugly fitness photo and you'd like to send it along to be part of the "Embracing the Fug" series, email your photo to


  1. All of these pictures are gorgeous in comparison to my race pics. Somehow I manage to look like a idiot dinousaur in EVERY SINGLE ONE. WHY?!

    1. Well if you've got a really great one, send it along to be part of the's easier to come to terms with fuglyness when shared :)

  2. LOL - I absolutely love these. Perfect afternoon chuckle!

  3. I have a couple that would take the cake! Those look like glamour shots compared to my race photos!

  4. Really enjoying the "embracing the fug" series! That clown photo is creepy.. A great reason to run fast, very fast! :)

  5. Awesome! I have one of my running partner making a Zoolander face by accident crossing the line - I will have to try and find it!!

    The clown = super creep. I would have ran so fast to get away from him.

  6. Love all these pics! Ha ha hahaha. Are we going to do a "good" racing shots too? (do those exist?)

  7. That clown pic is my favorite!!! Way to pass that guy up Kim!