Sunday, May 6, 2012

Faithfully Fearless

Even youths grown tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
they will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:30

In our hearts and minds, we are always making plans. The places we want to see, the goals we want to achieve, the things we want to buy, the life that we want to have. But while we are busy making these plans, life is busy happening where it is constantly pulling us in different directions and often times leading us astray from our desired path. We venture through grave times of trial where our character and strength are tested to the max leaving us grasping onto the stable constants in our lives.

Through my peaks and valleys in life, running has always been my constant. The miles and pace irrelevant, where the only thing that matters is the freedom and peace that it stirs in my soul. Cutting loose from responsibility, noise, stress, fear; running becomes my time to hush out all of the noise and clutter that fills my life for a few brief moments of time where my heart can be silent and still.

Peace. Freedom. Fearlessness.

At this current time in my life, my strength and faith are being tested every moment of every day like they never have been before. Cloudiness of the unknown greets me first thing in the morning when I wake and hangs over me as I gently tuck myself into the safety net of my cozy bed at night alongside my husband. There are no long term plans, no desired route to travel down, no idea as to what the greater purpose of this all is for me.

Yet, there is not a drop of fear that exists within my soul.

The uncertainty of a relatively new entrepreneurial career, a bum knee that doesn't want to respond to any methods of healing, the acknowledgement that life as I know it is in the mist of huge's all a bit much for my rather sensitive heart. I could spend time feeling sorry for myself, whining about how my knee has recently decided to create a bit of swelling and I'm having to pull back on my workouts or shedding a few tears knowing that I may soon be leaving the city that I have come so deeply to love, but I'm not. Instead I feel grace for my circumstance and have somehow managed to find a bit of peace about it all. I'm not limitless, I'm not superhuman, I don't make the rules. Life is guiding by my faith in my GOD where his plan will always trump my own, and I wouldn't' have it any other way.

There is no promise that being faithful means that I will never feel discomfort or pain, and that my deepest dreams and wishes will pan out just as planned. Heartache, misery, misfortune, and dead end roads will be a part of my life because I am not any more special then anyone else. But even at grave times of adversity in life, I am 100% faithful that it is all for a greater purpose. 


My heart is not weary about what is to come because I know that PR's and splits will hold little significance in the kingdom of GOD. His plan for me may not always make sense to my worldly mind, so I will continue on knowing that greater things are to come.

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."
Hebrews 11:1

I have faith in my LORD, faith in my training, and faith that my heart will be content with whatever the outcome will hold on May 20th because running is a gift that I have a deeply rooted eternal gratitude for. 

PR or not, I will still be faithful.


  1. I feel like you wrote this just for me. I'm sidelined right now due to a strained hip adductor and even though I'm sooo ready to be running again and running has been my emotions-manager, therapist, antidepressant and identity for so long, God is repeatedly affirming to me to "seek first the Kingdom" and remember that He is all that lasts. Grateful.

  2. Thank you. It's nothing to do with running, but I am having a struggle at the moment, not knowing what the future holds for me and not being in a position to predict or make plans. Living without knowing his plans for me is hard, but that's probably why I need to do it right how...

    Thank you

  3. What a great reminder. I love those verses. I appreciate your sharing those scriptures and your struggles. I am so sorry you are still having knee issues. My right knee hasn't been the same since my marathon in March but it has not become a severe enough problem that I've had to stop completely. There have been days that I feel like I will never feel "normal" again and I have to remind myself that running make me who I am.

    I hope these last few weeks before your half go well for you. I did not comment on your recent 5K DNF post but I thought about it briefly during my 5K yesterday. I wish I was hitting 6 minute splits right now but I'm not quite there. Anyway, it inspired me to keep going in my race. I know that wasn't necessarily the intent of your post but it helped me and gave me a goal to shoot for so thank you!

  4. Stay strong! I am sorry you are going through troubles right now but your faith will come through and better days will come. Sending a prayer that your knew heals fast! Thank you for sharing these verses. We all need to be reminded sometimes.

  5. oh that was so well said! i need to remember to have more faith

  6. What a beautiful post! Despite our plans or our ways, God has the perfect plan and the perfect way.

  7. You are awesome. And you literally just took the words right out of my brain, and right from the pages of a post I was formulating, and said it beautifully and eloquently. Which is kind of cool because it's confirmation to ME that those exact thoughts, right down to the bible verses you quoted that I was reciting in my mind today, are good thoughts and they are the thoughts I should be holding on to. The whole fear/faith idea has just been sticking with me. I won't be fearful, because I am faithful. I have this strong desire to run and do well, and I won't let fear of things hold me back in running or life. You will run that half and you will bring to it all of the hardwork, dedication and training and you will give it everything you've got and you will kill it. PR or not, that race is yours and you will own it with every ounce of fearless faith that you have. I'm excited for you. You are a rockstar and you will fly my friend:)

  8. Even when u have every right to mope, you have this powerful gift of inspiring and uplifting! Thank u for the reminder to be faithful... Saying a prayer for you friend!

  9. u are such an inspiration and have such a WONDERFULLY STRONG head on ur shoulders. i agree that sometimes when life feels just way too incredibly overwhelming, all we can do is take a breathe, handle each day/obstacle at a time and do the things we can control, and from there let go and let the chips fall. in the end, i also believe the outcomes will be okay for us and we just need to have faith and trust in that. u have such eloquence with ur words...hang tough and i'm sending u ALL of my positive thoughts. XOXO

  10. We may have plans, but God has bigger plans. We rest in the faith of knowing that His plans are always better. Nice post!

  11. This will be a post you always go back to during hard times. Best wishes during your big changes - and cliche or not - everything happens for a reason! Moving to a new city is ALWAYS exciting.

  12. Yes. Fabulous post. Faith > fear.

    A great reminder that we can not do it alone.

  13. great words of advice Britt!! BELIEVE in yourself and the path you are choosing to take!!! You can't manipulate the path, but you can chose your attitude (i.e.: walking with your head up will allow you to see more possibilities and choices!!!)
    you are STRONG and ready for this upcoming half, and all of the challenges ahead of you! I'm cheering for you!

  14. Beautiful post, Britt. Hebrews 11:1 is one of my favorite verses.
    Trials will come. How we handle them, and WHO we turn to in their difficulty- that is what defines us.

  15. Hey there, I just found your blog (thru FasterBunny, I think..) and wanted to tell you I LOVE this post.