Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sick AGAIN and some race pics

It's funny to me that this past Sunday temps were just shy of 1 million degrees out in the early am hours of my goal half for the year, then 24 hours later it was extremely overcast and temps were barely breaking 50. Isn't that ironic?

You can prepare and plan for race day taking control of all of the fine details as much as you want, but you'll never have a say in the weather. Chicago has been doing this crazy hot/cold/hot/cold dance for some time now that has my sinuses in quite a flux. Saturday I was sneezing like crazy, then Sunday my nose started running like mad, by Monday I couldn't breathe through my nose and pressure begun to build in my head, all leading up to yesterday and thus far today where I've lost the ability to hear out of my right ear from all of the congestion that seems to just be hanging around in the ole noggin.

Trying to get in exercise while your head feels like it's in a vice and your breathing isn't normal isn't fun. On Monday I went to a hot yoga class that turned out to be almost completely inversions. I felt like I was in a complete and utter daze and couldn't understand a word the instructor was saying. The only word I could make out was inertia, but my mind couldn't wrap around what the heck he was talking about.

Felt exactly like Charlie Brown
I'm also wheezing like an old man with sleep apnea right now.

Even with my head feeling all kinds of crazy, my legs and everything else seem to be feeling pretty darn good. Pulling way back on Sunday when it became apparent that the temps were going to keep me miles away from my race plan was probably one of the smartest things I've done in awhile. I haven't had any soreness or tightness, and the knee seems to be behaving like normal again. So I give my new half marathon personal worst 2-thumbs up.

Was able to get in a mini threshold workout yesterday.

Planned workout was 3x10 minutes @ goal 10 miler pace (6:25-6:29)
with 3 minutes jogging recovery

Not anything remarkable here, and only went through 2 cycles of threshold pace. Decided to quit while I was ahead and not beat a dead horse in honor of conservation for Saturday's race. Even with my head pounding and my nose making it extremely challenging to breathe right now, this workout seemed 10x easier then Sundays race due to the temps being about 25 degrees cooler. While mid 6 pace isn't exactly easy-peasy for me, it has never felt as challenging as it was on Sunday. Effort wise 6:50's felt like 6:20's in the heat. It wasn't pretty.

Race photos, courtesy of PBC Sports Photography, came out fairly decent where I might be tempted to buy a few if they weren't so darn expensive. These may actually be some of the best race pics of myself that I've ever seen.

Sweating like my usual lady beast-like self

Heal striking like a champ

This was most likely right before the taste of my breakfast began to creep back into my mouth

And still heal striking.
Damn, thought I fixed that. Guess not.

Thank God that race is over, and I carried a gu the entire race and didn't use it.
Left a nice little strawberry on the birth mark on the left side of my stomach.

Temps for this weekends 10 miler are looking like they may be a bit zesty as well, it's almost hard to believe that I ran a half marathon this same time last year and ended up in an ambulance post finish line nearing hypothermia.

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  1. Awesome photos. Mine have NEVER looked that good. Good luck in your 10-miler this weekend, may the temperature gods be in your favor.

  2. I keep thinking I am done with heel striking too, then I see my race photos and know I am not. Your pictures are great, you look strong and amazing.

    The temps are being crazy here too. Monday was crazy hot and today much much cooler.

  3. You did amazingly just to race in those conditions - I feel warm just looking at the pictures! And classes when your poorly are hard graft - I managed half my ballet class with a raging headache this week, but had to sit out once bouncing and spinning started :( Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Those pics look awesome! Sorry you are feeling bad but I bet you'll be back up to speed for the race. Jealous, 10 milers are my favorite! Have fun.

  5. exact SAME THING with temps here sat! It was breezy and down right cool by sat night... Gues the racing gods just weren't in our favor :P

  6. Your photos turned out great! I think I have the same shorts (Lulu speed short?) and I just discovered how to get the gu into the pocket without the overhang. Just twist the gu so that it is parallel to the ground (instead of vertical) once it is in the pocket. Get it?

    Erin A

    1. Yes love the speed shorts! Never thought to twist it once in the pocket, so excited to go try this now. I always get scrapes on my stomach in the same place from the gu. You did awesome by the way! I'm amazed that you made it through the full and clocked a very fair time for the day. Congrats!

  7. I can stare at pictures of you all day. Hahaha is that weird? I am just so inspired by you and you are looking so dang strong! Congrats again on the race :)

  8. Great race photos! You look amazing in all of them seriously. Sorry you're feeling bad-feel better soon.

  9. You have the best abs!! Looking good out there!!

  10. Awesome pix! You looked great!

    I was wondering why it has been overcast and cool this week and the day of our half on Saturday was so brutally hott.

    Feel better - take some vitamin C - maybe your body is asking for a little break :)

  11. Hey Britt - I've been reading for awhile, but I think this is my first time commenting, anyway just wanted to say congrats! I love following your training - it's so inspiring! And I love hearing and seeing pics of Chicago - I lived there for 2 years and looooooooove the city!!!! And, finally, I had to laugh at the heel striking - I think I'm doing really good and then see pics and I realize I heel strike a lot more than I think :)

  12. Those are great running pictures!! I would splurge and get some.

  13. Love the pic of you "floating" right before the finish mat!

    I melt in the heat. That's not a complaint, just a fact. You did awesome!

    1. I honor your fact and think it is applicable to me as well. Someone commented on my last posting that the heat makes you feel like a cookie baking in the oven, which is pretty much the best way to sum it up!

  14. You look badass, like you are! yeah, heel striking takes a real, concerted effort to break. Lots of time and patience!

  15. Those are GREAT pics - want your abs:)
    Feel better soon!