Friday, May 11, 2012

Thoughts on the run

Mile 1 8:22
Uuugh, my breakfast is sitting in my stomach like a rock right now. 
My Garmin is driving me nuts, I think that the menu button is broken. Maybe if I switch wrists it will stop erratically changing screens.

Mile 2 8:16
Temps seem rather spicy out this morning, probably should have headed out the door earlier. That's okay, I'll keep the pace light and laid back today.
Can't decide if yesterdays day off made my legs feel rested or sluggish.
Why does an 8:20 pace feel so slow?

Mile 3 8:17
I think my legs do feel good today.
Being a home owner scares the pants off of me.
Keep the pace easy today woman. Enjoy this quiet time.
It's been 8 months since my last half. That's a long time.

Mile 4 8:11
Why won't this man let me pass him? I'll just stride it out to get ahead of him a bit and if he decides he wants to feed off of me then fine. Maybe I should have told him he needed a bit of deodorant before he left the house.
Man I feel pretty stinkin good today.
I'm not conceding. I've put in more work for this race then I have for any other race in the past. Who cares if I had a few rocky weeks, I'm going to crush it on that course because I'm just awesome.

Mile 5 7:44
Easy there wheels, dial down the self talk a bit. You've still got 11 miles to go in this heat.
Why does mocha Clif Gel taste so yummy?
I don't know if I'll ever be able to leave this city. There is just something about the contrast of the buildings against the water that really makes my heart skip a beat.
Cold water feels so great on my lips. Should have brought some chapstick.

Lakefront Fall 2011

Mile 6 7:52
There sure are a lot of punky kids on Navy Pier today. Thinking reroute on the way home.
Cool it B, just because they don't understand how to walk in two way traffic doesn't mean you need to use the f word.
I've never rode the Sea Dog. Or rode the giant Ferris wheel. I can't leave this city, there is still so much for me to take in.
Why are kids so punky these days? Was I that rude and annoying?

Mile 7 7:58
One day I'm going to learn how to sail.
Why did I only take half of that gu and decide to carry the other half? It's a sticky mess all over my hands right now.
I love this city. I hate the tourists.
Should I wash my hair before going to the in-laws tonight? Nah.

Mile 8 7:52
Man that dude just flew past me like it was nothing. His stride is awesome. I want his shoes. I think he needs some sunblock.
Yikes, what was that...felt like my knee was going to give out for a second there. False alarm.
Why do people hate running? This feels so damn good! I love to move. I think I could run for a full 24 hours like this gal.
I'm going to do an ultra. 

Mile 9 7:48
That has to be the cutest pregnant lady I've ever seen. Look at her go, she's cruising along! Why do people in my life tell me I won't be able to run when I'm pregnant? It's not a disease. I'm strong.
My friends tell me a baby feels like an alien living inside of you. That creeps me out.
I want to be pregnant.

Mile 10 7:43
Wish that some runners would just slow their pace down a bit so that they can learn to drive forward with their knees. They would run with so much more efficiency.
Wonder what I look like when I run.
Does my butt jiggle as much as I think it does while running?
Should I jump in the lake to cool off?

Mile 11 7:33
What I would give right now for a slurpee.
Holy heck, who is smoking pot on the lakefront? Seriously people, don't you understand that runners and bikers don't want to get high off your fumes?
Don't forget to brush the pups teeth when you get home.
The lakefront path really needs some shade.
Seriously is this lady wearing snow boots and a parka? It's almost 80 degrees out!
Uuggh, Clif Gel not so yummy now.

Mile 12 7:31
Man this pace feels a bit too comfortable for the conditions. Must be all that hot yoga.
Why is my half marathon PR 1:27 but my marathon PR 3:26? This doesn't make sense. It shouldn't take me another 2 hours to finish the second half. I've got to figure this distance out.
Should I race the Chicago Marathon this year for a crazy PR or run with the hubby and have fun?
What if I'm pregnant? I don't care what people think, I'll run anyways. 
Why all this pregnant talk lately? Who knows, but I'll rock my pregnancy.

Mile 13 7:30
So if I am pregnant I need some cute running clothes, do they even make those for pregnant women?
I should become a pregnant fitness designer. Wait, I don't have any clue about fashion. Bad idea.
Why when people are walking the wrong way on the lakefront do they not move? You're the one on the wrong side of the path! Wonder what some of these people drive like. Idiots. All Chicago drivers are idiots.

Mile 14 7:20
I should have opened the candy shop I've always wanted to. Man I would be so good at that.
People are giving me weird looks today.
That dude looks like he's about to vomit...oh...wait...there it is. Ew.
Okay if I did open a candy shop, how would I avoid eating my product? 

Mile 15 7:23
Yes, my favorite water fountain. I'm going to take a bath in it right now.
Dang, I'm more then ready for this race. Screw the obstacles I've had to overcome.
Hope that there is decent competition.
I don't want to live in the suburbs. I love the lakefront.

Mile 16 7:02
I hope that dude picks up his dogs poop. Why do people have dogs and don't pick up their poop? I don't like to do it either, but leaving it on the ground is gross.
People are gross. I hate germs.
Should I play hooky for the rest of the day and just head to the dog beach?

Last .24 6:29
I'm hungry.
I need a slurpee.
I love running.
Damn that felt good.
Bring it Chicagoland Half.


  1. I can almost visualize this as a short skit... Love this post :)

  2. Okay I don't know how the heck you remembered your thoughts for 16 miles. That is impressive! Your conversation with yourself is quite funny as well. I am a little disappointed that (a) you didn't have a drumstick to fuel your run and (b) that you hate tourists in Chicago because when I visit, I WILL BE A FREAKING TOURIST! Hahahaha! I hope you don't hate me!

  3. Hahaha this was great. About as random as the thoughts I have while running.

  4. Love it!!!!! Especially mile 16!

  5. Awesome run. Slightly jealous of the 16.24. Looking forward to those longish runs. And you should have a baby. You will still run and look insanely adorable doing it:) that's all!

  6. I love this! Because when I am running I am the same way, so many random thoughts and lists and planning, I crack myself up! Good job on a long run, amazing!

  7. Awesome recap!! I love that you remembered all of this stuff. I can't remember stuff for a 3 mile run! You will rock this half, no doubt!

  8. haha...okay, this is one of the best recaps i've read in a long while!! isn't it hilarious the things that run thru our minds...and i will add: great job on the run, i always feel like crap those first few miles, glad u chicked that idiot dude in the first few miles, and especially sweet last mile, i think it was the hungry beast awakening and wanting to get foodage STAT! :)

  9. excited you are running 13.1 too! do you know what your goal time is?? I'm thinking I might tuck in behind you as a pacer to my PR :)

  10. LOVE the recap! Too funny!!

    I, also, loved the lakefront path when I lived in Chicago. Then I had baby number one; we stayed in Chicago. Then came baby number two; we hit the suburbs! I still miss running on the lake and life in the city, but I have found an awesome running community (Elmhurst) and great friends through a running club.

  11. Those pictures are gorgeous!! You are lucky to live in such a cool city :) Love the recap, it must have been fun to write!

  12. I love reading this and getting inside your brain!!! :) I think kids are more punky these days. It makes me nuts. And if you are thinking about an ultra, I am thinking about the North Face Challenge in Sept... I think that you are doing Chicago though? So that is a bad idea?

    And I hate when people tell pregnant women they can't run! Look at Kara and Paula! Okay, they are elite, but still...

    Cannot WAIT to hear about the race next weekend!!!

  13. This was VERY fun to read.

    You do need to start a candy shop, I bet you'd make such delicious and beautiful stuff, people would love it. And you're prob right, I could prob never have my own candy shop because I'd eat it all myself.

    You are going to be the cutest pregger runner everrrrrr (whenever it happens ;) !!

  14. This is funny! I always wonder if my butt jiggles. Just find a Doctor who supports runners who are pregnant - you'll be a happy gal!

  15. Sounds like your knee is back on track and you are ready to crush the Chicago Half! ....And yes- you SHOULD start a pregnancy running clothes line. There is virtually NOTHING out there to wear when you are pregnant and running. Anyway, excited for your big race!

  16. Wow. This is awesome!

    Wanted to let you know I'm hosting a vegan protein powder giveaway. Feel free to enter!

  17. This is fun to read Britt! And I love that someone else shares me dream of opening a candy store. One day...