Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A wee bit of improvement, but not yet convinced

The past 12 days have been very touch-and-go with my training. There have been days when I could barely get out of bed to walk to the bathroom without any discomfort, days when I tried running fast and my knee gave me a big fat N.O., and then there have been days like today where things seem like they are back on track and I haven't missed a beat.

It's all really strange and I don't quite know what the heck is the deal with my left knee. My hubby and I diagnosed the issue as a tight IT band, so I have been foam rolling my brains out for the past 72 hours and continually stretching out the tightness. So far this method seems to be working for me and I have found that movement is better for the problem then complete rest. Even with the small signs of improvement that I've seen today, I'm still treading waters lightly ahead. With 19 days until my goal half, I don't want to do any irreversible damage at this point that will completely derail the past 13 weeks of training.

Today I put in a pain-free 11 miler with 5x1600's

This is a good sign, but I'm still not convinced that I've shook this knee issue completely. 

So I'm changing up my original game plan for the remaining 19 days of my cycle:

  • Goal mileage was just over 80 for both this week and next, cutting that down to a more manageable 60-65.
  • Recovery days are going to be taken very very easy. I usually take these days as pressure free as possible, but often times these runs are anywhere from 9-12 miles. Shaving a few easy miles off the bulk of my weeks will not change the outcome of my training.
  • If at anytime the pain returns, REST will be my #1 priority.
  • The two remaining long runs I have left will be taken on a mile to mile basis where there will not be a goal number or pace to hit. The endurance that I have now will be more then enough to carry me through strong to the finish.
  • Foam rolling as often as possible throughout the day to work out the knots in that IT band and to help aid tissue repair is a must.
  • Only positive thoughts and feelings about this situation will consume me. I will not let my head get the best of me now because this is just a minor bump in the road.
  • 100% flexibility and plenty of low expectations.

I will not let this knee fool me.


  1. Great run and great plan Britt! Have you considered splitting the recovery run into 2 40-50 min runs? So instead of 10 miles do 5 am and 5 pm? I find that double recovery runs work the kinks of my legs best. Also, a 10 miler even at easy pace is not really recovery as you spend about 80 min or so on your legs. Just a thought. Good luck!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that the knee troubles stay away. Sounds like you have a smart plan for the next couple weeks. I love your bright shoes. So pretty.

  3. Looks like you are doing some fantastic training to me. I like your 1600 pace and recovery pace. You are wise to take a proactive approach to recovery and the ITB rolling. Won't be long until you have a new half PR for me to drool over :)

  4. I don't know much about the IT band issues, but it seems like you are doing everything right so that you are healed and ready to run your half in a few weeks. I'm sending good juju your way to make that IT band go far far away!

  5. Sending healing nurse-y thoughts your way :)

    Great call on the relative-rest/foam-rolling/stretching, I've heard that's a recipe for a healed IT band. You'll be back to good in no time! Your half will not suffer because of this, because you're being smart about recovery and your training's been amazing.

  6. Great workout! And great job on listening to your body! You will ROCK that race with all the training under your belt, it is wise to cut down and adjust according to how your body feels. I am entering the tapering madness, race on May 13

  7. Looks like you are doing the right thing and the #1 most important goal would be listening to your body!

    I have my first half marathon it sounds like the same day as yours. Hopefully we both cross the line with no pain.

    My hip flexor has been bothering me - but compression shorts are really helping out.

  8. Be smart and be safe. I'd hate to see you injured and unable to run (like me). Best of the luck with the remaining 19 days!!

  9. Sounds like you have a great approach to this! I hope the rest of your training and the race is pain-free and awesome! Good luck!!

  10. Have you tried ART? You should find a doctor in your area that practices it. It was a lifesaver for my hip, IT band, and hamstrings!

    1. I haven't, but I will check it out. Thank you.

  11. I agree. ART worked for me. It got me through my half but I trained for a full. I had to take a month off to fully recover after the half.