Sunday, June 17, 2012

bring on the rain

"If running were easy, it would lose it's seduction as an exclusive club reserved for the fit and tenacious. If it were easy, tens of thousands of people who pay money to register for local 10k runs or who commit hung chunks of time to train their bodies to withstand the pounding of an ultra-marathon would choose other, more challenging pursuits. Yes, running is hard, and that is exactly what makes it so irresistible to those of us luck enough to understand."
Running the Edge 

8 days ago I drug my overworked and pooped out body to the 13.1 Chicago. Before the gun even went off, I had already felt like my body covered those 13.1 miles and was pretty sure that the miles awaiting me were going to be some of the most trying ones I had yet to cover in my life. Turns out that even when you are in the drivers seat calling all of the shots with your training, it doesn't necessarily mean that you make the most logical calls all of time time and you're more then likely bound to make even more mistakes.

But, I've said it before and I'll say it again...

I learn more from the times in life when I fall flat on my face. Where my goal seems so far out of reach and light years away. Where I jump from the safety net of my own comfort zone to chase down something crazy only to rely on my faith. Those are the moments I live for.

Growth only happens in moments of risk where the vulnerability of the task ahead makes you feel naked and delicate.

Sometimes it can be a hard lived reality when goals and dreams don't pan out as planned. Discouragement can overtake your soul if you let it, and the lessons of failures can be quickly forgotten fading into stale memories. How dull life would be if I could just lace up my Adidas Adios and cruise towards each finish line unchallenged and always achieving the path I set out for. Predictable, calculated, bound, trite, blah.

pictures via marathonfoto

If every conquest a heart set out to prevail over came without challenge or obstacle, why would one do it? Breaking that 1:25 barrier in the half marathon would become meaningless to me where sought after dreams would hold little to no significance. We would all merely be elite athletes and superstars where the adventure of the masterpiece being created within our own lives would become just another unappreciated moment of the day.

"You can't become a winner overnight, or even in a couple of years-it takes time... You will lose races and you will have to accept that, learn from it and believe that you'll win the next one, knowing that you'll probably lose that as well. All the time you have to keep believing that one day you will win."
Paula Radcliffe 
After 8 days of rest, I'm ready for a fresh start and to brave the elements with my new found lessons in tow as my smitten heart sets out for newly inspired adventures.

tomorrows another day,
and i'm thirsty anyway,
so bring on the rain.


  1. Glad you got in some nice relaxing rest time...I'm sure your body loved the change in pace!

  2. Great post! I hope the 8 days were the awesome and invigorating mental and physical rest/recharge you need and that you come back and kick major ass this summer/fall!!!! I know you will! You are a beast!

  3. you are soooo right, it is the tough moments that both teach us things and allow us to fully appreciate the great. Kudos on the smart rest choice, hope the rest of training feels great

  4. I love that last quote from Paula... it's a guarantee that we will have races (and life experiences) that don't go our way or that discourage us, but we can use them as opportunities to grow in character, and "all the time you have to keep believing" in yourself, in trying again, in the journey.

  5. Great post!!! Love the Radcliffe quote!

  6. Are you running the Rock & Roll Half? I know you will break 1:25 soon. Great song by the way, I will be singing country all evening now ;)

    1. Sadly I'm not running the chitown rnr, are you racing it? I will be on the sidelines cheering as my hubby and several of the runners I coach are running. It would be cool to cheer you on as you effortlessly wiz on by!

  7. Love it!!!Glad you were able to enjoy some down time.

  8. this was truly amazing, as are you!!! xoxo!!

  9. I wrote a very similar post last week - and am loving yours. My Uncle has a Memorial at a baseball field that is one of my favorite quotes, "It's better to try and fail than to fail to try."

  10. I definitely think we usually learn more from the times we fail or come up short than we do from succeeding! And yeah, if every race were a breezy PR there’d be no challenge in it and if there’s no challenge then...why run? Can’t wait to see what this next training cycle brings for you! :-)

  11. I absolutely love that quote by Paula:) Girl, you are incredible to even have done the race feeling the way that you are definitely a fighter! Good job on taking rest days and I am so excited to see what is next for you:)

  12. You will get the 1:25 and everything else you are working toward. The rest will recharge you and you will be killing it soon! No worries!

  13. BOOM!! u can't go wrong when u open with an adam/tim quote. ;) haha..sorry, gotta do the shout out to the RTE, love those guys! but paula aint too shabby either. ;) jk. actually YOU my friend offer just as much poetical prose and sage coming off ur break, lace up those Adidas and get after it..the good times and the 'wow this is tough as he##'. :)

  14. i like this. because you're right, if every race was easy and every goal easy to meet... it would lose its excitement. excellent point.

  15. I am finding that the more I grow into myself as a runner, the less attached I get to the goals, and the more I appreciate what training and racing do for my mind, body and spirit! Great job fighting it Britt and learning the lesson along the way. You look great in the pics but a tad skinny. Take good care of you!