Tuesday, June 26, 2012

i will always #maketherules

Running fast hurts. But for some reason my heart feels compelled to chase down a 5k PR and race like a beast next month. Part of the reason is yes, I do need a little vindication for how I ended things with my spring cycle. When the wheels started to fall off the bus, I was holding on with all my might to the fitness I had worked my @$$ off to gain in 2012. But when push comes to shove and you're body is beat to hell, there is little you can do to save yourself besides surrender and rest.

So I did. For 8 whole days. No running. No lifting. No jumping. No beastly cardio sessions. Nada.

And now I'm feeling back on track and like things are starting to heat up a bit. The first few days were rough, it almost felt like my body somehow had forgot how to run. But I was patient and knew that I just had to give myself a bit of time. So I've been treading the waters lightly.

Slowly building back my mileage.
Keeping the animal-like strength sessions I usually do to a minimum.
And dabbling in a wee-bit of speed work.

Today's planned workout
Temps on the lakefront begun to spice up a bit where I made a last minute change to the workout.
It was hot, and I knew finishing out the last 1600 sub 6 would cook my legs.
Since I'm my own coach, I #maketherules and I change them.
I'm my own boss.

Today's actual workout
5:51, 2:52, 1:24, 1:24, 2:54, 2:57, 1:29 

Post run licks courtesy of little Chase.
His standards are low for what he'll put in his mouth.
Mentally I felt on today. I knew that this was going to hurt and that if I really want that 18:XX 8k finish next month, that it'll most likely hurt even worse. 5k's are hard, and PR's are painful...plain and simple. Just need to believe and work my tush off with what I have right now.

I know that I'm an athlete. I'm enough. I have enough. And I'm capable of doing enough in the next 16 days to get there. No one said it'll ever be easy, but I'm moving forward anyways.

Working hard.

Playing hard.

And wearing my compression socks.

Maybe I'll even treat myself to a new pair in Marathon Orange from my beloved brand, Pro Compression. 

From now until July 10th you can use coupon code SOM610 for 40% of the Marathon Orange socks.  Treat yourself too, you won't regret it. Love these socks. Easy to put on and just the right amount of coziness. Besides, you can never have too many pairs of these bad boys.


  1. So glad youre feeling stronger after changing things up a bit! There is MUCH to be said for strength. You already knew that. : )
    The hotel was fabulous. Loved every minute of it.

  2. pro compression is my FAV compression sock brand...I may need to get these orange ones!

    1. Thought that you would like them! The code is for 40% off, so they'll only be $30. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

  3. I admire your strength and dedication!!! You rock lady!

  4. How do the compression socks fit? I'm at sick 7.5 and debating what size to get....Thanks!

    1. i'm an 8.5 and wear a small, you may need an xs depending on your calf size. you could always shoot them an email, their customer service is great and i'm sure they'll respond fairly quickly.

  5. MY FAVORITE COLOR IS ORANGE - HOORAY! I am loving CEP Compression Socks. This morning was my first tempo run in WEEKS I've felt a good hard. Nice job taking the days off - you will quickly get better and forget you ever took the days off!

    I find a shop more for running stuff when I take days off lol

  6. Way to kill it on those intervals! You are going to rock that 5k in a few weeks!

    Those orange compression socks look so comfy right now, a girl can never have too much compression stuff right? ;)

  7. Those intervals are impressive, way to go #makingyourownrules!

    I can't wait to get my orange socks! Love the color!

  8. Way to rock it. You are indeed #makingyourownrules! Love it.

  9. You're so speedy! I love your running and training style. and mentality. And you should definitely go grab yourself a pair of those socks! I think I might do that as well.