Thursday, July 5, 2012

angry birds, sassy garmins, & my classiness

I'm having a bit of an off week with running.

It all started on my late morning run on Monday when I was mildly attacked by a bird on the lakefront. The darn thing has lost it's mind and has been dive bombing random cyclists and runners just North of the LSD pedestrian overpass all week. I'm sure it was quite the sight to see as I was trolling along minding my own business as the bird dove for my head where I proceeded to respond by screeching and moved into duck and cover kinda position. Luckily the bird only got away with a few hairs and left me to my shame.

That same run I had what was the strangest conversation I've ever had with another runner as he seemed to be bothered by the fact that it was hot out and my easy pace seemed to be quicker then his own and I didn't have to pump my arms as much as he did. The entire conversation was awkward as the man was hunched over gasping for breath with his headphones in yelling very loudly. Made it difficult to tell if the man was angry that I was smiling effortlessly in the heat or just making friendly conversation and had no self awareness of how loud he was speaking and the odd tone he had in his voice. Runners really are a breed of their own.

Then just when I thought that I was starting to feel adjusted to the heat, the temps skyrocket to 100+ degrees with high humidity and play me for a fool.

 Makes me really feel silly that 6 weeks ago I couldn't handle mid 80's while racing but would kill for those temps now.

With a 5k 7 days out my #1 goal for this week was a simple race simulator workout of 4x5 minutes @ current 5k pace for just a little confidence booster. Thinking I was invincible, I headed out for this workout yesterday around 8 am when it was already just shy of 90 degrees and sticky where the result was just shy of disastrous. Had to ditch any expectation of pace for this workout and instead govern everything off of effort as the sun was cooking my body. Heat was radiating off the path, the air felt thick enough to cut with a knife, and I was at least 15-20 seconds off of pace if not more. Luckily I'll never have to find out as my sassy Garmin is turning on me once again and deleted my workout.

We'll just call this run the forgotten run, thank you sassy Garmin.
Never had to work so hard for an 8 minute overall pace in my life.

I somehow made it through the workout after taking rather long recoveries and a few dips in the lake where my legs begun to cramp up the moment I walked in the door. It was pretty brutal and is up there in my 5 worst runs ever. Today still feeling a bit spent and I'm 99.9% sure I will have no choice but to take tomorrow off.

Point is this...

No matter how awesome you think you are, the sun is non-partial to your awesomeness and can really do you in. Spicy temps may mean that you have to loose a few workouts this summer, but that is better then dropping dead just because your ego couldn't pump the safety break. Lesson learned.

The worst part about all of these insanely sweaty runs is that my home has turned into one big clothes line where running gear is hanging from every nook and cranny to dry.

A little "hers & his" sock drying action on the trash can. Yup we're that classy as we leave our dirty, crusty, blood-stained running socks out in the open for all to see.

So classy in fact that we let our pups play in plastic tubs on our balcony to stay cool yesterday.

Things will eventually pick back up again where the heat is expected to break this weekend. Until then it'll just be a lot of wet & wild runs.

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  1. Were you attacked by a red-winged black bird? I have had them go after me before. Silly little buggers.

    I think I have enjoyed running in the heat this summer because I am so happy just to get out there and be able to run. Even though it is incredibly slow. I would be frustrated if I was trying to hit a certain pace right now! Props to you for still going for it!

  2. I feel pretty silly complaining about 80's now too. My car temp said 107 today. Like running in a freaking oven except more huimid.

  3. I hear ya!!! I went for a tempo run yesterday and could only pull a mile at tempo - yikes! I had to slow it down and just take it easy. We were once attacked by a hawk. What is going on with the bids lately??

    Hopefully we all have better runs in the near future!

  4. My tempo on Tuesday was cut a mile short and turned into a steady state run. It's just brutal! I bet the dew point is terrible in Chicago too and that's something you really can't mess with. By the way, you are the 2nd Chicago area girl to say they were attacked by a bird that way. Maybe I should be happy I am not visiting this Fall ;)

    1. Man there seem to be bird casualties left and right here! You're so fast that they probably couldn't catch you ;)

  5. That bird attacked me TWICE! That's insane! It happened last week and I thought it was a fluke. I was running today and the exact same thing happened. The red-wing black bird came from behind me and attacked my head. It's claws actually made contact with my head. It was nuts! The last time it happened I asked the lady that was walking behind me if she saw it and she acted like I was nuts. I thought maybe I just imagined it but it happened again today. I decided to Google it today and I see that the red-wing black bird is known for this. I might just sit there next time and see how often it happens. I think it would be pretty funny to see how people react! Crazy!

    1. Wow, that little bastard really has it out for you! You for sure aren't crazy because I saw it attack someone else on my way home too. Stupid bird, hope it pulls itself together soon.

  6. After witnessing an attack on a taller older runner dude last week and hearing of your angry bird attack I'm a bit terrified to run that stretch north of castaways now. Maybe I'll bring a helmet to wear. I also thought about swatting it with my shirt, but would feel so terrible if I injured it. Can't win.

  7. eek your weather sounds so hot hot hot! adding humid to those temps must=sweat-fest! hang in there and keep pumping out your great runs! I hope the weather is cool & crisp in October! :)
    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. I got divebombed too! I was running yesterday morning underneath a tree and it attacked my head with its claws.

    1. Oh no, not another victim! Well, at least now you know where it is so you can tip toe around that area! Found out that this breed tends to exhibit aggressive behavior.