Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Garmin SOS, again

This whole watch thing is really starting to grind my gears. 

For most of this year I've ditched the GPS, or any watch for that matter, for about 90% of my workouts. Simply put, in my 28 years of life I've determined that watches are stupid and don't teach a runner how to train better or get any faster. All they do is spew out data that makes you feel pressure to hit a certain pace, which isn't always the best training option and can lead to injury, over training, and never ending plateaus.

But those few times I do strap on my Garmin Forerunner 110 it's for a steady purpose. Consistent tempo runs, timed fartleks, and a basic idea for long run distance. Call me crazy, but I expect the watch to work those 1-2 days per week I sport it.

Lately I've been having nothing but problems with my now 2 year old watch. Sometimes the watch acquires the satellite signal before I start the stopwatch where it than disappears after about 15 seconds of movement. At first I thought that it the signal was just fading in and out, but it never comes back and won't upload to my computer. After contacting Garmin about this months ago, they let me know that it was because my watch was full and I needed to delete the data. So I deleted the files off of the watch itself, and it still was encountering issues.

Then they let me know that it is most likely due to the fact that my watch needs a system update. They sent me the link with step by step directions that all seemed to be smooth sailing until the last few steps.

The Web Updater did let me know that my software was dated, so I proceeded just as the directions stated only to find that the update will not finish.

What the heck do I do now? How is the device full, I've deleted all of the files?

Garmin support doesn't seem to be in a rush to help a gal out here and I'm about 2 seconds away from throwing this dumb watch down my garbage disposal. And this is only the start of the issues I've been having with this watch, it also like to randomly turn itself on and off when sitting quietly alone on my bookshelf or counter top. It really seems to have a mind of it's own and likes to mess with me.

Anyone else have the Garmin Forerunner 110 and experience this issue? If so, how did you fix it?


  1. I have the 410 and lately it has been just shutting itself. I won't use it for a few days and come back to a completely blank screen. Then I will charge it and go to use it and it says my batter is low!! I too recently deleted my data thinking that would help but it hasn't. I need to email Garmin myself. I've had mine 2 years as well. Good luck and hopefully you figure it out soon!

  2. No advice I'm afraid, but Garmin customer service is generally craphouse. Took me weeks to get someone to respond to my satellite problems and timing issues (241kph on a threshold run? I was fast for me, but not that fast). By the time they responded I had given up, sent the watch back and got a new one.

    How hard is it to give good customer service when you're a global behemoth?

  3. I have heard about this! If you don't use it often it can be a hassle with the updates. Don't give up with Garmin. You might try youtubing for information on updating your garmin. Hope it works out! If not, you have a great reason for a new model :)

  4. Start with doing this first...

    Power device off (press and hold Light, say Yes to prompt)
    Press and hold Lap/Reset
    Press Light to power device back on while still holding Lap/Reset
    Select Yes on Clear User Data? message
    Select OK and confirm reset

    The watch will shut off and power back on. Proceed through the initial setup to complete the reset process.

    If this doesn't do the trick, just know that this reset does NOT erase history or GPS data. To achieve a complete reset, do this...

    By doing this reset, all user information, workout history, and satellite data will be erased. You will want to backup all information to the computer before doing the reset.

    Power off the watch (press and hold Light, say Yes to prompt)
    Press and hold Start/Stop and Lap/Reset
    Once the two buttons from step 2 are pressed in, press and hold Light (You should now be holding down all three buttons)
    After the first beep, release Start/Stop
    After the second beep, release Lap/Reset
    Release Light.

    The device is now reset. You will want to leave the device outside with a clear view of the sky for a minimum of 20 minutes to acquire satellite data. I believe this is for the first time only.

    Best of luck !

  5. My Garmin 305 is losing all of its buttons. I have made my own buttons using cut up erasers and electrical tape. Also, it will go completely dead on occasion, and the power button won't get it to come back on. Only by pressing a certain combination of buttons can it restart. Also, I have a question: Why can a car GPS find satellites in a few seconds, but a running watch takes a few minutes?

  6. I'm in dire need of a new Garmin, mine doesn't hold a charge worth anything.

    Hope yours gets back on track, good luck!

  7. I went through two Garmin watches in one year. I was beyond frustrated, but thankfully REI has a wonderful return policy. Good luck!

    1. Shoot, I'm screwed. Mine is 2 years old this October and I bought it at the Chicago Marathon Expo in 2010...no return policy there after 2 years :(

  8. When I have Garmin issues I email outdoor.helpdesk@garmin.com and always get fast, helpful responses. I don't know if that is the same contact email you have? I love my watch and always use it.

    1. Thanks, I've emailed them and they've reached out to me about the issue. But, still cannot update the dang thing.

  9. I am sorry but I don't have any advice but now I think I might be a little freaked out! lol I have the Garmin Forerunner 305 and while I don't plug it into the computer very often, I use it all the time, I have had it tell me that it was full before and I deleted the mileage. I'm so sorry you are having troubles!

  10. Wish I could help, but in the tech world I am weak. Hope it works out!

  11. Have you resolved our issues with the device, or is it still giving you trouble..?

    1. Still giving me trouble. There is no data stored on my watch where I seemed to have followed all of the directions sent along by the Garmin peeps, but I'm still getting the same window telling me that my "Garmin device is full and cannot support any additional updates". The watch did decide to function normally this morning, which is great. But I still cannot update it even though it is telling me that its in need of updates.

      So complicated!

  12. Michael's advice above seemed like good advice. But I would keep calling Garmin, they seem like they are good at customer service even though you said they weren't the best to you. If you want to dump the 110, I have the 405 and love it (305 is also awesome). But if you don't wear a GPS watch on 90% of your runs, then it's probably not worth it to get an expensive watch that you only wear on 10% of your runs.

  13. I have the Forerunner 110 too, and it has been giving me trouble from the start. Either just turns off, or doesn't charge even when plugged in all night, or it doesn't connect to my computer. I love the watch when it works, but so often is doesn't...
    I haven't dealt with customer service yet, but will before the warranty runs out.

    I would keep calling them, even though yours is not longer covered by the warranty.