Sunday, November 18, 2012

No expectation = Satisfaction

Turkeypalooza of 2012 is in full swing.

Kicking off the holiday season right last night, the husband I and I indulged in a turkey potluck dinner with friends that brought on all the usual Thanksgiving suspects. Taters. Pie. Stuffing. Gravy. Carbs. Carbs. And more carbs. My inner glutton got the best of me on the eve my first of two 5k Turkey Trots this week.

This morning

I woke up late. 
Spent 30 minutes searching for my misplaced bib. 
Couldn't find the shorts I wanted. 
Had no idea where the race was or what the course was like.
And didn't really think about how I was going to execute the 3.1 miles ahead of me.

I was a lady without a plan.
And it was delightful.

Wasn't expecting to invent the wheel with this race. 5k PR's are nearly impossible to hit without some type of work put forth, and I just haven't put forth that work to earn a PR. Instead my priorities were to just have fun, run with some of my new coworkers, not loose my breakfast mid-course, and hopefully finish somewhere under 20 minutes alive.

Mission accomplished.

Deciding to not wear a watch was a pretty darn good idea. Went by feel instead, which was great for mile 1 when I passed the time clock at 5:57. Seemed like less of a great idea when mile 2 took forever to come and the clock read 12:12, and as I was rounding the last corner making my pathetic last attempts to use whatever was left in my legs as I watched the seconds of the clock slowly creep past 18:XX as I crossed the finish the logic of that plan seemed spot on.

That's one pretty awesome positive split.

Not being anywhere near ideal 5k shape, and given that last year at this time that would have been a 3 second PR for me, I'd call the day a success. No vomit like the last race I attempted to go big for, had a hoot watching one of my coworkers breeze past me effortlessly in the last 400 meters not even breathing hard, and managed a fair split for where my fitness level currently is.

Overall time: 19:23
1st place female
4th place overall

It was a small race, so I ended up getting lucky.
Most likely will NOT be that lucky on Thursday when the first 5 women will be at least 60-90 seconds ahead of me.

Ended up walking away from the very well organized race on a beautiful course that I got a comp entry to with some pretty sweet stuff.

Earned myself a 15 lbs. turkey
A free massage
A giant trophy
And a $50 gift card to Dick Pond Athletics
which almost seems like stealing because I work for them and get stuff at cost already

Only pathetically lame photo of the day
Didn't make my paparazzi, aka the hubby, come out for this one
That's a whole lotta loot for a small first year race!

Sometimes no expectation is really the best way to walk away satisfied from any race.
Maybe that's the loss of speed and overall fitness talking, but I'm going with it.

May not have been a personal best, but it wasn't a personal worst either.
And last year I would have killed for those 3 seconds.

On to trot #2 of Turkeypalooza 2012


  1. Congrats on first place and the fast pace! Nice turkey trophy and nice winner's loot. Was this your second best 5k? I ran my second best 10k today at a turkey trot. Hoping for a turkey trophy as well.

    1. It was my 2nd best time. Funny, I seem to run my quickest 5ks with little no training. Odd but true.


  3. Turkeypalooza... Love it! Congrats again on the Win- small race or not, it's still another W in the books. Maybe racing and feeling good has a strong mental connection- where we can over think it and sabotage ourselves? That trophy is so fantastic! Happy Turkey Gobble Gobble week to you, D and your pups!

  4. OMG I would be happy for one mile in your two mile time. Congratulations!

  5. way to go lady! You rock every race you run! xoxo

  6. Congrats! THe low/no pressure races are the best. Great swag too!

  7. Nice job Lady! Great prizes too, so glad you had a great race and no puking!

  8. That`s amazing!! Congrats on your speedy race!

  9. Amazing. Congratulations!! That's one of the best lessons we can learn - releasing the pressure and just 'going with the flow.' I learned mine back in college when I discovered how the more I would pressure myself to study and do well on an exam, the worse I did. Letting go is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Good for you!

  10. YOU AMAZE ME... a 19 minute 5k just like that... seriously, you are incredible! You won a massage?!?! Best prize ever... I want one right now! Hope you are having a fabulous day!

  11. Congrats! Are you going to try to repeat and eat a fun meal the night before Thursday's race too? Hee hee hee :) Serisouly though, you rocked it! :)

  12. You smoked it, even if it's not your "in shape" time. And what a nice take home that was! Congrats

  13. Rock out! That time is amazing and you got a trophy! That's awesome! Sometimes it helps to not think or have a plan and just go for it!

  14. dang girl, u HAVE to be stoked on that time knowing that u haven't even put in the speedwork. that's a major shot of confidence and talk about having that money in the bank. ;) speaking of, sheesh, that's a pretty nice prize for a smaller race...feel free to pass along that free massage. ;) jk. enjoy it and bring on gobbletrot number two!