Monday, March 18, 2013

Back from the dead?

After 2 days and about 100 attempts to revive my fickle Garmin, it looks like it decided to make it's return (yet again) to the land of the living.

Only took 48 hours before it would randomly decide to respond to a manual reset. Suppose 100th time is the charm?

I honestly don't get what this darn things issue is.

Pretty much I've decided that the watch hates me and needs a bit of time away from me every now and then. No big deal. Just wish it would decide one way or the other and stop toying with me in the moments I would like to rely on it.

Yesterday I drug my tired booty out of bed at the ugly hour of 5 am to make the 100+ mile round trip to the middle of nowhere and keep a friend company as they went for a half marathon PR. Brought ole trusty along so that I could hopefully be of some pacing help.

Turns out that !$#%* decided to work, but with a few kinks every now and again. She decided to go back to her old ways of erratically flipping through the various screen options and beeping like crazy. I kept her on overall average pace so that I would be of as much help as possible.

But I wasn't.

The course was hard as all heck.

This run was more than likely the hilliest route my legs have ever traveled along.
But, I found myself at a weird crossroad with those inclines where I was actually looking forward to going up them as they approached. With every climb came the satisfaction of driving a bit harder anticipating the moment it would crest.

Hurt so good.

Cruising through this course comfortably gave me just the satisfaction I need for the Chitown Half this coming Sunday. While I'm not expecting a miracle or PR and I'm still hellbent on not wearing a watch, I'm pretty sure that things will be a bit smoother than my last go at this distance.

Blowing kisses to Mr. CRG

Excited to see Ms. Xaarlin & smiling through it all

And that's all I'm really after...
a fun race along the lakefront where my body keeps all of its fuels down.


  1. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! I'm not "all out" racing it but going for somewhere between half marathon and marathon pace. If you're looking to take it easy, let me know and we can run a few together. Glad your Garmin is back from the dead but tell it to simmer down! :)

  2. Yay! Glad to hear your fickle garmin has risen from the ashes like a Phoenix, at least for now. Wow that half looked hilly!

    Can't wait to see you this weekend!

    *im doing my good weather dance so you hopefully avoid last weeks heinous lakefront conditions. :)

  3. Garmins seriously have their own minds.....I was running with a girl yesterday who had been in a pretty heavy domestic dispute with her Garmin, with no end in sight :)

    At least they have pretty good customer service, maybe they'll send you a new one? Did you try rubbing the connection things with an eraser (although that doesn't sound like it'll help your issue with it)? Hope it gets back in line asap!

  4. There is nothing worse than a possessed Garmin. Schedule an exorcism.

    Great job at the race on a tough course!

  5. Oh my gosh! What course was that? Ouch!

    I am excited for your HM this weekend! :)

  6. wish I could do chicago 13.1 again this year and pray it wasn't so dang hot :) Garmin is both fantastic and infuriating, but glad it showed up on race day!

  7. A little confidence boost can go a long way. I'm betting on big things for you on Sunday!