Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recovery Reflections

"When it comes time to decide how many miles in a week you should run, the most important thing to remember is that it is better to be 20 miles a week undertrained then 1 mile per week overtrained." 
Ryan Hall 
It's been 4 days, and I'm still recovering.
As it turns out, half marathons aren't exactly the most forgiving on under-conditioned bodies.

With the Shamrock Shuffle a mere 10 days away, I'm counting my blessings. At this point, workouts and mileage aren't very important to me and instead I'm just grateful to be moving forward again without being exhausted and constantly achy. Today, the legs are still feeling a bit tired from Sunday's half where I'm currently contemplating if one last fartlek before Shamrock is even going to be worth it.

For me, the answer last year at this time would have been,
"heck yes...can't miss a workout".

But, that really ended up leading me nowhere.

Just produced a few sub-par half performances, one semi-decent 10 miler, and left me feeling as if I drilled myself into the ground.


Sunday's race was a bit more challenging for me than I thought it would be. While I knew that physically I wasn't exactly the most fit to be chasing down a PR, mentally I hadn't given the race much thought beforehand and ended up not being able to get my head in the game during those 13.1 miles. Racing this distance without a watch or clocks on the course turned out to be more toilsome on my head than I originally anticipated. 

Probably deep in thought here questioning why I ever thought the race was a good idea
Thinking I look a bit dazed and confused here...
 There were quite a few times along those miles when I seriously considering pulling out of the race because it just didn't feel comfortable. 

Kept pace with this dude for all but the last few miles when the legs started to fizzle.
 One of my biggest challenges is always my head as I start to over think whats going on.
So hard to turn it off when things get uncomfortable, and Sunday all I could think about was everything that didn't feel right. 

In the moment sometimes it's really difficult to appreciate what's going on, and it took me about 36 hours post race to realize what I did on Sunday morning. 

While my time wasn't even close to my currently dated PR, I was lightyears off from winning the race,  and mentally checked out for most of the miles between 6-12, I still managed a finish under 1:30 in rough conditions on a very off day with only a handful of workouts leading up to the race. Things have to start somewhere, and I'd say that this isn't a bad way to start out my year.

Now I know what I need to work on moving forward, and don't think that a half PR would be completely out of the question this year if I do choose to chase one down.

But only time will tell...


  1. THAT'S RIGHT! :D I know exactly what you mean when you say you overthink things. It's been more difficult for me to stay "within the run" these past few months. I have no doubt that you're going to get that PR this year if that's what you decide you want. (p.s. your pics are way more attractive than mine. go see for yourself!)

  2. Good luck! I certainly hope you can catch a PR, but even more than that... enjoy running!!

  3. I am still just in awe of your ability to run a 1:30 on so little training.... but one of the things that I admire about you so much is how you don't put limits on yourself, you just go for it!

    Annnd I can't imagine running without a watch, I'd be so confused. Don't know if it would lead me to under or over performing.

  4. Love the Ryan Hall quote. It is very true. Wonder if he said it after overtraining for the Olympics and having to drop out. Meb was undertrained and he came in 4th!

  5. It is a great place to start, sometimes it is hard to acknowledge how great we have done given our level of training when we know how much better it can be. Be proud, I think you did awesome given the conditions and not wearing a watch!

  6. That 2nd pic is a great one - everyone in that pic looks strong and fast. The guy in blue looks like he's just out for a morning jaunt lol.

    Sometimes I don't think you give yourself enough credit - you are a phenomenal athlete. And I do think a PR is on the way in at least 1 distance for you this year - I bet marathon will be it.

  7. I think you are amazing. You can do what you set your heart to do.

    My mind is a crazy thing..even to trying to prevents me from what I need to do.

  8. Your photos turned out so well! Im not too sure if I should post mine ;)

    That quote from Ryan Hall is brilliant. Gosh lady, I think this is a great place to start out your 2013 running season! With the "lack" of training youve done, you were within 2 minutes of your PR. If you decide to pursue half marathons, or any distance, smart money says youre going to PR.

  9. Nice job. My dad, who was a multi-sport athlete growing up, would always tell me when I was frustrated on my bad days that you gain more pushing through a bad day than having a good day.

    I always think of that on those days when I want to quit or am mad a workout seemed harder than it should've have.

  10. Fantastic Ryan Hall quote. Something we all need to remember sometimes. I definitely smell a PR for you this year. For sure.