Sunday, March 10, 2013

RIP Forerunner 110

It happened today...

my ornery Forerunner 110 took it's final breath before laying itself to rest for eternity.
Of course.

Seems pretty routine that the damn thing decides to lose it's mind in the last few workouts I'd like to squeeze in before a race. So, it's only suiting that within the matter of days after committing to the Chitown Half Marathon on the 24th of this month that it would feel that this is the perfect time to die completely.

Little did that !*&$%@ watch know that it was only 3 quality workouts away from keeping me a happy lady.

After a day of tinkering with it, looks like there is no hope left and this will be the end of our rather tumultuous relationship.

Christmas of 2010, when we first "met"
This was back in the day before I knew that the damn thing was defective...
didn't find that out until the warranty had lapsed.

Can't say that I'm surprised, or entirely broken up about it. The Garmin and I have always had a love-to-hate relationship, and I think that this is probably as good of a time as any for us to cut our ties for a bit. Having already decided that I will be racing this spring without a watch, guess now would be a good time to get used to cruising naked.

Today I ended up bagging the planned workout and just going for a long comfortable run.

Since I still haven't created regular routes in my hood, I strapped on the hubby's 14+ year old Ironman Timex to keep track of how long I was gone.

The poor thing has seen better days.
But it's hanging in there like a champ!

Pretty surprised that a $50 watch that is 14+ years old can outlive a $250 watch.
Makes me angry when I think about it, but there isn't much I can do at this point besides just move on.

By my guesstimation skills, think I made it about 15 miles.
Which would be my longest run since the Chicago Marathon back in October.

Can't say it was the easiest of run, but I made it.

Since my only other timing device is ancient, thinking of getting either just a cheap stopwatch with more than 9 laps like Mr. Chicago Runner Girl's timex does or maybe even purchasing a Forerunner 10. Was really hoping to hold out on the watch until Garmin releases their new "live-tracker" feature on the up and coming Forerunner 220 version. But having some type of timing device would be nice so that I can make sure I'm not overdoing it.

This bod has limits, and unless I'm monitoring things it's really easy to slip into old habits and get a wee bit carried away.

Thoughts on decent stopwatches or the Forerunner 10?


  1. My Garmin 305 is about to die - before I stopped running the battery would die around mile 7. I know I was running much slower, but umm not that slow. I also got it for Christmas in 2010. Conspiracy?? I'm obviously not using it right now, but I am shopping for my options! I'll be interested in what you end up with. My guess is that I'll end up with the Forerunner 10 - mainly because I also want to buy a strapless heart rate watch. I girl only needs so many sports watches!

  2. Sorry to hear about your watch. My Garmin is falling apart. I have taped it in several places. I am waiting for it to die any day now. I keep my Timex Ironman handy just like you! Anyway, this blogger does tons of super thorough reviews of GPS watches. Here is his list of Garmin reviews:

  3. What a freakin' pain in the butt. That watch has been nothing but trouble! I have heard great things about the 10 and have had great luck with the 405 and 410.

    LiveTrack sounds cool! Do you run with your smartphone? You can do that with the Glympse app.

  4. I have the 310xt, and so far so good...

  5. Oh my gosh, I thought my Garmin 305 died yesterday but luckily I got some tips and it just needed to be reset. Although I am thankful I was already looking forward to buying a new one lol

  6. I've had my Nike+ GPS watch since the day it came out nearly two years ago. Still works perfectly and have never had an issue with it. You should check them out. Much cheaper than Garmin's!

  7. I use the Timex Run Trainer and like that I can set the face to see whatever I want to.. the screen has so many options and you can customize up to three....

  8. I run with the Nike+ GPS and love it. It's about a year old and I haven't had a single problem with it. I received it as a gift, but I think it only runs around $100.

  9. Bummer on the 110 - no way that Garmin or the store you got it from could replace it? Their customer service is usually pretty good. I'm now running with the 405 - I like it since it scrolls between 2 screens, I have 5 data fields displayed among the 2 screens that scroll while I run. I was able to buy it used from a blogger for $100, maybe you could try to find something like that?

  10. You'll need to do a post on how to train without all the fancy technology now :( It's been like 15 years since I was running cross country and using my timex (battery still works!!) before the fancy schmancy GPS stuff. I dont know how I ever managed without the GPS!! You should get a new band for that vintage timex to give it a new life :)

  11. Check out Costco, I got my 305 there and it was less than $150. I have it since 2008 and it works like a charm! I think it is important to only charge when it is almost empty. I know some people who charge it after each run and then keep it on the charger until they use it and all of them have battery issues.

  12. I have the FR 10 and I think it's great. The GPS battery life is shorter than some of the other watches but still 5+ hours. It's cheaper and does most of the same things the other forerunners do (sans the heart rate monitoring). I have a review up on my blog.