Monday, May 20, 2013

Twilight Tempos

"Discontent is the first necessity of progress."
Thomas A. Edison 
I used to love tempos.

The satisfaction that came from the building sensation of lactic in the legs.
The steady deep breath that would power my engines.
The intense internal focus which whisks me in my own little world.

Then last year happened, and I pretty much have had to stay clear of any and all work even remotely resembling tempos. I couldn't hold the pace, and if by some miracle it happened the workout would knock me out for a few days. Really thinking back, this was probably my last good run with a tempo...back in late August of 2011. 

That's quite awhile ago.

Not really expecting much these days from my body, but I've been feeling fairly decent lately and finally like myself again.
Energized. Focused. Relaxed. Confident.

Some workouts are a hit, and still some are a miss. The tempo has been a very challenging thing for me this past year, and honestly something that I've been lacking the urge to tackle. It can be easy to talk yourself out of the things that you fear, and my mind has been on a non-stop reel of "don't do this or that" for several months now. And the tempo was at the top of that list.

Last night I slayed those fears.

Laced up my well worn in Brooks Ravenna 3's that have 700+ miles in them but are still holding strong,
strapped on my ornery Garmin,
and headed for shaded paths in the humid air.

It's not much, just 4 measly miles, but they felt terrific.
Peppy. Propitious. Prolific.

Felt challenging, but laborious the right way instead of the "oh.em.gee if I go one more minute at this pace I'm going to be severely hurtin' tomorrow because I feel completely out of control" kinda way.

I'll take progress in any form these days.
And this, this is progress.


  1. Wow! those shoes are work horses! Those are some pretty sweet splits! Nice work. I love that feeling you described, where every moment at that pace feels like it could be the end of you, but you know you can dig a little deeper.

    Enjoy your day!

    1. brooks never lets me down. think the key to getting the most out of your running kicks is to rotate them with other shoes so that the foam has a bit more time to rebound and recover post workout. everyone runs different and wears the shoes differently, but with the right care you can get a decent amount of mileage out of your kicks. but, that also depends on the brand.

  2. I have 2 pairs of Adrenaline's that have almost 400 miles on them and was sad that they were nearing retirement. I love running in them and don't feel that they are worn out. Guess I could probably keep wearing them for awhile!

    Great tempo :)

    1. look at the treads on the bottom, if they are flat and really worn down they are probably toast. but if they are still intact and look like they could handle a bit more wear I'd say they are good. i usually wear my shoes a lot longer than most people, but honestly you don't necessarily need to replace your shoes every 350-500 miles. it will be different for each person.

  3. I am always shocked when people say they love tempos. When I have a tempo scheduled I will dread it the night before. It's honestly the anticipation that is the worst for me. You must have awesome form for keeping your shoes that long, love that. I am very heavy footed and blow threw shoes.

    1. i don't know about the awesome form, but maybe i'm light on my feet? who knows...

      the build-up and anticipation of a tempo is the worse! it can stir up a lot of anxious feelings. i'm not really sticking to a schedule these days, and i think that helps avoid the over thinking stage. it also helps when you put your watch on so it reads upside down and is on the inside of the wrist, easier for me to tune into whats going on with the bod and go by feel rather than pace. those numbers can make any sane person crazy!

  4. Damn girl! Soooo happy to hear youre energized and most important: Healthy! It is so easy to talk yourself out of things that you fear- I guess thats the difference between succeeding and just squeaking by. Looking fear in the face and just going for it.
    700 miles on those brooks.. wow!!

  5. Fantastic!!! Progress is progress. :)