Monday, May 6, 2013

What happens to a running blog when you don't blog about running...

Amazingly, life still goes on and runs still happen.

The blog just kind of sits there. Getting stale as cobwebs start to generate.

My last race was about a month ago, and my next is coming up in about another month. This would usually be the time that I would get on here and blab all about the the workouts I've been doing, reflect on the mileage ran, and really start honing in on what the agenda for race day will be. But not this time around.

I've managed to get in some workouts here and there

There was a day with 12x400's
A few different fartleks
One really solid steady run
3x1 mile repeats with the quickest splits my life has ever seen
A 12 mile long run that felt like a death march
And one really really bad almost, but not quite, tempo run

Life is busy, things change, and running goals don't always seem to hold that constantly steady high importance for me.

It all boils down to this...
I'm a runner, but that is simply just something I do and not definitive of who I am. 

I still run.
I still do workouts when they fit into my schedule.
I still dream about PR's and that perfect marathon.
And I still love every. single. mile.

Life is just in a steady state of change these days, where running and training aren't entirely fitting into the puzzle like they used too. Maybe I'm getting old, but it just seems really silly for me to be in this constant pursuit of something better instead of absorbing the perpetual goodness that is my life. I'm enjoying the pressure free runs and the lack of focus in my fitness. There isn't the feeling as if I'm falling behind or that I need to squeeze this workout or that workout in, instead training has just become a daily retrieval. And I like it that way.

Enjoying the journey more than the outcome these days.
And keeping the window cracked so that possibility may sneak in with a strong gust of wind.


  1. Life ebbs and flows and so does running. We can't keep the gas pedal all the way down all the time. The important thing is you're healthy and happy with where you are right now. Can't ask for much more than that, right?

  2. Great looking into your relationship with running. I use blogging as a method to get my running blabber out and keep my wife and coworkers from wanting to strangle me. Up until a couple months ago, I never ran for a race or event. I decided last minute to sign up for a marathon, simply because I don't know if I'd have this amount of time again with our want for more children. I still run for me, but now I have a little extra something. It may be a one an done for me.

    Good post!

  3. As in all things in life, there are times when running is important, and times when it is not as much. Times when we need to push ourselves to our limits, and times when we need running to soothe us. It is all good.

  4. Sounds like your new approach to running is actually paying dividends in more ways than faster splits. I could always use a little more focus on the enjoyment of running and less on the pressure to PR the next race.

  5. Beautifully said.

    Can't agree more with you. Up until a year or 2 ago I wouldn't have because it was all about the improvement and PRs. Now it's about enjoying every step & the journey (especially given my injury history) It's those moments while I'm by myself on the lakefront enjoying sunrise, those moments with friends and running with my pup that make me happiest- and those are the times I don't give a hoot about my pace or what the next goal is. The minute running stops being fun is the moment I find another hobby.

    Seems like you are in a great place mentally. :)

  6. When I taught my yoga class on Saturday that was kind of the message to "enjoy the process" rather than waiting for the next great thing. I'm glad you're enjoying each mile. That's the best.

  7. Yes! I love this! I mean, I am not at the level you are to even have to say my life is not about running, but there is so much more than defines me, and I am often SCARED by how much worth people put in to PRs and split times. It makes me sad. You're worth more than what a watch says, folks!

  8. Loving every mile is what's most important! So I'm glad to read that you are :)

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  10. I think we all go through cycles of pushing for more and enjoying exactly what we have...well as we get older we do :) and I think that's probably the best way to find balance!

    Ok sending you an email here shortly too!